Thursday, November 12, 2009

3XW Outta Des Moines

The great thing about the internet is that you can see some local indy matches, for free. 3XW is a classy outfit rocking the Midwest. I recently checked out a little tag match on the youtube that I'm posting here. Check it out and my review that follows.


Okay, Masterson's Price is Right gimmick is great. I love it. The structure of the match is actually really solid. It's pretty standard, face in peril business, but the timing of everything felt just right. I couldn't wait for Masterson to get that hot tag. All four guys were pretty good and I Sexy and Smooth were both really solid. Ryan Slade in particular polish that stood out.

There were some problems though. One, the ref was in plain veiw of some of the dastardly deeds. Like that stuff in the corner. And I'm pretty sure the ref watched Smooth use the foreign object off the top rope. I liked the commentary kind of making up for it by really making up for it. The commentary is another strong suit for 3XW as they sound vastly more professional than some of the smarky, goofy crap you get 90% of the time. the play-by-play seemed professional, and the color guy wasn't annoyingly pro-heel in a forced ROH Prazak kind of way. It felt more logical. The guy didn't like Aaron Masterson because he thought he was a joke. Fair enough.

One big problem I had was that sometimes it wasn't very engaging in terms of how they got the audience involved. Masterson starting a "USA" chant was a good try, but felt misplaced considering his partner is the LAOTIAN SENSATION. Kwong, looked really smooth in the ring, but didn't have that dramatic flair, needed for a guy getting his ass beat. Sometimes it just looked like a guy taking moves. It didn't have that desperation. And I think that's part of why the hot tag didn't seem nearly as hot as it should have.

Despite that, it was still pretty good. I liked the style, as it wasn't goofy flippy shit for pops. And really there wasn't too many crazy moves. Other than the nice top-rope belly to belly suplex I can't think of anything else. And yet without all the crazy 450s and suicide planchas that you see up and down a lot of indy cards, this was still fun to watch.

So big ups to 3XW and the four guys here, who had a fun match that I liked better than anything on the FCW show I reviewed yesterday.

For more 3XW check out 3XW'S Website where you can buy some DVDs ....that are 10 freaking dollars for singles discs and a mere 12 for the big 2 disc shows. For cryin' out loud, that's a good deal.

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