Monday, July 19, 2010


So this one's a little more obscure I guess. When I go back and look over old footage there's a couple of guys in the middle of the pack that I get excited to see. One of those guys is Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer. Sawyer is one of those guys that is just so interesting to watch wrestle. He's short and thick and balding. He likes to go up for a big splash to finish off opponents. And he looks like he's legit crazy.

Mad Dog's could be way more varied than you'd think. I'm a big fan of biting and headbutts and this guys brings that. But as he can bring a lot more than that. He can go from doing a great splash off the top to catapulting himself over the top rope for a flying headbutt. In terms of character, Buzz looked liked he could only really exist in the world of wrestling. He was wild and uncontrollable and believable in everything he did. It was very much like watching Cactus Jack. But unlike Cactus, who put his own body on the line, Sawyer would get enjoyment out of punishing others. Sometimes he'd lose matches to jobbers just because he wouldn't pin them.

Buzz was also a great tag wrestler. He was the kind of guy that was just paired with somebody, whether it was Terry Taylor, Dragon Master, Muta, Sullivan, he was there. He worked great in that environment because when he tagged in he made it a point to get noticed. The guy always stood out in some way or another and would be a candidate for "Best Random Tag Partner Ever".

Our first match is a quickie with TED DIBIASE, our Man of the Month. This is in Ted's pre-WWF days and he plays a fiery babyface. Mad Dog tears him down with some great bear hug work that he actually plays for a pinfall. He's got a nifty little powerslam, but the jewel of the match is his fierce Belly to Belly Suplex. It's the kind that would make Scott and Rick Steiner proud.

Our second bout is a quick brawl with Chavo Guerrero Sr. The camera work kind of kills this, but there's some neat stuff. Like Buzz biting Chavo's bleeding face and spitting it in the air. And then trying to catch the spit in his mouth. And when the spit lands on the mat he crawls over to lick it up. I told you he's crazy.

And to top things off, a tag match with Kevin Sullivan. They beat the snot out of these guys. There's an awesome spot where Buzz latches on to a guy and people rush in to pull him off but they end up picking up both bodies. Also stick around for the promo afterwards where Kevin Sullivan gives us the origin story to the Mad Dog. Cactus is there too, standing around, looking pretty.

And yes, I am bummed that Buzz Sawyer ends my streak of Mid-Carder Action Figure photos.

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