Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I don't like TNA. There's all kinds of reasons that I don't like it, and most o f them are the same reasons that plenty of people use to explain their dislike of the TNA product. Then Hulk Hogan signed with TNA, so I decided to watch a couple of theri shows so I could spot a difference between before and after Hogan's influence. Turning Point, while probably influenced by the future that is Hogan, is still being booked and produced by the same old guard. So that, combined with the word that some of the matches are pretty tight, made me decide to check it out. I probably won't watch much more than this until Hogan is officially in the fold, as I really don't think I can keep hurting myself like this.

Montage opens with sound bytes from your two main feuds : AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe/Kurt Angle. Interspersed is Dixie talking about change and making history. With some clips of Hulkster running his game on everyone. Myself included

The show kicked off with AMAZING RED vs. HOMICIDE for the X-DIVISION TITLE. Don West was at ring side cheering on his boy and he sounded like he was practically in the commentary booth. The match had some interesting stuff but I couldn't tell you much about it. Red took a really nice beating. His bump for a lariat got a "Holy Shit" chant. Homicide doesn't seem to give a crap. What's funny is that even at that level he seems more entertaining than half the roster. Red wins after reversing a top rope huricanrana into a Code Red. It was a Rey Mysterio formula, but without Rey Mysterio which ain't all that great. So far so bland.

Up next was BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE vs. SARITA and TAYLOR WILDE and ODB. Apparently the rules are that if you pin a champion you get their belt.ODB being the singles champion and the other two broads being the Knock Out tag champs, which I didn't even know exhisted. The match wasn't all that bad. I actually liked it better than the match before it. Velvet Skye was a higlight as a straight up bitch, whipping out an octopus hold and biting and biting her opponents fingers while she had it on. CLASSY. Lacey Von Erich stays out of it, which at this point is probably a good thing. She could probably stand to watch some Beth Pheonix matches to learn how to hold herself like a dominant figure. I mean, she's tall folks. ODB over comes some sparse odds for the win. At least it's getting better.

After a pretty weak promo by Desmond Wolfe, the TAG TITLES are on the line in a three-way between the MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS vs. BEER MONEY, INC vs. WORLD ELITE. World Elite are bump machines in this, letting the other two teams do pretty much whatever the hell they want. I really liked this match UNTIL Eric Young came out and interfered. It wasn't that he interefered, its' that Kevin Nash came out and took his belt back only to smash James Storm in the face with it. SWERVEY! Worlde Elite pull out the win on Robert Roode, while MCMG are apparently lost in limbo.

Kevin Nash gave an interview with Borash about why he did what he did. Apparently it's all apart of HULK's plan. Sounds stupid, but we'll see.

AWESOME KONG vs. TARA in a STEEL CAGE, was pretty fun. Tara got her ass whomped pretty good by the beast. Kong is so good at delivering a beat down, and Tara certainly isn't afraid of getting wrecked. No one was easy on anyone. Tara eventually climbs the cage only to nail a flying Thesz Press for the pin. Just a good all around match, with a perfectly fine ending. Kong doesn't lose too much credibility as Tara is legit tough and it took a top of the cage Thesz Press to pin her. After the match Tara calls out ODB for a title shot. That should be pretty good.

OLD vs. NEW continue their feud this time it manifests itself with a six man tag between TEAM 3-D AND RHINO VS. HERNANDES, D'ANGELO DINERO, and MATT MORGAN. Another solid match here. It's nothing amazing but the I can say the younger guys certainly stand out. So much so that between them, a solid women's division and the three guys in the main event tonight, TNA could just get rid of all the old guys and have a pretty good roster, that could get people talking. Dinero is especially hot shit. I mean a ball of fun. It's like there's no holding this guy back now. The Old Guard from ECW were all good guys (I'm a Rhino fan so there may be some bias), and they cetainly made the young guys look really good. They even had to cheat to win, which is a plus. Still, I'm frankly sick of this old vs. young feud. It's been done, dead and done again x3.

The match I was looking forward to the most, SCOTT STEINER vs. BOBBY LASHLEY in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE STREET FIGHT, was next. The build up to this has actually been better than any other match, if you ask me. It's so simple that you can't believe that it came from the same company. And because of that simplicity, it stands out. The in-ring work was just two meat heads chucking the hell out of each other. Lovely. I had the impression that Steiner was in pretty rough shape, but that guy was taking some really nice suplexes here. He even dished out a few, hell, he even through out a top rope Frankensteiner. LOVE IT. Steiner juiced a little, and took some pretty weak shots from Lashley and 2x4. Lashley shouldn't swing weapons ever. Scott shocked the world when he dropped Lashley with a lead pipe shot for the three. Really surprising finish, as both guys were on equal footing since the rules were what they were. Maybe Lashley is going somewhere.

DESMOND WOLFE vs. KURT ANGLE was pretty good. It honestly wasn't anything memorable. Just a good match, that was better than anything before it. One thing that easily kils matches for me is crowd reactions, and this crowd did that. I just really, really hate the crowds at TNA shows. They're so eager to be bigger than the stars, and authoriative. "THIS IS WRESTLING." They say. No shit, thanks for the update guys. I really wish this was infront of a different less smarky crowd. Kurt winning with a flash triangle choke, was pretty tight, as it didn't diminish Desmond, who looked like a total killer, and still made it known that Kurt Angle is the top man, despite who holds the belt.

The build up for the SAMOA JOE vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. AJ STYLES match has been oft putting. On paper is kind of okay. The concept of Joe splitting up two friends that are in the same match, is a great approach, and Joe executed his role amazingly well. Daniels and Styles, however, were pretty awful. Just the words that came out of their mouths and how they said them, were so cheesy, it was laughable. But that's all water under the bridge, when it comes to these guys in the ring. And this match came through. All three guys have great minds for matches that move from spot to spot. In singles matches, this can be pretty annoying and unappealing. In 3-ways, it's okay, because you don't really have time to work on one guy's limbs or where them down. 3-ways are built around winning before another guy catches you. Joe was looking pretty spry, and Styles was flawless in this. Amazingly so. The real story was that Daniels looked better than he has in years. So much so, that the fans were clamoring for him to nail the BME. They wanted that win, because he was a work horse son of a bitch in this match. The fact that he hit it and AJ followed with a spring board 450 on him and Joe for the win on Joe, makes the eventual singles rematch very appealing. Yet another reason that the only reason you need the old time wrestlers is to teach and book backstage. Not taking away from some of the very hot, very athletic talent.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This was a very solid wrestling show. The storyline stuff was mostly stupid, but it was kept to a minimum. If only they could get a new audience in these arenas that don't suck ass, TNA could be going places. Even with the Hulkster I doubt this will happen.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3XW Outta Des Moines

The great thing about the internet is that you can see some local indy matches, for free. 3XW is a classy outfit rocking the Midwest. I recently checked out a little tag match on the youtube that I'm posting here. Check it out and my review that follows.


Okay, Masterson's Price is Right gimmick is great. I love it. The structure of the match is actually really solid. It's pretty standard, face in peril business, but the timing of everything felt just right. I couldn't wait for Masterson to get that hot tag. All four guys were pretty good and I Sexy and Smooth were both really solid. Ryan Slade in particular polish that stood out.

There were some problems though. One, the ref was in plain veiw of some of the dastardly deeds. Like that stuff in the corner. And I'm pretty sure the ref watched Smooth use the foreign object off the top rope. I liked the commentary kind of making up for it by really making up for it. The commentary is another strong suit for 3XW as they sound vastly more professional than some of the smarky, goofy crap you get 90% of the time. the play-by-play seemed professional, and the color guy wasn't annoyingly pro-heel in a forced ROH Prazak kind of way. It felt more logical. The guy didn't like Aaron Masterson because he thought he was a joke. Fair enough.

One big problem I had was that sometimes it wasn't very engaging in terms of how they got the audience involved. Masterson starting a "USA" chant was a good try, but felt misplaced considering his partner is the LAOTIAN SENSATION. Kwong, looked really smooth in the ring, but didn't have that dramatic flair, needed for a guy getting his ass beat. Sometimes it just looked like a guy taking moves. It didn't have that desperation. And I think that's part of why the hot tag didn't seem nearly as hot as it should have.

Despite that, it was still pretty good. I liked the style, as it wasn't goofy flippy shit for pops. And really there wasn't too many crazy moves. Other than the nice top-rope belly to belly suplex I can't think of anything else. And yet without all the crazy 450s and suicide planchas that you see up and down a lot of indy cards, this was still fun to watch.

So big ups to 3XW and the four guys here, who had a fun match that I liked better than anything on the FCW show I reviewed yesterday.

For more 3XW check out 3XW'S Website where you can buy some DVDs ....that are 10 freaking dollars for singles discs and a mere 12 for the big 2 disc shows. For cryin' out loud, that's a good deal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FCW 9/27/2009

Haven't seen FCW before, but I figured why the hell not. Byron Saxton is doing play-by-play which I like. His stuff on the ECW show I reviewed was pretty nice. And f'n Dusty Rhodes doin' color.

Bo and Duke Rotundo vs. Troy Jackman and Fletcher Chase.

Bo and Duke are the champs. They're also Irwin R. Schyster's kids Jackman and Chase are the some of the worst sounding names I've ever heard. You know how Marylin Manson's group took a name of a murder and a famous person and put them together to get each members stage name? That what wrestling names are now. Ugh. Anyway, right off the bat Dusty and Byron are talking about hubcap parties and I think they could be the best duo calling a wrestling show. Bo and Duke are a little too hazardous for me. Yeah Baby, yeah!!!!

I'm likin' Duke Rotundo. He just looks different, and his offense looks nice. His little head but to the bread basket had just enough flair to it to set it apart. He's just more engaging. Chase and Jackman are okay. The bulk of the match becomes the Cabinet members focusing on Bo's leg. Fletcher uses some stuff you don't see every week but he just doesn't make it look very interesting. When they hit the hot tag, the match feels so much more energized with Duke. Sadly, he gets dropped with Fletcher's Final Cut for the three. Non-title match so Rotundo's are still champs.

The match wasn't too interesting, but I like that Duke Rotundo.
Some footage gets spliced in with some woman talking to a POV camera that tells her she's going to have to take the fall tonight. It then cuts back to the Cabinet guys celebrating. Didn't like that.

Abraham Washington Segment
Lots of guys want title shots, one guy gets hit with a chair off camera by a cat named Gabriel. I like the idea of everyone demanding title shots, but I don't know who any of them are. Abraham Washington seems ten times more interesting here than he does on ECW.

Queen Diva of FCW
I think Mancini is the broad who was mysteriously told to take a fall.

These two ain't too bad compared to some of the Divas that are wrestling on RAW and Smackdown every week. Not really much interest from anyone in the audience. Mancini just nails a Dominator and wins.....a tiara. Wow. Well congrats. A freakin' tiara.


More awful names. and sadly, Brett's name sounds just as bad, despite him actually being a Dibiase. Since all the other names sound like mash-ups of two people his does too. Bummer.

Dawson Alexander, who has the worst name so far, is a big meat head, which makes he name a total mis-match. He kind of reminds me of a Power Plant graduate. The other guys seem pretty plane jane. Vance Archer, formerly Lance Hoyt, seems a little more interesting than most but not much. Dusty starts asking some guy for a hotdog or some water, one of the other. I love it.
He even starts making fun of Byron by calling his calls "Micheal Cole Calls"

Justin Angel gets the hot tag and he's gets hot with some high flying stuff. The match gets a little out of control leaving him alone with Hergoz. Angel nails a really NICE 450 Splash. It wasn't tight in the corner like Juvi's it was a little out there, so he started the rotations a little later as he was leaping out. Like that guy.

They show a clip of Hennig running into an impromptu match against some guy who's the champ. Hennig wins but instead of getting the title Washington informs him that there was no contract so no title switch. So the match tonight between Joe Hennig and Tyler Reks is a #1 Contenders match.

Oh and the guys name....HEATH SLATER. Jesus. Awful. Just awful. And he sounds awful when he speaks.

Reks is hurt from a chokeslam by some guy. Ribs are taped. I kinda like Joe so far. He threw a dropkick that wasn't PERFECT though.
Their work isn't awful but no one in that arena except for two guys chanting for Joe. It's weird. Just really dead. Joe nails the Hennig-Plex but they're near the ropes. Crowd couldn't care less. Tyler picked him up in a rack but Hennig popped out and hit a second Hennig Plex for the three count. Stares down the champ and it's over.

The names are horrible. The wrestling is okay. The crowd is dead as hell. You'd figure small venue wrestling would have louder crowds but not this bunch. I'd probably tune in if I didn't have anything to do, but based off of what I saw this isn't something that I gotta see. No one seemed to stand out so much to make me tune in for them. Except maybe Dusty on commentary. But even he is subdued when he gets crazy unlike WCW where he's having to yell and talk over people to tell people what's goin' down, baby. I'll probably give it another shot, but it's not on my priority list.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ECW 10/27/2009

Abraham Washington Segment
I like talk show segments where the guy running it is heel and he wrestles. Carlito's Cabana was good. Cutting Edge. Highlight Reel. All allowed decent to great talkers to get heat and push storylines. Abraham Washington is getting a little heat, but what's the point? If he isn't going to wrestle then he should at least be a better performer and not a dick. He doesn't look comfortable standing up talking because he shuffles his legs a lot. And if he's going to be unlikeable, he should be managing a wrestler or get in the ring so that there's some retribution for having to listen to him. Tiffany ain't so great either. You'd think that if WWE was going to invest in this idea that they are a entertainment company they'd get actual actors to play these parts. I know plenty of actors who'd be fine with playing these roles and getting TV exposure.

Anyway, Regal comes out and demands a ECW title shot. Tiffany says no, maybe never, and Regal loses it and Incredible Hulks the set. Regal snapping didn't look all that great as it seemed like he was given one prop to thrash and had to leave the couches alone.

They show the new announcer who seems like an okay guy. He sounds like Josh and Todd, which is kind of disappointing. Doesn't add much flavor.

Sheamus is very very white. And this is all pretty dull. Shelton gives a nice split legged moonsault off the top rope to the outside before the commercial break. Sadly that's about it. The crowd seems into it, but neither guy really gets out of second gear. Shelton throws a nice German for a nearfall, but Sheamus survives only to hit his pump-kick to the side of Shelton's head. It all looked very low impact which made the three count all the more disappointing. Honestly, I don't see much in either guy. I can see Shelton dropping off in the next 6 months. And Sheamus needs more than Triple H's wing to engage me.

There's a bit between Shane Helms and some woman who talks a lot. Paul Burchill comes by and says he wants to see the Hurricane next week. These guys don't seem all that interesting either. Helms looks devoid of all life, to be honest. His indy hair and facial hair scream amateur hour. And honestly, I liked Paul as a pirate.

Christian gives a promo about young guys like Yoshi having to cope with defeat.

The opening stuff is basic headlock work that some how already feels more interesting than the previous match. Yoshi is making quick come backs to maybe flash pin the champ which puts Christian in an interesting position as he usually plays that role to bigger opponents. Yoshi misses a plancha to the outside and Christian does his own spring board rebound dive, that still looks damn pretty. I just really like that move. Captain Charisma takes it over until he goes for the Tornado DDT. Tatsu counters out and goes up top for a fun spinning wheel kick that I never give CAWs on wrestling games. I like to look at it but I never think of anyone doing it.
Shit gets straight ballin' in the last section that had some nice nearfalls. I mean totally hot, as the crowd was buying it and you could tell some of the Peeps had even softened up to the idea of Tatsu beating their hero. Christian finally hits the Killswitch to seal the deal. I like the name Unprettier better, but whatever.

Christian continues to be very solid. Nice star performance for Tatsu. It's the kind of performance that doesn't necessarily make him a superstar, but it's the kind that makes him legitimize him as a competitor and not a an asian schtick guy, like Funaki or even Jimmy Wang Yang. I'm rooting for him. God knows me and my fellow Asian Americans could use some better role models in wrestling. Or TV in general. Also, he should add the Sliding D to his movelist. It fits him better than the Roaring Elbow, and no one is doing it on TV here in the states yet. Take IT!

Nothing interesting but the Main Event, which is worth tracking down on the Hulu, which is where I watched it.