Tuesday, June 29, 2010


rdHAKU aka MENG aka B.A.M.F.

I totally dig Haku. For me, he was that guy that could at any moment beat the good guy. Even though he lost plenty, I kept expecting him to pull something off. 

I think he may have a much stronger body of work as a tag wrestler. His stuff with The Islanders with matches against The Hart Foundation and Strike Force were solid. His team with Andre in the Colossal Connection was anchored, in ring, by his ability(Andre was in the twilight of his career physically). Above both of those teams is the awesome pairing of Haku and The Barbarian aka The Faces of Fear. Two bad-ass bruisers who took nothin' off of no one. I love that team, and I'll probably dig up some cool matches that I enjoy of theirs for a later post. 

Haku really picked up in singles notoriety during his TONGAN DEATH GRIP OF DOOM run. It wasa 2nd wind for a guy who had been the Ultimate Warrior's first televised world title defense years ago, and had once been known as KING HAKU. By this time, he worked a great brawling style and got more reaction with his character and his massive hair. Of course WCW was pretty much heading into the crapper fast, so I'm sure the fans were looking for anything that was entertaining. And Meng certainly was that. With that run being some of the last of Haku's stuff we were exposed to, it's cool to go back and look at him work faster pace matches.

This first match is one of my favorites of his. It's against Davey Boy Smith who was just tremendous around this time in his career. While Davey keeps the pace up, Haku is right there with him. Check out Haku's nasty pile driver, and stick around for the battle of the headbutts near the end. Good times.

This second match was a few years later. As you can tell, Haku, now under his new moniker, Meng, has beefed up a little. Yet he's still really light on his feet. Him and Ice Train have a surprisingly cool match together. The finish is a little lame, but makes sense in terms of Ice Train's storyline with his former Fire & Ice tag-team partner Scott Norton. What I like about it is the crowd seems really apathetic at the start, but some how Meng and Train get them into it. Meng breaks out some nice head butts, and Ice Train brings the meaty clotheslines. Stick around for the awesome kick from Meng at the 6:30 mark of the video. It's great.

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