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3XW Clobberpalooza Classic II - September 18, 2009

3XW Clobberpalooza Classic II - September 18, 2009

3XW is nifty little indy that has an awesome amount of stuff online that you can peruse. They're a different style than some of the other indies you've seen. Most of them out there are bastardized strong style kickpad wrestling, or dudes falling off of ladders for five bucks. These folks offer a more family oriented fare and try to put more emphasis on stories in the ring. I've seen a couple of matches, one of which I reviewed not too long ago. Anyway, I have a complete show from them, so I can get a better idea of how they put on a complete package as opposed to seeing the matches they cherry pick for the interwebs. I don't think they'll disappoint, but....who knows.

Triple Threat Match
"Torturous" Tony Sly vs. "Delicious" Devin Carter vs. Rory Fox

This was supposed to be a singles match, but it was turned into a three way with the introduction of 3XW's new acquisition: Rory Fox. It takes a while for this one to get smooth. I don't think 3-ways are particularly these guys strong suits, at least beginning a 3-way. They don't do too much of the double teaming early on to create a a one-on-one scenario, so instead you get one guy going, "Nah, you guys go ahead and beat each other up while I watch." It's kind of funny, but they don't make a big deal of it, which is unfortunate. Once everybody gets involved it gets a little better. There is one point near the tail end where Tony Sly and Devin Carter "trade punches". Devin Carter's punches are him flicking his wrist at Tony's stomach, kind of like when you "sack tap" a friend. You know what I'm talking about right. Anyway, not so great with the punchin'. Rory nails a great surprise cross body on Devin that gets him practically in the face and wins. Rory kind of cracks me up He kind of looks like a smaller Lex Luger but goofy. But goofy on purpose. Not goofy on accident. You know. Like Lex Luger.

The Gentleman's Club (Mark Sterling & Gage Octane)
w/Todd Countryman
Horndogs (Maddog Mcdowell & Krotch)

God I've seen more of Krotch than I would like recently. I can't stand names like Krotch, and his pelvis thrusts. But I'll be damned if that guy isn't goofy over. I recently watched him in an AAW match, and they ate it up. Hell, he might be more over in 3XW. It's ridiculous. And now upon further look, I'm starting to notice that he's really good at his job. Sure he does the goofy stuff like hump your shoulder when he's working over your arm, but that's to get the crowd on his side before he takes a great beating. And that's where he shines. Krotch gets beat up real good. And when he's trying to make a comeback he starts poppin' that pelvis, and the crowd loves it. It's not my kind of deal but, whatever, the audience loves it. So what do I know. Nothin'.

Sterling is a pretty solid. I can see why they paired him up with the much more outgoing Octane, but for whatever reason the pair doesn't work for me. Sterling looks and works like a solid professional and he seems like a guy that should be just working on his own and making a name for himself.

The match is pretty good. It's nothing to spectacular, but they work a good formula and get great responses from the crowd. I think I probably would have liked this better live.

3XW Cruiserweight Championship
Casanova vs. "Rockstar" Jimmy Rockwell (c)

So the story here is Jimmy Rockwell is about to tie Casanova's reign of 15 months IF he can win this match...against the record holder himself. Casanova is pretty interesting. He's certainly nothing like what you'd expect by that name or weight class. He kind of looks like a short Rick Steiner, and he puts his hands behind his head like he's going to do a hip swivel but he just sways from side to side, like an old man. Cracks me up.

There seems to be a little mis-communication early on when they're running the ropes, but they don't fall apart, they slow it down a hair to get back on point and put their foot back on the accelerator.

Once it slows down, Casanova keeps everything interesting with his offense. It's not a bunch of crazy moves, but what he does do, he does well. My only complaint would be that when he does have a guy in a side headlock or a body scissors, he doesn't make it look very strenuous. It's kind of like he's just laying on him. There's nothing dynamic about it. It looks fine, but if he were to maybe ramp up the intensity just a hair, he'd be someone I'd look forward to checking out.

I honestly can't remember much about Jimmy Rockwell. He didn't seem nearly as engaging as Krotch(help me). I'm not saying he needs to start shaking his balls to get me interested, but I don't feel like I know anything about him from watching this match. He's not a jobber, because he held the title for 14 months, but he didn't feel like a star.

3XW Tag Team Championship
Shiek Abdul Bashir & Arya Daivari
High Flyers (Mike Sydal & "Unbreakable" Zach Thompson(c)

You know Abdul Bashir from TNA, he also was Muhammed Hassan's lil' buddy Daivari in the WWE. He's goofy jacked up. I mean, a monster. Can't even put his arms down, big.
This is a quicker paced match than any of the others so far. Sydal and Zach Thompson like to move. I would have to say that between the two, Thompson seems like he knows where he's going more than Sydal does.
Really, in my opinion, the guy with the most upside in this match is Arya Daivari. At least from an in-ring perspective. I don't know if he's got the talkin' skills that his brother does, but he moves well, and just has a cleaner offense than most of the people that's been on the show so far. Abdul Bashir has reached that point where his frame is starting to hinder his movement. His punches are coming around very well, and he's just starting to look a little sluggish. Kind of like when Triple H came back from that first quad tear.

Pretty nifty match though, everyone works hard and the crowd is certainly down for it.

Sexy & Smooth (AJ Smooth & "Canadian Sex Icon" Ryan Slade)
"Right Price" Aaron Masterson & "Laotian Sensation" Ricky Kwong

I actually reviewed this match by itself a while back, becuse it's up on the YouTubes. My opinion hasn't changed much from that. I can say that having watched the rest of the show and gotten an idea of the roster, I'd be interested in a High Flyers/Sexy&Smooth tag match. Oh and Aaron Masterson is awesome.

3XW Heavyweight Championship
Al Snow vs. "Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt (c)

Well, here's the good news. Al Snow is still in very good shape. The bad news is that he stalls with Head FOREVER. And it's not like he does a bunch of different stuff. He acts like he's going to bring it in, the ref says, "Uh, duh, no." and Al Snow says, okay...and then tries to come in anyway. Repeat. Repeat. It's funny at first and it's totally in line with what you'd expect. But for a second you think it's not going to end. That any minute now, the match will end because Al Snow keeps wanting to bring in Head.

Once the wrestling starts, Al brings it though. I don't know if Wyatt mucked up or what, but Al looks like nails some Vader looking hooks on the guy. I'd also suggest that every single guy that used a punch in his match grab Al Snow and ask him how he throws his. It's not the greatest punch in the world, but it looks HEAD and shoulders above anyone else on the 3XW's roster. And maybe their punches look okay from the crowd, but when that camera is up in there, it gets exposed big time. Al's punch is solid, has a good snap, and plays well for the camera and for the people in the back. Did I say, Al clubs the shit out of Jeremy Wyatt, because he does, and looks angry.

Wyatt is Da Champ, and I think he holds that position because he's really good at being hated. His in-ring stuff is hit or miss. Outside the ring, he carries himself like a star, inside the ring, not as well. Snow bounces around for him and tries to make him look like a dangerous guy, but I didn't buy it so much. He didn't seem more cunning or more vicious to have so much control. It kind of felt more like Snow was giving it to him then he was taking it.

It's not an awful match once it gets going though. We've seen much worse. The finish is a little weak for me, but I won't ruin it for you because I think you should at least check it out for yourself.

3XW puts on a pretty good show. Their production values are pretty good for a small indy. They got a couple of cameras, one is around the ringside and the other is up high and wide. I think some of the shots kind of expose weaker looking offense, but maybe that's a good thing to motivate some of the guys to get better. They got a couple of guys that are pretty damn solid and some guys that just need a little something extra to make this a great indy to keep up with. It kind of reminds me of the old USWA tv show in terms of in-ring product. It's not as good, of course, because those guys were legends, but it's not a crappy imitation either. It'll be interesting to see how much better these guys will get, because they seem to have the right idea.

If you want to learn more about 3XW and go to their website: HERE They got cheap DVDs (in price, not quality) and some videos of whole matches to entice you into buying those DVDs.

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