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I didn't realize it before but some how during the early part of his WWF run, I realized Chavo was awesome. What I remembered before that was that crappy Pepe BS, but once he hooked up with Eddie to form Los Guerreros I realized that Chavo was more than holding his own in the matches. Sometime after that came some great Rey Mysterio matches. Now a days, Chavo is clearly a teaching wrestler. The kind of guy you put in the ring with your new guys and watch them learn from a master mid-carder.

Watching Chavo wrestle is usually fun, as long as it's not against Hornswoggle. He probably has a stronger technique than nearly any wrestler on the WWE roster. He just makes everything look good. Chavo is one of the ultimate mid-card acts in the history of wrestling - the perfect example of a man with superlative ability but not enough charisma to be a mega star. He helps make the mega-stars, and that's why he's still employed.

This first match is a nifty little match against Ultimo Dragon from Spring Stampede '99. This is during Chavo's days as a slave to his Uncle Eddie. If Chavo loses here, Eddie is going to make life a living hell for his nephew. Eddie is of course a heat magnet at ringside. The only difference between Chavo and Eddie is that one piece of the puzzle, that IT factor, that makes Eddie an all time great. Other than that Chavo is solid as hell. It's a good 13 minutes or so of action. Ultimo brings some big time goods but Chavo is really the work horse. He's moving the story along with him and Eddie while feeding Ultimo his spots. Schiavone has a cool line about how Chavo is a good wrestler and he'd be a better one if Eddie would just leave him alone. Watching this match you actually believe that. HEAD'S UP: At around the 10:30 mark Chavo does a SICK Dive that needs to be seen by everyone. It's just awesome.

Our second match is a nifty little 9 minute clash between Billy Kidman. Kidman is solid but Chavo is running this show. One moment that kind of stands out is how Chavo pull's Kidman into the guardrail about half way through. There's just something neat and creative about it. Chavito also brings in a nasty DDT that Billy some how rolls into. It's kind of like Randy's DDT through the ropes but this is off the top turnbuckle. Look for Chavo's awesome dive in this as well.

If you didn't see that ending coming then you've never seen Billy Kidman wrestle. Remember when people thought Hogan should have done more to put him over? Who the hell were those people?

Anyway, Chavo is awesome.

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