Sunday, June 7, 2009

From Judgment Day to Dragon Gate

I went to WWE Judgment Day and had a blast. I meant to write a report and failed on that. I wrote up everything and then my computer went crazy and I lost it all. But it was fun, and apparently my wife and I were on TV, clapping after Rey pinned Jericho. We're standing above the kid with the "619" sign.
To make up for it I wrote a review of Halloween Havoc 1989 which I'm about to clean up and post directly after this. I should be updating more often, now that things have settled down and we're back from our excursion to the Blue Grass State.
Oh, and great news: Dragon Gate USA will be doing their 2nd show in that states at a venue a couple blocks from my house, and I bought a third row seat for it. So I'll be there. Hopefully there will be pictures of me and some of the cool cats from DG.

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