Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ECW 10/27/2009

Abraham Washington Segment
I like talk show segments where the guy running it is heel and he wrestles. Carlito's Cabana was good. Cutting Edge. Highlight Reel. All allowed decent to great talkers to get heat and push storylines. Abraham Washington is getting a little heat, but what's the point? If he isn't going to wrestle then he should at least be a better performer and not a dick. He doesn't look comfortable standing up talking because he shuffles his legs a lot. And if he's going to be unlikeable, he should be managing a wrestler or get in the ring so that there's some retribution for having to listen to him. Tiffany ain't so great either. You'd think that if WWE was going to invest in this idea that they are a entertainment company they'd get actual actors to play these parts. I know plenty of actors who'd be fine with playing these roles and getting TV exposure.

Anyway, Regal comes out and demands a ECW title shot. Tiffany says no, maybe never, and Regal loses it and Incredible Hulks the set. Regal snapping didn't look all that great as it seemed like he was given one prop to thrash and had to leave the couches alone.

They show the new announcer who seems like an okay guy. He sounds like Josh and Todd, which is kind of disappointing. Doesn't add much flavor.

Sheamus is very very white. And this is all pretty dull. Shelton gives a nice split legged moonsault off the top rope to the outside before the commercial break. Sadly that's about it. The crowd seems into it, but neither guy really gets out of second gear. Shelton throws a nice German for a nearfall, but Sheamus survives only to hit his pump-kick to the side of Shelton's head. It all looked very low impact which made the three count all the more disappointing. Honestly, I don't see much in either guy. I can see Shelton dropping off in the next 6 months. And Sheamus needs more than Triple H's wing to engage me.

There's a bit between Shane Helms and some woman who talks a lot. Paul Burchill comes by and says he wants to see the Hurricane next week. These guys don't seem all that interesting either. Helms looks devoid of all life, to be honest. His indy hair and facial hair scream amateur hour. And honestly, I liked Paul as a pirate.

Christian gives a promo about young guys like Yoshi having to cope with defeat.

The opening stuff is basic headlock work that some how already feels more interesting than the previous match. Yoshi is making quick come backs to maybe flash pin the champ which puts Christian in an interesting position as he usually plays that role to bigger opponents. Yoshi misses a plancha to the outside and Christian does his own spring board rebound dive, that still looks damn pretty. I just really like that move. Captain Charisma takes it over until he goes for the Tornado DDT. Tatsu counters out and goes up top for a fun spinning wheel kick that I never give CAWs on wrestling games. I like to look at it but I never think of anyone doing it.
Shit gets straight ballin' in the last section that had some nice nearfalls. I mean totally hot, as the crowd was buying it and you could tell some of the Peeps had even softened up to the idea of Tatsu beating their hero. Christian finally hits the Killswitch to seal the deal. I like the name Unprettier better, but whatever.

Christian continues to be very solid. Nice star performance for Tatsu. It's the kind of performance that doesn't necessarily make him a superstar, but it's the kind that makes him legitimize him as a competitor and not a an asian schtick guy, like Funaki or even Jimmy Wang Yang. I'm rooting for him. God knows me and my fellow Asian Americans could use some better role models in wrestling. Or TV in general. Also, he should add the Sliding D to his movelist. It fits him better than the Roaring Elbow, and no one is doing it on TV here in the states yet. Take IT!

Nothing interesting but the Main Event, which is worth tracking down on the Hulu, which is where I watched it.

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