Friday, June 25, 2010


FMW 11/16/96

Every Friday I'm going to try and throw up a good match from Japan. Sometimes, hopefully every time, I'll have video.

This week, it's the Falcon Arrow vs. The Michinoku Driver. One of the first tapes I ever got from Japan was a "Best of..." compilation for Hayabusa. My cousin and I were into him based off the Tag match he had with Jinsey against RVD and Sabu.(Which is a good match, I think it's from a HeatWave PPV) Anyway, I loved Jinsei Shinzaki and my cousin loved Hayabusa, so we got this comp since it featured a lot of both. My favorite match of Haybusa's featured on said compliation would be this one against Taka Michinoku.

So check it out and I'll share some of my thoughts after the jump.

I just recently watched this match before pimping it to you all. I'm not certain on how it holds up to some of the junior stuff of today, but I still quite like it. The tease of the dives makes them mean more when they finally happen later on. What's cool is they tease them and then later Taka goes for one and totally crashes. Then later they both hit their signature dives, in what I thought was a pretty organic way. I mean it felt exciting when they were finally pulled off. Michinoku's no hands moonsault is still a sight to behold.

The finishing stretch was a good one, as it didn't overstay it's welcome with overkill. Hayabusa winning was a shocker for me, because I thought Taka was a much bigger deal, and Hayabusa was a bit of a loser in his own company. It's too bad his career was cut short as I think he would have aged really well.

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