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So when I was younger, I thought Tatanka was the next big star of the WWF. He rarely ever lost, in fact, his winning steak lasted for 2 years before losing to Ludvig Borga. Which was a total waste by the way. So was the heel turn. I just didn't care about Tatanka the same way after that. If you go back and watch that first face run, Tatanka is a total ball of fire, and while he wasn't the flashiest guy on the roster, he made up for it in his intensity.

Years later, when WWE brought in Tatanka for shits and giggles, I was pretty sad to see a guy who used to looks so damn tough look as out of shape as he did. But he totally went balls to the wall and got himself another shot. Not only did he get another shot, he got himself into better shape, and quite frankly was out working a lot of the guys on the Smackdown roster at the time. His next heel turn was actually a lot cooler to me than his first one. It felt warranted based on how he was booked prior to the turn, and it looked cool as hell. I kind of wish they gave him some wins to look stronger, but it was pretty obvious that Tatanka was being used as a pseudo-name guy for the new guys to get wins over. I don't fault the WWE for using him like that, because those younger guys had more to offer in the long run than he did (you'll see one of them in the two matches below). But my nostalgic love for the Lakota Warrior makes me wish they had made him look just a little better.

As for some matches, first we have Tatanka making his return to action against the man who ended his winning streak Ludivg Borga. Tatanka is pretty hot here, and I really wish the match had a clean finish. I realize why they did what they did, but the inclusion of a DQ finish and the eventual save by the much more popular Lex Luger kind of watered down Tatanka's return.

Then we skip ahead several years and look at Tatanka in his last WWE run. This is The Miz's "first televised wrestling match." It's a really solid match, and Tatanka, despite being much older, does a lot of moving. His chops are nasty, and Miz is good at being the most annoying man in the world. I HATED the Miz during these early days and watching this match, it's easy to see why.

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