Wednesday, July 21, 2010


With the Million Dollar Man?
This question was posed to, then rookie, Dustin Rhodes. Could this kid, who's father was one of the greatest stars of the 80's(or all time) actually be a man and make a career of his own? Ted DiBiase, our Man of the Month, sure as hell didn't think so. He didn't even think he could last 10 minutes with a man the caliber of The Million Dollar Man. And so the stage was set. Dustin, in order to succeed, had to win(not likely) or just hang on for 10 minutes to prove his worth.

This was one of the most riveting situations to me as a child. I truly didn't believe that Dustin could do it. I thought it was going to be over in 6 minutes maybe 7.

Ted Dibiase vs Dustin Rhodes-10 Minute Challenge

I still enjoy watching it. It's not a super classic, but it's more than the wrestling. It's a story about guts and wills and whether or not this kid is going to live in his father's shadow or not. At the time, Ted DiBiase was one of those wrestlers that was just too good for the young guys. Only guys like Savage, Warrior, and Hogan could  really beat him. It felt like such an uphill battle, and it was a lot of fun to watch Dustin go toe-to-toe. After this match, I bought Dustin Rhodes, the wrestler. He was legit to me and I honestly thought that one day he'd be wearing some gold. Turns out he'd wear it all over his skin.

Monday, July 19, 2010


So this one's a little more obscure I guess. When I go back and look over old footage there's a couple of guys in the middle of the pack that I get excited to see. One of those guys is Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer. Sawyer is one of those guys that is just so interesting to watch wrestle. He's short and thick and balding. He likes to go up for a big splash to finish off opponents. And he looks like he's legit crazy.

Mad Dog's could be way more varied than you'd think. I'm a big fan of biting and headbutts and this guys brings that. But as he can bring a lot more than that. He can go from doing a great splash off the top to catapulting himself over the top rope for a flying headbutt. In terms of character, Buzz looked liked he could only really exist in the world of wrestling. He was wild and uncontrollable and believable in everything he did. It was very much like watching Cactus Jack. But unlike Cactus, who put his own body on the line, Sawyer would get enjoyment out of punishing others. Sometimes he'd lose matches to jobbers just because he wouldn't pin them.

Buzz was also a great tag wrestler. He was the kind of guy that was just paired with somebody, whether it was Terry Taylor, Dragon Master, Muta, Sullivan, he was there. He worked great in that environment because when he tagged in he made it a point to get noticed. The guy always stood out in some way or another and would be a candidate for "Best Random Tag Partner Ever".

Our first match is a quickie with TED DIBIASE, our Man of the Month. This is in Ted's pre-WWF days and he plays a fiery babyface. Mad Dog tears him down with some great bear hug work that he actually plays for a pinfall. He's got a nifty little powerslam, but the jewel of the match is his fierce Belly to Belly Suplex. It's the kind that would make Scott and Rick Steiner proud.

Our second bout is a quick brawl with Chavo Guerrero Sr. The camera work kind of kills this, but there's some neat stuff. Like Buzz biting Chavo's bleeding face and spitting it in the air. And then trying to catch the spit in his mouth. And when the spit lands on the mat he crawls over to lick it up. I told you he's crazy.

And to top things off, a tag match with Kevin Sullivan. They beat the snot out of these guys. There's an awesome spot where Buzz latches on to a guy and people rush in to pull him off but they end up picking up both bodies. Also stick around for the promo afterwards where Kevin Sullivan gives us the origin story to the Mad Dog. Cactus is there too, standing around, looking pretty.

And yes, I am bummed that Buzz Sawyer ends my streak of Mid-Carder Action Figure photos.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

T.G.I PURORESU July 18th, 2010

I was trying to find something specific this week and failed. Oh well. My back-up plan is if the weekend is almost over and I haven't gotten TGIP up then I'll post...




I swear you'll enjoy it. Suzuki is one of my favoritest puro wrestlers(I like to cut my hair like his) and he's got a pretty good sense of humor. Or does he? You tell us MECHA MUMMY! Anyway, this one has probably been seen by all the puro-core fans but if you're new to the scene you should probably at least be able to tell some one you've seen this match. It's just as important as 6/3/94... No, really it is....sort of.

Monday, July 12, 2010



I didn't realize it before but some how during the early part of his WWF run, I realized Chavo was awesome. What I remembered before that was that crappy Pepe BS, but once he hooked up with Eddie to form Los Guerreros I realized that Chavo was more than holding his own in the matches. Sometime after that came some great Rey Mysterio matches. Now a days, Chavo is clearly a teaching wrestler. The kind of guy you put in the ring with your new guys and watch them learn from a master mid-carder.

Watching Chavo wrestle is usually fun, as long as it's not against Hornswoggle. He probably has a stronger technique than nearly any wrestler on the WWE roster. He just makes everything look good. Chavo is one of the ultimate mid-card acts in the history of wrestling - the perfect example of a man with superlative ability but not enough charisma to be a mega star. He helps make the mega-stars, and that's why he's still employed.

This first match is a nifty little match against Ultimo Dragon from Spring Stampede '99. This is during Chavo's days as a slave to his Uncle Eddie. If Chavo loses here, Eddie is going to make life a living hell for his nephew. Eddie is of course a heat magnet at ringside. The only difference between Chavo and Eddie is that one piece of the puzzle, that IT factor, that makes Eddie an all time great. Other than that Chavo is solid as hell. It's a good 13 minutes or so of action. Ultimo brings some big time goods but Chavo is really the work horse. He's moving the story along with him and Eddie while feeding Ultimo his spots. Schiavone has a cool line about how Chavo is a good wrestler and he'd be a better one if Eddie would just leave him alone. Watching this match you actually believe that. HEAD'S UP: At around the 10:30 mark Chavo does a SICK Dive that needs to be seen by everyone. It's just awesome.

Our second match is a nifty little 9 minute clash between Billy Kidman. Kidman is solid but Chavo is running this show. One moment that kind of stands out is how Chavo pull's Kidman into the guardrail about half way through. There's just something neat and creative about it. Chavito also brings in a nasty DDT that Billy some how rolls into. It's kind of like Randy's DDT through the ropes but this is off the top turnbuckle. Look for Chavo's awesome dive in this as well.

If you didn't see that ending coming then you've never seen Billy Kidman wrestle. Remember when people thought Hogan should have done more to put him over? Who the hell were those people?

Anyway, Chavo is awesome.

Saturday, July 10, 2010



FACT: I thought TAJIRI was one of the best pro-wrestlers in the world. I first latched on to him when he debuted in ECW. His little blue tights. His clean cut look. And his sick ass German Suplexes. I thought he was just going to be a short run foreing guy that Paul E. would bring in from time to time. Similar to your Antifaz Del Norte, who TAJIRI debuted against in ECW. Or your Super Calo who I swear had a quick shot in the Extreme for a second. Where the hell is Super Calo anyway?! Or Antifaz Del Norte for that matter. Antifaz was in the ECW magazine...which I had every issue of...ALL 6....but I obviously digress. TAJIRI stuck around and I got see him fight Taz for the ECW Heavyweight title at Heatwave. He was so obviously awesome to everyone that he had a great run in the WWE. (google up that Rey/TAJIRI singles match, he kicks that little guys head off on the apron. It's great but too short.)

Minoru Tanaka has moments of awesomeness. Early Minoru is a amazing. But you look at the last couple of years in his New Japan career and there's a lack of fire. Then he comes into All Japan and he's one of my favorite guys on the roster. His 40 minute match with Kaz Hayashi is LOVELY.

What I didn't know was that these two crossed paths in '98 under Big Japan's banner. The match is gooood. Minoru is a machine looking for armbars, and TAJIRI is f'ing TAJIRI. It's a short match, but packs a great story.  Pay attention to Minoru's Northern Lights Suplex into an armbar and how TAJIRI learns from that later on. Oh and TAJIRI has the glorious German Suplexes. They may not be the nastiest looking, no, these are a more classier bunch. The Buzzsaw's Technique is awesome and his bridge is intensely tight....oh, I could go on and on, watch the damn match.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



So today's Ted Dibiase(our Man or the Month) goodness  is something some of his WWF fans may not have seen before. 12 days after Wrestlemania VI, the WWF did a joint show with All Japan at the Tokyo Dome in which some WWF wrestlers took on some All Japan guys. Besides featuring Hulk Hogan vs. Stan Hansen in the Main Event and Genichiro Tenryu vs. Randy Savage in a pretty fun match, The Wrestling Summit also featured the new WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior take on "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase.

It's no mat classic by any means, but Dibiase does a good job at dictating the pace and making Warrior look like a beast.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



So when I was younger, I thought Tatanka was the next big star of the WWF. He rarely ever lost, in fact, his winning steak lasted for 2 years before losing to Ludvig Borga. Which was a total waste by the way. So was the heel turn. I just didn't care about Tatanka the same way after that. If you go back and watch that first face run, Tatanka is a total ball of fire, and while he wasn't the flashiest guy on the roster, he made up for it in his intensity.

Years later, when WWE brought in Tatanka for shits and giggles, I was pretty sad to see a guy who used to looks so damn tough look as out of shape as he did. But he totally went balls to the wall and got himself another shot. Not only did he get another shot, he got himself into better shape, and quite frankly was out working a lot of the guys on the Smackdown roster at the time. His next heel turn was actually a lot cooler to me than his first one. It felt warranted based on how he was booked prior to the turn, and it looked cool as hell. I kind of wish they gave him some wins to look stronger, but it was pretty obvious that Tatanka was being used as a pseudo-name guy for the new guys to get wins over. I don't fault the WWE for using him like that, because those younger guys had more to offer in the long run than he did (you'll see one of them in the two matches below). But my nostalgic love for the Lakota Warrior makes me wish they had made him look just a little better.

As for some matches, first we have Tatanka making his return to action against the man who ended his winning streak Ludivg Borga. Tatanka is pretty hot here, and I really wish the match had a clean finish. I realize why they did what they did, but the inclusion of a DQ finish and the eventual save by the much more popular Lex Luger kind of watered down Tatanka's return.

Then we skip ahead several years and look at Tatanka in his last WWE run. This is The Miz's "first televised wrestling match." It's a really solid match, and Tatanka, despite being much older, does a lot of moving. His chops are nasty, and Miz is good at being the most annoying man in the world. I HATED the Miz during these early days and watching this match, it's easy to see why.

Friday, July 2, 2010



That's right, it's time for another TGIP and this time it's on the weekend where everyone in the world is celebrating the birth of America. All across the earth, from Bora Bora to Bangladesh, people are raising their glasses and saluting the greatest super power in the world.

When it comes to the puroresu there's no better way to celebrate the red, white and blue, than with the two most American loving wrestlers I can think of: The Mother F'N Florida Brothers. On a July 4th not long ago, The Florida Brothers issued an open challenge to ANYONE. Because that's how America rolls. With the gauntlet thrown Kensuke Sasaki and his wife Akira Hokuto, two of the baddest people on the planet for their respective gender class, answer the call. Thankfully Stalker Ichikawa comes down to wear them down for the heroic Patriots from the Pan-Handle. Think of Ichikawa as Britain to the Florida Brothers USA.

Watch Florida Bros. Vs Kensuke Sasaki/Akira Hokuto 7-4-04 in Sports  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Of course with the odds stacked against them, the Florida Brothers did what Americans do best.


So happy America Weekend from Devil May Care Wrestling to you.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Starting today I'm going to arbitrarily post thoughts, matches, promos of one particular wrestler all month. I'll still be doing my Mid-Car Mondays and T.G.I. Puroresu(look for a new one of those tomorrow) this will just be going along with all that. CONTENT!

So let me introduce you to DMC: Wrestling's First Ever Man of the Month....actually, why don't I let him introduce himself:
That music in the beginning was out of control.