Friday, July 31, 2009

Smackdown 07.31.09 Thoughts

Five on the Plus Side:

5. Jeff Hardy's promo. First time in a while Hardy didn't sound lame as hell. He even put over Morrison to sell the main event later that night. Saying he may not even be the champion Punk gets for his re-match clause was a nice touch, as was referencing Morrison's recent winS over C.M. Punk. The match was so-so, but I stuck around to watch it.

4. Mike Knox. After being torn up by the Khali last week, Knox got to raise his cred a little here. He didn't eat the pin and got to look pretty tough beating up Finlay and Rey. His surprise Cross Body was a great way to introduce himself into the match. I'm sure no one really cared when he came out, but when he hit that move right off of the bat, people started pay more attention. I'm not on his bandwagon yet, but I'm checking it out.

3. Morrison kicking out of the Swanton. The match wasn't really great or anything, but I will remember that Morrison kicked out of the Swanton, a move that kept Kane down for eons on that first post draft Smackdown. You know, when Jeff hit it, and Jericho pulled him out of the ring so he could get the pin. If only his face act was as fun as his heel act.

2. Cryme Tyme. They put on a great show with The Hart Dynasty, in what I thought was the Match of the Night. I'm not huge fans, but I like it when I guys are passionate in the ring and act like stars. These guys did all of that, just in the match, and later, in the post match stuff, they held their own with Jericho and Show on the mic. Jericho and Show both made amazing cases for why Cryme Tyme were not in the same league as them, but Cryme Tyme, through sheer charisma forced the fans to not believe it. Definitely a good week for the Brooklyn Boys.

1. C.M. Punk snaps. I loved every bit of it. Punk is playing this so pitch perfect, that no one will be able to trust him now. It's so good, that there's no going back, and it's like this guy is heel for life now. That beat down was great and kind of refreshing. No chairs, no mounted punches, not even a Go 2 Sleep. Dude just coiled up and unleashed some AmDrag elbows on Hardy. Just some very nice stuff.

Bad stuff:

Ziggler eating the pin after losing Sunday. I was hoping he'd get a cheap win in a tag match, just to get a little heat on him.

The women's match. I feel like this is the only match the women have. This same tag match.

The Hart Dynasty. It's just about too late for this team to really matter ever. Which is sad, because they're The Hart Dynasty. Maybe with Cryme Tyme hitting the bigs, HD can get some cred back by beating up.......some one. Kung Fu-Naki is still employed right?

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