Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WWE NXT EPISODE 3: 03.09.10


We got three okay matches. David Otunga looked pretty good in his tag. They didn't follow up on the brawl last week, they just had the announcers say everything okay. Daniel Bryan look pretty cool, kicking the piss out of Otunga and not being responsible for the loss.

Heath Slater SHOCKED THE WORLD by rolling up Carlito for a win. Michael Tarver showed up at ringside....and....that's it for him. Darren Young got a backstage bit with Punk where he was given the choice between the uncertain success of his life style, and Punk's Strait Edge Life Style, which will
make him a winner. So....that's it for him. Justin Gabriel was boring me until Michael Cole informed me that his father was THE PINK PANTHER.Wade Barrett has some good beat down moves...

Oh yeah, AND NO SKIP SHEFFIELD. Thankfully Daniel Bryan brought enough Manliness to fill the void.

THE PROS: Carlito looked okay in his match, giving Heath a lot to work with. Both The Miz and R-truth looked a little sloppy, but I thought they still performed really well. The rest of the Pros were pretty non-existent. Except Matt Hardy who talked back stage and sounded worse than anyone. ANYONE else. As a matter of fact, the rookies are really carrying this show in a lot of ways, which has to be a good sign for them, as the show is still pretty good. No matter how hard Michael Cole tries to mess it up.

1. Justin Gabriel (-)
2. Heath Slater (+ 3)
3. David Otunga (+ 4)
4. Daniel Bryan(- 1)
5. Wade Barrett (- 3)
6. Darren Young (- 2)
7. Skip Sheffield (- 1)
8. Michael Tarver (-)
Explained: Gabriel is on a streak. Beat a Pro and Beat a rookie and two weeks in a row in the Main Event. Heath Slater actually avenged his disgrace last weak by cleanly pinning Carlito in a singles match which would make that a first ever. David Otunga followed Gabriel's performance last week by pinning the Miz, but it didn't feel nearly as big a deal considering he might have tapped, and TheMiz/Bryan breakdown allowed a big opening. Wade Barrett takes the worst tumble, losing to Justin Gabriel after beating his ass for a while. Darren Young doesn't really drop so much as other people passed him up. The same for Skip Sheffield. And...Michael Tarver said some funny stuff at ring side. But not funnier than my memories of Skip Sheffield.

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