Friday, July 31, 2009

NWA Fusion: Meltdown Ep, 1

NWA Fusion is a little indy out of Virginia. They're attempting to do an online show (again, I think) and I think it airs locally there. Any way, I don't know anything about them, so what better way to get acquainted with them than to watch their first episode of their new show: Meltdown? You too can watch the action on Vimeo HERE

Alpha Title Match:

"Memphis Mofo" Mark Bravura v. Damien Wayne v. Amazing Sanchezzz v. Krotch
Before the match starts we get some backstage promos by Wayne, Sanchezzz, and Krotch. Sanchezzz's was all in Spanish but I got the jist of it. Krotch has Sheik Ali Akbar for his manager. Akbar has a funny kinda cartoony voice. Mark Bravura does his promo in the ring. He ape's Mr. Kennedy ridiculously. From the walk, the pose, the holding of the mic. Even the content of his promo was "Tonight I weigh in at...." Damien Wayne can be seen leaning on the ref like he's sleeping, during this. The match wasn't very good, and I wasn't clear on rules. They were doing it like only two in at a time and the other guys had to be tagged in. One of the commentators mentioned how that made no sense to tag out. The play-by-play dude tried to make it logical but I didn't buy it. Neither did the wrestlers who abandoned it later, and would break up falls, and then just stay in to make their own pin. Damien Wayne looked pretty solid. I liked Sanchezzz enough, but I don't think this match worked for him. Krotch had some goofy offense and kinda reminded me of that match Kizarny had that one time. But I didn't hate Krotch all that much. Bravura laid around for most of it. And by the way, his finish is that awful Roll The Dice move that WWE puts on people who can't come up with one. So yeah, pretty weak opener, but it's not offensive.

We get a quickie promo from Da Nu Bluds. Ick. They're the tag champs. They also speak like almost every white dude that shows up on Jerry Springer. And their names are....Da Gift and....Da Curse? Ick. Trailer park wigger wrestlers make me feel dirty.

Tomkat vs. The Hatriot w/Sheik Ali Akbar
Oh man why hasn't their been a Hatriot before? Tomkat works the hell out of that "USA!" chant which I can't really fault him for. But he starts it like three times in the first minute. Hatriot squashes the little guy. He's got a couple of neat moves. One is him lifting Tomkat up in a Fireman's Carry, and basically tossing him off into the turnbuckles, so that the kid lands on his head. The other is like a weird reverse Full Nelson, that he uses to lift them up into a sit out powerbomb. Pretty fine for what it was, and at least has me interested in who will be the guy to take down the evil Hatriot.

Quikie backstage promo from "Big Time" Mike Booth, who says his NWA Continental Title is going nowhere. So deal with that, Sean Denny.

Speaking of Sean Denny, dude comes out to cut a promo in the ring. Says some stuff about being the next champ and makes an open challenge for any one to come out and "test" him. Bravura comes out and says Denny doesn't deserve his title shot, because he's been beaten by the Mempho Mofo. Bravura has dropped the Kennedy schtick and is so much better for it. Denny eventually shuts him up and throws him out. Mike Booth walks out and Denny is game for a throwdown. Booth balks at this and the crowd boos.
The End.

Didn't care for the big match, but nothing was offensively bad. The commentary is pretty decent. It's not some wrestle nerd, being smarky with the insider lingo or sounding so pleased with himself that he knows all the names of the moovez. Even though it wasn't spectacular show, there's something there that makes me want to see what happens next time. Which is better than say, TNA. Booyah Dixie-Land!

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