Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FCW 9/27/2009

Haven't seen FCW before, but I figured why the hell not. Byron Saxton is doing play-by-play which I like. His stuff on the ECW show I reviewed was pretty nice. And f'n Dusty Rhodes doin' color.

Bo and Duke Rotundo vs. Troy Jackman and Fletcher Chase.

Bo and Duke are the champs. They're also Irwin R. Schyster's kids Jackman and Chase are the some of the worst sounding names I've ever heard. You know how Marylin Manson's group took a name of a murder and a famous person and put them together to get each members stage name? That what wrestling names are now. Ugh. Anyway, right off the bat Dusty and Byron are talking about hubcap parties and I think they could be the best duo calling a wrestling show. Bo and Duke are a little too hazardous for me. Yeah Baby, yeah!!!!

I'm likin' Duke Rotundo. He just looks different, and his offense looks nice. His little head but to the bread basket had just enough flair to it to set it apart. He's just more engaging. Chase and Jackman are okay. The bulk of the match becomes the Cabinet members focusing on Bo's leg. Fletcher uses some stuff you don't see every week but he just doesn't make it look very interesting. When they hit the hot tag, the match feels so much more energized with Duke. Sadly, he gets dropped with Fletcher's Final Cut for the three. Non-title match so Rotundo's are still champs.

The match wasn't too interesting, but I like that Duke Rotundo.
Some footage gets spliced in with some woman talking to a POV camera that tells her she's going to have to take the fall tonight. It then cuts back to the Cabinet guys celebrating. Didn't like that.

Abraham Washington Segment
Lots of guys want title shots, one guy gets hit with a chair off camera by a cat named Gabriel. I like the idea of everyone demanding title shots, but I don't know who any of them are. Abraham Washington seems ten times more interesting here than he does on ECW.

Queen Diva of FCW
I think Mancini is the broad who was mysteriously told to take a fall.

These two ain't too bad compared to some of the Divas that are wrestling on RAW and Smackdown every week. Not really much interest from anyone in the audience. Mancini just nails a Dominator and wins.....a tiara. Wow. Well congrats. A freakin' tiara.


More awful names. and sadly, Brett's name sounds just as bad, despite him actually being a Dibiase. Since all the other names sound like mash-ups of two people his does too. Bummer.

Dawson Alexander, who has the worst name so far, is a big meat head, which makes he name a total mis-match. He kind of reminds me of a Power Plant graduate. The other guys seem pretty plane jane. Vance Archer, formerly Lance Hoyt, seems a little more interesting than most but not much. Dusty starts asking some guy for a hotdog or some water, one of the other. I love it.
He even starts making fun of Byron by calling his calls "Micheal Cole Calls"

Justin Angel gets the hot tag and he's gets hot with some high flying stuff. The match gets a little out of control leaving him alone with Hergoz. Angel nails a really NICE 450 Splash. It wasn't tight in the corner like Juvi's it was a little out there, so he started the rotations a little later as he was leaping out. Like that guy.

They show a clip of Hennig running into an impromptu match against some guy who's the champ. Hennig wins but instead of getting the title Washington informs him that there was no contract so no title switch. So the match tonight between Joe Hennig and Tyler Reks is a #1 Contenders match.

Oh and the guys name....HEATH SLATER. Jesus. Awful. Just awful. And he sounds awful when he speaks.

Reks is hurt from a chokeslam by some guy. Ribs are taped. I kinda like Joe so far. He threw a dropkick that wasn't PERFECT though.
Their work isn't awful but no one in that arena except for two guys chanting for Joe. It's weird. Just really dead. Joe nails the Hennig-Plex but they're near the ropes. Crowd couldn't care less. Tyler picked him up in a rack but Hennig popped out and hit a second Hennig Plex for the three count. Stares down the champ and it's over.

The names are horrible. The wrestling is okay. The crowd is dead as hell. You'd figure small venue wrestling would have louder crowds but not this bunch. I'd probably tune in if I didn't have anything to do, but based off of what I saw this isn't something that I gotta see. No one seemed to stand out so much to make me tune in for them. Except maybe Dusty on commentary. But even he is subdued when he gets crazy unlike WCW where he's having to yell and talk over people to tell people what's goin' down, baby. I'll probably give it another shot, but it's not on my priority list.

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