Thursday, August 19, 2010


Firstly, if you haven't yet, read this article from The Sun, so you know what Nowinski is responding to. 

I think lots of folks will point out how he thinks her statement of "maybe meeting Lance once." is complete garbage. But I'm more interested in the story he tells of Lance Cade speaking to him about wishing he had a gimmick where he could talk and not have to be roided up. I can't recall ever hearing a story where a wrestler says something that to another. 

The second thing was a little blip but I think it's important. Chris points out that the media doesn't follow them so they don't have to really change. I think this is very true to a certain point. Media doesn't care much about wrestling until some one dies, and I think it really skews the perception of wrestling. I also think it keeps real change from occurring. Media outlets that just jump on the bandwagon for 15 minutes to say, "Hey another wrestler died." aren't following the product or the business. Instead of trying to piece together the pieces as to how these tragedies happen, they just call up Linda or Vince and say, "What's wrong with you guys?" And the McMahons answer any way they want, because the reporters don't know enough about wrestling to effectively counterpoint them. It's frustrating.

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