Friday, August 13, 2010

Lance Cade: Gone at 29

This is severely ridiculous. Not living to see your thirties is a tragedy regardless of your profession. But you look at these guys, and you see really fit human beings, and it just boggles the mind that they die so young. Of course we'll learn more about what contributed to his death as time passes, but unless you're new to wrestling, you've probably got a good idea what happened here. I'd love to be wrong, but the track record for cause of death among wrestlers speaks for itself.

In the ring, I thought Lance Cade was solid. Maybe not a main event guy but I definetly wouldn't mind having him on my roster. I started thinking that this guy has been wrestling for years and most of what I remember of him was during that Cade and Murdoch run. So I started thinking about stuff I haven't seen and thought it would be cool to look for some random Lance Cade stuff that maybe you guys haven't seen either.

First thing I found was this: 1999. Lance Cade and his partner Bryan Danielson in FMW. It's not shabby for two really young guys working in Japan. Keep in mind, Cade is either 18 or 19 years old in this match. What were you doing at 19?

It's split in three parts. And I'll go and ahead and tell you that Lance pulls off an Undertaker Dive over the Top in Part 2. 


I'll try to see if I can find some other stuff and post them as I find them.

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