Saturday, July 10, 2010



FACT: I thought TAJIRI was one of the best pro-wrestlers in the world. I first latched on to him when he debuted in ECW. His little blue tights. His clean cut look. And his sick ass German Suplexes. I thought he was just going to be a short run foreing guy that Paul E. would bring in from time to time. Similar to your Antifaz Del Norte, who TAJIRI debuted against in ECW. Or your Super Calo who I swear had a quick shot in the Extreme for a second. Where the hell is Super Calo anyway?! Or Antifaz Del Norte for that matter. Antifaz was in the ECW magazine...which I had every issue of...ALL 6....but I obviously digress. TAJIRI stuck around and I got see him fight Taz for the ECW Heavyweight title at Heatwave. He was so obviously awesome to everyone that he had a great run in the WWE. (google up that Rey/TAJIRI singles match, he kicks that little guys head off on the apron. It's great but too short.)

Minoru Tanaka has moments of awesomeness. Early Minoru is a amazing. But you look at the last couple of years in his New Japan career and there's a lack of fire. Then he comes into All Japan and he's one of my favorite guys on the roster. His 40 minute match with Kaz Hayashi is LOVELY.

What I didn't know was that these two crossed paths in '98 under Big Japan's banner. The match is gooood. Minoru is a machine looking for armbars, and TAJIRI is f'ing TAJIRI. It's a short match, but packs a great story.  Pay attention to Minoru's Northern Lights Suplex into an armbar and how TAJIRI learns from that later on. Oh and TAJIRI has the glorious German Suplexes. They may not be the nastiest looking, no, these are a more classier bunch. The Buzzsaw's Technique is awesome and his bridge is intensely tight....oh, I could go on and on, watch the damn match.

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