Monday, August 9, 2010

I know, I know

Compared to all the other months before it, May was a kick ass month for me. Hitting up the blog. I enjoyed the stuff I wrote about and hopefully I turned folks on to something they hadn't seen before or something they didn't know they wanted to watch again.

But August has gone down the suck hole, and I plan to rectify it soon. I will say that I've been attending to some important business in the way of teaching my son how to crap in the potty. So it doesn't leave me time to write a review or surf around for some cool crap to talk about.

However I can say there are some cool things on the horizon for sure. One of which is my trip to Chicago Comic Con where I hope to meet The Iron Sheik and some other legends and pseudo-legends.... So you'll get that stuff  right here in a couple of weeks. My dream is to get Sheiky to take a picture with my 1984 LJN figures. Specifically him holding his likeness over my Hulk Hogan figure while I'm making a three count.

I'm also tinkering with some new ideas and seeing which ideas from May that I want to keep. One thing I'd like to do is talk to some wrestling promoters both local and abroad, and maybe throw down some interviews about their promotions. So if you're in a company and interested and telling your story, whether you're a promoter or wrestler, contact me.

Also next month I'll be hitting up DGUSA to see Danielson vs. Yamato and have my mind blown. So there's that. Oh yeah, there's that.

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