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NWA CHICAGO 04/23/2009

A week or two ago I came across a post for NWA CHICAGO which was running a show at the outskirts of the city, but totally accessible by public transportation. They didn't have much in the way of performers I'd seen before , but who cares. It's local guys wrestling and it's the NWA. So I gave it a shot.

The venue was on 1935 Naragansset Ave. I actually walked past the place, because it's inset at the back of what appears to be a private drive. I'd never been there and there weren't any signs that said "HEY PRO WRESTLING IS HERE". So I started to question how good this was going to be. I walked down the drive and came to a building where some blokes who actually looked like they were running a wrestling show(blazer and jeans. Lanyard with keys) were standing outside chilling out. They were nice and told me I had found the right place.

I was thinking the place was going to be a real dump, but it wasn't shabby. The Mask Guy was there selling lucha masks and toys. There was a Brian Pillman figure that I almost dropped money on, actually. Maybe next time. There were a bunch of posters for other shows, and a concession stand, with cheap $1 hot dogs. YEAH BABY. I paid my 12 bucks at the door and went into the "arena" area. There was an actual entrance set up that kind of reminded me of the old ECW ones with the fencing and the brick wall. The ring looked a little rough, but nothing to be ashamed of. Otherwise it was a perfectly fine indy atmosphere. I was getting more excited.

While there plenty of empty seats there was actually a good crowd. There were about 45 or so, which was a little more than I expected. The crowd was an interesting mix of families of all races. There was a fella who brought his son, who as wearing a White Sox Rey Mysterio mask. There was a lot of females. Young ones and old ones. Which I don't see all that often at wrestling shows outside of the WWE. My one complaint about DGUSA/RoH is crowd diversity. Seeing so many different people was a big plus.

The Wrestlin'
I would cover the show match by match, but I missed a lot of names. The mic was dead, and the guy they had announcing just didn't have the voice to carry over the crowd chatter. Some of the guys were listed with their matches on the poster, but there was a few unadvertised matches that I really wanted to know who those guys were. It's really unfortunate, because some of these guys could have used some name checking, so the crowd could cheer for them. "Go guy in RED PANTS!" doesn't really work as well as "Go Joey Go!"

There was some great tag team wrestling. The team of Too Sweet vs. The Stranglers was good times. Too Sweet is comprised of two fun lovin' faces that have matching gear: "Negrotistico" Bryce Benjamin and Joey Marx. They bring a lot of fire and charisma and they look generally solid in the ring. Joey is the bump man, and he's pretty great at it. He's not overly complicated with the flippy stuff, and you'd think he would be by looking at him. They were matched up with "The Strangler" Diego
Corleone and Mark Anthony. I didn't see too much out of Anthony, but he was kind of overshadowed by Corleone who is a real character. He does this kind of strut that's one part La Parka to One Part Michael Hayes. Meanwhile he's carrying noose and has this black face paint. How that goes together, I don't know and I don't care because I loved it. He did a whole lot of trash talking that ranged from "Who's The Man?!", "I'm The Man Around Here." and "Shut your Pie Hole." It's not incredibly original, but it really fit with his schtick. He made some poor little girl cry on the way to the ring and she spent the rest of the match under her mother's jacket. I mean that's pretty kick ass, right?

There was some other tag teams like Victorious Secret, who go the homoerotic route to get heat. They had an okay act with one rubbing lotion on the other guy's chest. Then they guy would take the excess lotion and rub it on people's faces. They're little guys, so I hope they know the dudes they're messing with. They faced off with Milo Cash and Steve Boz. Boz is kind of the Chicago area guy journeyman. I see his name on just about every card in the area. He's a solid guy, and some of his chops looked like they were cutting one of those poor kids up. This wasn't a great match, but I mention it to show the variance in characters.

The match of the night, for me was Da Soul Touchaz vs. The H3rd. At least I think they were The H3rd, which is a group out of Detroit. One of the guys was, at least. That's probably the most frustrating about not catching their names because this match was so good you wish you could tell people about it using Proper Nouns. They had a fun little guy in a wolf mask who did this howling bit. He kept doing it until all these kids would respond with their own howl. It worked really well, and was helped by the heels jawing with the audience members who did it. It was especially cool because it became like a little competition between these three snarky guys and these kids. The snarks would cheer for the baddies and then the kids would howl....great stuff.

But what I really want to talk about is:

This group is pretty much worth the price of admission. It's a local stable of guys. The leader/brains is C-Red. He's annoying and runs his mouth, and it's usually legit funny stuff. It's like Jim Cornette: you laugh at him despite hating his guts. Then you've got Willie "Da Bomb" Richardson. He's a big guy, and you'd think, based on looks, he'd be the weakest guy, but he's not. Not by a long shot. He bumps and moves much more gracefully than you'd expect. AND, no disrespect to many of the guys on the roster, but he probably threw the BEST dropkick on the show. It was cool just because he got up for it, but it actually looked like a solid blow when it hit, instead of a toe tappy one you see a lot of the time. It was the kind of drop kick a real man would throw if one were so inclined to fight with dropkicks. His partner in the match against The H3rd was Acid Jazz, and if he were a little bit taller, he'd be working WWE. I'm not joking. He's got solid athletic ability, he has a great charisma about him, and can talk trash. Just a really golden guy, and could be one of the best guys in the building. Also on the outside was Dymond who brought the sexy. She talks smack and looks comfortable in front of the crowd. It's just an awesome group of people.

As for the wrestling itself, the tag team of Willie and Acid Jazz WORKS. Jass is the small guy who's got the moves, while Willie is the big dog. Very Hart Foundation psychology. They make you want to cheer the other team, and look good taking offense. Willie in particular plays his big man role beautifully. When the little flippy face starts running around he plays up being exhausted and has awesome faces of desperation, like he needs to get his little buddy in there to counter pronto. Very Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

But that's not all. Also in the Soul Touchaz is Marshe Rocket who was a fill-in for Ali in the main event. He's got the height and he's pretty crisp in the ring. He has a little more of that indy style that you see in some of the more popular promotions, but he doesn't over complicate spots, and he doesn't go into overkill.

The Main Event definitely had a different feel to it than the other matches. It was a little short of having that big match feel, but it was trying to move in that direction. Still, there was a good story that I'd love to see followed up on. Mr. 450 Hammet(which, to me, is an awful name) went for his 450 Splash(Hence the Mr. 450 part) and missed. They traded some quick holds and eventually Hammet got the flash pin to retain. Marshe then laid him out with a Diamond Cutter. Now we have a story where Marshe avoided the guy's namesake move and got flash pinned. He looks strong, I didn't get the 450 pay off, and he got heat on the face for dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

I want a rematch.

And what's better, I'd pay to see it. Hopefully something comes from it on the next show.

One of the dominant feelings I came away with after the show with was a sense of pride watching these guys. I don't know them at all, but they felt like "My Guys". And there was something nostalgic about it. I thought there was something akin to the feeling the crowd must have had had rooting for The Von Erichs. But on a much smaller scale. The biggest reason I'm writing this is because I think there's a chance to kind of raise it up a notch and it has to come from the fans. The guys on the card put in a lot of effort for 40-50 or so people, and made me want to see more. What they lack in certain aesthetics they make up for in character. And I think a lot of that stuff could be improved with more fans.

I know there are a LOT of wrestling fans in Chicago because I saw them at the DGUSA in the Congress Theatre. So I'm calling my fellow Chicagoans out. I don't know when the next show is, but I want to get a group together to go. I'm already planning on dragging my non-wrestling fan friends out. And you folks should to. I think one of the biggest components the show was missing was the crowd. They had some people there who'd clap along and stuff like that, but I think it could be amp'd up with some more wrestling fans. There was this one dude who got incensed and charged up the aisle yelling something in Spanish at the ref for not seeing the bad guy cheating. That guy was crazy into it. He even got up to the apron and started pounding it in order to get the crowd involved. I'm with THAT GUY. I'd love to see a show with more passionate fans who get a little more involved. Maybe not to that extent, but with that same kind of PASSION. Why wait for DGUSA or RoH to come in? We've got some great performers here. Let's support the local scene and make NWA Chicago something special.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


That's right, Vader is hitting the ring with his son in a little over a week. Vader, his son Jesse, and 2 Cold Mother F'N Scorpio are going to team up to face the team of Tamon Honda, Makoto Hashi, and Tatsumi Mother F'N Fujinami at Vader Time 5 in Japan. Even bigger than that is Genichiro Tenryu will be there to award a trophy to the winning team. This'll be the very first time the Kodiak and The Big Grumpy have been in a ring, and word is from the Vader Time website, the two will probably confront each other.

The idea of Tenryu and Vader "confronting" each other should naturally lead one to speculation of the two squaring off in some form. With Tenryu pushing his own TenryuPROJECT which just had a good showing at the Shinjuku FACE. Getting the two to face each other in the ring could be beneficial for possibly both banners. I'm suspecting it'll be a tag match if it does come to fruition, as neither guy could probably carry a solid singles bout out of the other. And I'm sure Vader would like to get his son Jesse into the mix. Of course, it's all speculation at this point, but it won't be long until we know how serious this is.

The rest of the Vader Time 5 card is pretty wild. Kota Ibushi will team with SUPER LEATHER FACE to square off with Big Pinkin' Yutaka Yoshie and Madoka. What's that you say? You want to see some Super Leather Face? Well maybe I'll have something for you at the end of the post.

Vader Time 5
Shinjuku FACE

1. Basara and Bambi vs. Asami Kawasaki and Apple Miyuki
2. Mio Shirai vs. Io Shirai - Win by Pinfall or Submissions only.
3. Mitsuya Nagai and Kenny Omega vs. Masato Tanaka and Masato Shibata
4. Tarzan Goto vs. Hate
5. Kota Ibushi and Super Leather vs. Yutaka Yoshi and Madoka
6. Vader, Scorpio, Jesse White vs. Makoto Hashi, Tamon Honda, Tatsumi Fujinami

And because you demanded it, here's a refresher on Kota Ibushi's tag partner.

Mike Awesome vs. SUPER LEATHER(FACE)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smackdown/NXT/Superstars Taping 04.06.2010

There Be Spoilers Ahead.

So my little sister told me a while back that she'd be up in Chicago to visit me for Spring Break. Turns out that there was a Smackdown taping during that same time period. I asked if she wanted to do something like that and she was pretty ecstatic. My wife was too, because she thought maybe, just maybe, she'd see the Undertaker live.

To hype ourselves up we did something I've never done before in all my years as a wrestling fan. We went to Target grabbed some poster boards, markers, and glitter glue, to make some baddass signs to cheer on our favorites.

My sister made one for Matt Hardy. It turned out pretty good. I don't think she's particularly artistic (she makes up for it by being badass at Soccer) and she pretty much got his little Hardy Boy logo on the money. My wife made a little Rated R Superstar logo and then on the other side she did a silhouette of the Undertaker with a big white 18 - 0 in the black areas. Pretty nifty.

Me. I decided to go as generic as possible. My first poster was for R-Truth. I wrote R-TRUTH IS WHAT'S UP. That's it. Pretty solid right? And then on the otherside I decided to make a sign for an NXT rookie. After much deliberation, I decided to be one of the only Heath Slater fans in the building. And some one on a message board had mentioned him being generic so I thought what's the best generic sign


And I held it up proud, you snarky cynical wrestling bastards. Little did I know that Heath was going to be kind of a big deal tonight.


Pretty good ovation for Jimmy Wang Yang. I think Reks was booed because he wasn't Jimmy Wang Yang. The match was pretty solid. If you ever hit up one of these events, the crowds are pretty fun for the dark match. Just because they're the first ones. It means the show has started and now we're starting to get what we paid for. It was pretty much all of Yang's signature spots in a good six minute match. Kind of wish it got TV just because anytime I seem to see Yang on TV he's getting booted in the face. Win with the moonsault, and I'm having fun.

Vickie Guerrero and Team LayCool come out for Superstars. I'm not joking, Vickie is molten hot lava of heel heat. No one shut up during her promo and you could barely tell what anyone was saying. I loved it. There was a very little boy in the seat above me (Our seats were right before the risers bump up about three feet so I could stand up and not be in anyone's way) and the little dude was hot all night. Booed the bad guys, cheered the good guys. And man did he hate some Vickie. Apparently they're insinuating that Beth Phoenix is a man, baby. Based on her awesome muscles and her participation in the Royal Rumble. Vickie announces Layla will face Beth in an "Inter-gender match". That's pretty funny. Beth comes out to an awesome ovation that I'm sure is partly because she's the opposite of Vickie Guerrero.

Beth was pretty hot and the crowd loved her offense. The match wasn't that bad at all. Layla does some cool things with her body language that plays to the back. She really performs much larger than herself. Sure it's a little clunky but I had a great time cheering for Beth. Beth of course nails her finsh, which I don't know the name too and gets the win. Guerrero distracts Beth afterwards for a McCool ambush but Beth is a step ahead and clears the heels out of the ring and up the ramp. Vickie is hilarious running up the ramp. Crowd really ate up all of this, and it was one of the hotter segments of the entire night, including the Smackdown taping.

So I've been really down on NXT lately and based off this taping, I'm pretty sure I will continue to be. To open the show we get all the rookies in a line up. Matt Striker conducts some interviews.By the time this is published you should have probably already seen NXT so I'm not going to give a total rundown. I will say that my HEATH SLATER ROCKS sign came in pretty handy. I was so surprised that he won the contest. I held my sign up and showed it to everyone yelling, "HE JUST BLEW YOUR MIND!" Then Kane was announced as the prize. I was said.

I think I converted some kids to Heath's camp with my awesome charisma as I'll explain later.

This was just okay. Both guys came out to that awful theme song instead of Punk and Miz's music. Bryan was bringing the heat and whipped out Cattle Mutilation for nothing. I have no idea why this ended the way this did. But man did he slap the bejeezus out of Darren Young. I will say that through out this show, a lot of fans just didn't give a shit. Which is unfortunate. And a lot of people sat on their hands for much of Bryan's stuff. I just don't get this loss more than any of the others.

Skip Sheffield's promo about nice guys finishing last, was pretty good and I think I'm going to like mean ass Skip Sheffield.

I honestly don't remember much about this. Justin was getting pretty good reactions from some people, but this was really quick and pretty uninteresting. Hey a 450 Splash.


These guys came out to their mentor's music, which got huge reactions. But once the match started the crowd kind of fell silent. At least in my section. I didn't see too much going on elsewhere. Otunga was, I guess working face. He had given out about 100 comp tickets for people here in Chicago, and they may have been the only one's cheering him. Wade is just a dominant competitor and I felt like he was kind of moving half speed for David, but I could be wrong.

This was actually much better than the other matches. Heath was solid and Kane pretty much built the whole thing. At one point Heath was getting worn down and I heard some one trying to do the slow build clap. I look around and I see this young guy, maybe 14 years old clapping by himself. Then I start clapping with him and he looks at me with this huge grin. I look at him and I go "YEAH MAN LET'S DO IT!" So then he starts clapping harder and I start clapping harder and eventually Heath Slater gets choke slammed. But it was a damn cool moment of wrestling communion.

Out comes Jack Swagger, he's back in old black tights, and I'm a little sad. He cuts a promo on how awesome he is. The more he talks the more traction he got, getting some pretty awesome heat. I think his big line was saying that "now that Shawn Michaels career is over you can now declare Jack Swagger is the best pure performer in the WWE." People didn't like him even mentioning HBK's name. Out came John Morrison who started dissing swags, telling him that he may hold the title, but he isn't a champion. He also digs at his lisp, which made bunches of people laugh. Nex thing you know they're wrestling.

This was just okay. Really early on Jack Swagger got a cut on his face,s o they stopped the match and checked it out. Then later the ref was given a towel and wiped of Jack's face again. It kind of worked, because Swagger was such a dick when it came time to get cleaned up. It kind of pulled the heat on to him rather than the WWE for instituting a kind of lame rule. The finish was a little wonky, and I'm not sure how it'll play on TV. Morrison baseball slides Swagger and the turns out on the apron, looking for maybe an Asai Moonsault. Swagger kind of pauses and then ducks in a sweeps Morrison of the apron to the floor. It was a really long pause, and looked like Swagger didn't know when to come in. And it really made Morrison look kind of silly for standing there for so long. Swagger rolls in JoMo's body for a Power bomb and a 3 count


A graphic came up saying Punk was going to convert Darren Young later. Awesome.

Jericho was backstage with Wade Barrett and Swagger showed up. He explained that he picked Jericho because he was hurt and was a sure thing. Jericho was pretty over the top here, and pretty damn hilarious. Told Swagger that a nice suit and a serious demeanor doesn't make him Jericho or a champion.

So Shad came out so new music and Titantron. Then he turned around and came back out to Cryme Tyme stuff. I'm thinking the new music and Titantron were a test run for the live audience. I really liked it. Shad shaved his head really close, which I knew would happen considering it's getting a little thin in places. His promo here is really really solid. I mean great heel turn promo. He came off natural, and as he picked up steam the crowd started to let him have it. It was pretty great as, he seemed to just get mild interest. But as by the time he got to his money line, they were really against him. JTG ran out and slid in to the ring. Shad rolled out. JTG followed only to get leveled with the boot. More boos. Also, JTG didn't corn roll his hair it was just pulled back. I wonder if he's working on a new singles look as well.... Anyway, make sure you give this a look, because this new Shad, is something to look forward to.

Drew came out and got on the mic. After some boos he told the people he wasn't going to waste his breath on them. Drew is really starting to look like a star. The new music is really awesome live. And he's developing a really nice aura around him. Matt's reaction was pretty good.

The match was probably the best of the night. Matt was bringing the goods, and was venturing into old man Terry Funk territory. I mean he was all wobbly and did the blind wild punches into the air. It could be a great new direction for him. His comebacks were hot. He got in the second rope legdrop, which I don't see so often, and he did the elbow from the apron onto McIntyre outside. Once on the floor Drew pulled Hardy into the steel of the ring apron, similar to one of his Morrison matches. Then he hit his DDT on the floor. Nasty. He rolled in Hardy and pinned him for the three. Really solid match. I had a lot of fun.


Punk came out and the crowd was bonkers for him. big time CM Punk chants. It wasn't until he started really laying in that the boos came out. I wish Darren Young had a more solid character so fans would want him to stay the same. Punk has some great lines about hair in this. Of course Darren changes his mind and bows up on Punk, pushing him down. They gang up on him until REY MYSTERIO hits the ring. He cuts a promo accepting their match and the stipulations.

Teddy Long comes out and gives everyone in Chicago what they want to see, Rey vs. Punk in a street fight. Right Now.

This was kind of in the middle for me. Luke Gallows was cracking me up at rings die jumping like a big goofy kid at anything Punk did. This might play better for me on TV because there was some outside spots I didn't see so well. I don't get the finish though, as it is a street fight, and, Punk should be winning stuff where there's no rules. Especially if Luke and Serena are at ringside. But whatever. It was a fun match, and man is Rey popular in Chicago.


The Dudebusters came out and got a little promo time. Apparently Trent Baretta beat COD 4 in one day. And Caylen shot 12 3-pointers straight in Trent's driveway, blind folded. Could be cool if they go even further over the top, but I don't think either guy is funny enough to pull it off. The Hart Dynasty came out to a good reaction.

The crowd kind of decided this was snack time. The match was a pretty okay tag match that got better as it went. DH set up for their version of the Hart Attacked but Tyson got sidetracked. I thought that they were going to lose once that happened, but DH didn't let me down and beat the crap out of whoever was in the ring with him. His Sharp Shooter was pretty hot looking too. I want more Hart Dynasty.


Josh: Hey Dolph, how'd it feel to put the seven foot tall Great Khali to sleep?
Ziggler: Like this.
*Josh takes a nap, Dolph with the assist.

Meanwhile Edge gives Swagger a history lesson on his first MITB cash in. And then makes funs of his lisp. A-Holes.

This was okay in the first half and then picked up before the Double Count Out. Not as good as their Mania match, but it was a different story to be told. Jericho was hot as hell, and did some great taunts to set the people off. They brawled in the crowd for the count out, which is always fun. Edge hit the spear and then when Swagger came down, he nailed the spear on him too. Thanks for tuning in folks.



Edge cut an awesome promo for Chicago. He said that this arena was honestly one of the reasons he became a wrestler. He said that when he was young he watched an old VHS copy of the Wrestle Classic. And then he explained, for the young-uns that this show had all the greats, and he name checked, Junk Yard Dog, Ricky Steamboat, Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite Kid, Paul Orndorf and some one else. He said the atmosphere in that arena was amazing, and that every time he stepped foot in here, we never disappoint him. He said "Even these guys in the front row who hate my guts aren't disappointed. They may be disappointed when they look in the mirror, but that's another story." Huge pop for that. Anyway, he declared that next time he rolled into town, he'd be World Heavyweight Champion. Just a really cool promo that had that thing that is just so awesome about Edge, and that's his sense of wrestling history. I really wish this was on TV, because I think it would be a very cool face promo. It sounded so much better than some of his regular "Rah Rah Rah" speeches and was much more genuine.


Good time, with some good matches. NXT was disappointing. No pros? I thought these guys were paired up? Also no R-Truth, which was sad, since I made him a poster. No Undertaker which made my wife mad. And she made me promise to keep taking her back to shows until he showed up. Oh well. Definitely check out the Matt Hardy match, and Shad Gaspar's promo. Also D.H. Smith's Sharpshooter. Good stuff.