Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Wife and I walk over to the Congress Theatre ready to rock and roll. About a half a block away I realized we were walking next to Jimmy Jacobs. Crazy. He looked like he was getting pumped up for the show so I didn't feel like bothering him. I really felt like giving him a hug after his "Revealed" YouTube Videos.

Once we get inside the line has already started for Bryan Danielson. We got some THUNDERSTIX and a couple of posters and I got a FREE TICKET to see  LA PARKA the next day at the Congress. I'll be sure to tell you about that when that today, I guess. WRESTLING!

Let's get to the Bonus Card

I swear I wanted to remember these guy's names. One dude was called El Gringo, I think. But these three fellas were selected from the tryout/seminar that was held earlier that day. Da Soul Touchaz are an awesome group that I've seen before, here in Chicago. I was a little disappointed because C-RED was on the other side of the ring from me, and he's a pretty funny dude. I probably missed out on something. the match was okay. 

The crowd was really into the Da Touchaz, and Willie "Da Bomb" was killer as usual. I love this guy. He murders one guy with a sit out power bomb that looked pretty insane. And his Pounce at the end sent the guy flying into the ropes. It just looked scary as hell. Really good showing for them and I hope they become a part of the company moving forward. The Jabronies were nothing too special and nothing really stood out about them. Other than they got their SOUL TOUCHED!.... what ever that means.

Silas Young is the AAW Champion. Samuray works here in the midwest, but I've only seen him in a couple of videos online. He looked somewhat impressive, so I think he's fit in really nice with these guys. It's a pretty solid match that had some spots I hadn't seen before. I don't think there were many folks familiar with Samuray but he did get in some really awesome spots and I think he walked out with more fans than he had before. SILAS YOUNG has an awesome finish that I don't think I'd seen him do before. You know that Lucha thing where a guy stands on his head on the top turn buckle? He does that and then pulls his body in really fast and twists so that he ends up bouncing his ass off the top rope and doing a moonsault. It's like Rey's version of the split-legged moonsault that isn't "split-legged". Because he's trying to pull in really fast so he can hit it, Silas has a ton of momentum going backwards and it looks pretty cool. Really fun and quick three way that everyone looked strong in.

Not really a fan of Kyle O'Relly but I love me some Arik Cannon. I might wonder if his forte is mult-man matches though. There was good story going on here. Some wrestling holds being applied early on. There was one cool moment where some fans were asking Arik Cannon to chop Kyle, so he did. Really lit him up a couple of times. Later when Kyle is coming back he says, "So you guys want chops, huh?" And goes to chop Arik but Arik counters and delivers some chops again. Funny stuff. Arik's twisty brain buster finish looked the sickest I've ever seen it. Just a nasty freaking move that feels like he broke somebody's neck. I was really happy to see him get the win.

I went back out and checked out the 5 dollar bins. Found some All Japan Classics, and some 80's New Japan that I don't need since I've got THE BEST of that Era for that company. There was some North Eastern Wrestling tapes that I wanted to get because I didn't know the company but I think Great Sasuke was involved. My wife keeps asking about seeing BxB Hulk. Did I mention she LOVES BxB Hulk. Well she does. I end up buying the previous two Chicago Shows on DVD, with the plan being that I'm going to have Shingo sign it later.

Once we make our way back to the seats, I notice that Section C, which is opposite the entrance ramp is a ridiculous section. Just some really odd folks showing up and their third row has added like 7 extra seats. Also in the 1 st Row there were two open seats that some guys just walked up from the general admission sections and sat in. I'm telling you this because things happen later.

I'm not sure what happened to Jigsaw as he and Quack were originally scheduled to face Speed Muscle, and Hulk and Tozawa were supposed to have a non-title fight. But instead this went down. It's still a non-title fight. BxB comes out and the girl with him is acting really shitty. She rolls her eyes at his whole routine and isn't even clapping to the beat. My wife is PISSED. She had said before the show started that they needed to get dancers that actually gave a shit and she got the most not shit giving person possible. Turns out it was all apart of an evil plot, because when Hulk finishes she hits him in the nuts. Apparently she's with Moxley, and he comes out and takes her to the back while Tozawa capitalizes. Quack of course rushes in as the third opponent to even things up.

Tozawa is AWESOME in this. I had to boo him because he was a big cheater and BxB Hulk is the mother f'n man, but holy crap was Tozawa funny. Straight up told the ref to "Shut the fuck up" and would count with him when the ref would administer a 5 count. Just hilarious stuff. He definitely had the crowd eating it up. It's a really fun 3-Way and Quack was having lots of fun, but it wasn't a stand-out performance for him. Which isn't saying he was bad or anything, Quack is so consistent it's insane, he just didn't stand out the way Tozawa did. BxB Hulk straight up murders Tozawa with some kicks to the skull just nasty looking stuff before winning. He takes the mic and tells Kamikaze USA he's going to take them out. 

So the my boys came back out and I got kind of excited, thinking they were gonna call some body out or whatever, AND THEY DID. They challenged anybody from DGUSA to come get some. Out comes BRODIE LEE, who takes them all on at the same time. And beats them. FACT: I was pissed. I came in so excited to see Da Soul Touchaz, and they were awesome. And then Brodie Lee kills them. Fuck that guy. I'll boo his ass any day of the week now. He gets on the mic and says he isn't done, he's coming for a Japanese Man next. My wife pats me on the shoulder and says, "He's coming for you, kick his ass, Jae!" I say, "He beat up Da Soul Touchaz, what the hell am I gonna do?" 

SO this match was great. But I had a serious fucking problem. Remember that Section C that I told you about. There was some Drunk Teenagers yelling the most racist fucking shit. They were doing the "Love you long time!" stuff, telling Shingo they were sorry he had a small dick. It was fucking awful, and I hadn't heard shit like that since I was a kid growing up. I cannot tell you fucking irate I was during this match. These guys weren't heckling because they didn't like Shingo or anything, they were just being assholes and making fun of them because they were Japanese. When I was a kid, I got teased for looking different. I was the only Japanese kid in my school. People would pull at their eyes and do the "Me Chinese" rhyme, and I tell ya, hearing teenagers do this shit 20 years later gets under my goddamn skin. I know you guys and gals that are reading this came here for a wrestling report, but I have to tell you about this shit. It isn't right, and the fact that I'm sitting here and this other Japanese kid is sitting a row in front of them, while they're doing their best Charlie Chan and yelling "wonton soup" or "Shweet and showah sauce" is ridiculous. Of course, I looked around to see if anyone else gave a shit, but no. No one did. They make this hollow announcement about being a family friendly show and how folks should be respectful, and there's no one there to  enforce it. Which I'll get to later.

This match was awesome, and I can't wait to watch it again on my TV to see what I missed while I was pissed off. I didn't think it was going to be so hot going in even though I like both guys. But I just don't feel like their styles have ever meshed very well in the past. But they really made it work. You've probably seen a match similar to this if you keep  up with DG's show Infinity, as it felt very familiar to me. But it's hella fun to see live. Especially if you're in a section where people aren't being racist assholes. Shingo nails a lariat that looked like it caught Kid right in the face and Kid was his usual consistent self. The crowd had some very pro-Shingo fans, so this was probably a great bout as, he got to do a lot of power spots with the smaller Dragon Kid. It took a couple of finishers, but eventually Kid stayed down. 

Also sometime during this match those guys I mentioned earlier that took those front row seats left. The reason they were empty was because -

Chicago Street Fight

Jon Moxley comes out, rampaging around the ring, grabs those two chairs that were empty and tosses them into the ring. Those were his, I guess. But either way, I guess those guys aren't getting their seats back. So yay. 

Jimmy Jacobs comes out and he's wearing the Age of the Fall Gear. He's got the bloody Jacket and a huge chain. He had said in his videos that he was going to do something he never thought he'd do again and it looks like this is it. He starts talking about how here in Chicago he hung a man upside down and drank his blood, and the crowd is getting into it. Then he takes off the bloody jacket and throws it at the ring. 

"But that was all in the past. You see, before that. Before the Revolution. Before I fell in love... there was a time when you could say, people would say...I was a little... berserk." 

He then rips off his pants to reveal the fuzzy boots and the HUSS tights. And Shit is ON! They take this through the crowd and fight quite a bit right next to me. Jimmy Jacobs just takes it to Moxley all through the crowd and one guy holds up a chair and Jimmy runs  his head into. They make their way to the ring where Jimmy is still in control. The crowd is loving the Huss stuff. Moxley finally gets the upper hand and starts beating Jimmy down. Eventually he picks up the big chain and rears back to charge Jimmy with it. But then Jimmy reaches into his boots and pulls out two SPIKES. Moxley Charges anyway, misses and gets spiked in the forehead. BLOOD.

This was a really fun match and one of my favorite Jimmy Jacobs matches in recent memory. I really had a lot of fun watching this. Both guys get really brutal with each other, and I highly recommend checking this one out when it finally airs. Jimmy wraps the chain around Mox's throat and applies the choke on him. Yamato comes out and breaks it up to save his Kamikaze USA brother. Then Brodie Lee comes out and apparently the Japanese man he's come for is Yamato. They fight to the back. Moxley still gets the upper hand, and takes Jimmy's jacket and puts it over his head. He then wraps the chain around his neck so that it stays, and proceeds to beat the crap out of with a chair, until Jacobs stays down for a three count.

I was disappointed with the outcome but I can't think of really anything bad to say about it. Jimmy Jacobs was just really awesome in this, and looked really inspired. GREAT MATCH.

BxB Hulk and Shingo were both outside during intermission and I finally got my BxB Hulk 8x10 signed. I only need Dragon Kid left out of the seven I've collected. They had more 8X10's but the one's I didn't have weren't at the show so I held off until hopefully the next show. I also saw Shingo and got him to sign my DVD. YAY.

I tried to find some one that looked like they worked for the show, to talk to them about these assholes in section C, but everyone was dressed the same so who knows. I walked over to a guy at the Dragon Gate table and talked to him about it. I asked "Is there anyone I can talk to about doing something about them?"

He responds: "...well... I don't see what we should do about it know...."

Awesome. So now I'm going into the second half of this show pretty much ready to stab somebody. 

As we sit down these assholes take their seats and move it CLOSER to ME. I can feel my whole body tense up and my wife is doing that thing that women do when they know their guy is about to lose their shit. You know, that silent grab of the arm. But then this fifth member to their party shows up. And he's apparently the Dragon Gate fan. Through out the rest of the card there's no more racist shit, and I think I have this guy to thank. The trade off being that he smelled of beer piss, so I had to sit next to that, but I'll take it over people ruining YAMATO vs. Danielson with racist shit. But fuck did I want to bash their faces in.

Pretty fun match indeed. The story going in is Johnny Gargano and Drake Younger hate each other. I like Gargano and I really don't like Drake Younger. These are where my allegiances lie. Drake gets taken out big time early on. Johnny has this move he he carries a guy like he's going to do the snake eyes and then tosses you into the second turn buckle. It's a sick move. But he takes it up a notch here and does into the guardrail. I'm telling you right now, I was sitting right there, I saw the impact with my own eyes, Younger took that rail with the side of his head and it was DISGUSTING. So he was was out for most of the match. It was just hellacious, and I hope it got caught on tape. 

Gargano and Chuck decide to be bros and beat up on Rich Swann who is a pretty slick dude. There's two moments where Chuck and Gargano almost turn against each other but to decide to "Hug it Out". Rich makes a big come back and starts getting psyched for something big. I think it's Gargano is lying down, and Rich starts hopping and attempts a STANDING 450 SPLASH. Sadly he doesn't make it and it becomes a 360 Foot Stomp, but holy crap was he close, and thankfully it came off really cool. But yeah, I wanna be there when pulls that shit off. Drake Younger makes his return and hits his spots, and he's bloodied up. I really don't care for this guy, regardless of the ridiculous bumps he takes.

The finish is fun because Gargano goes for the kill and Chuck tosses him off the top rope and hits the Awful Waffle for the win on Rich Swann, I think. Really fun match and I highly suggest checking out Rich Swann.

Even before seeing the last two matches, I'm pretty positive this is already a better show than the last Chicago show.

Originally this was supposed to CIMA vs. Ricochet as a tryout match for being a member of Warriors International. I'm really glad this match happened instead because it was really really AWESOME. The first half was like your typical Dragon Gate tag. Speed Muscle was really laying it in on CIMA and Ricochet. But this eventually became Ricochet's coming out party. This guy is sick. He does a Sasuke Special that ends with this crazy no hands corckscrew over the top rope that you can't even imagine until you see it. Just outrageous. Him and CIMA's Corner was on my side of the ring, and there was one really cool moment with us and Ricochet. Twice in the match Yoshino called for  a top rope move and both times CIMA blocked it. On the second time a dude in the front row went "Dam you CIMA!" Ricochet, who's laying on the apron beat up, says wearily, "hey....that's my partner." I love shit like that. 

I seriously thought going into this that Ricochet was the obvious fall guy but his team not only wins but he makes the pin. And holy shit was it crazy. He went up top, and pulled a move I didn't even know was possible. A DOUBLE MOONSAULT. It was INSANE. It was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. WATCH THIS MATCH. 

CIMA is incredulous. Doing the finger spin thing and asking Doi and Yoshino "How many times?"

Then CIMA grabs the mic, and I'm pretty sure this could be one of the greatest promos ever. Last time CIMA had the mic he was reading his English from a paper, but he was way more fluent and confident now. First thing he says, " a move!.....Holy SHIT." And so the crowd goes into a Holy Shit chant. CIMA then gives him a ton of praise and is cracking me up. Then Johnny Gargamo comes out to boos, as no one wants him to mess this moment up. 

Gargano tells CIMA that he's had a lot of growing up to do and he's got a long way to go. But tonight he's going to give credit where credit is due and tells Ricochet that he deserves it. Crowd cheers. He lifts Ricochet's hand and everyone is so excited. By the way, I'm reviewing EVOLVE 3 where Gargano fights Ricochet, and I suggest checking it out.

CIMA grabs the mic from Gargano and says, "Johnny Gargano you go backstage now, okay?" And Gargano leaves. I swear I almost doubled over laughing, and I'm now saying this line all the time. CIMA extends a membership to Ricochet and asks him to lead the crowd in an "Uuuuu" chant. Ricochet has now idea what to say right now and just leaves it at "Uuuuu"

You're going to hear about this match a lot, and you're going to hear about Ricochet being "the real deal." Check it out. The guys is just plain out of this world, and I'm really happy for him. Just a great guy and an awesome match.


Bryan came out to his new WWE music, much to many of the fans disappointment. You know what they wanted. 

This match was rad as hell. I had heard that some folks were worried Danielson was going to "play it safe" but I assure you this isn't the case. I'm not going to go into too much detail as I think there was just so many cool things about it. But there was some great build ups. For example, Bryan would do some cheating and Bryce would count to 5. Everyone in the crowd would say, "The Line" and Bryan wouldn't say anything. He'd just give Bryce a look. Then really late into the match, Bryan busts out Cattle Mutilation and everyone gets excited. YAMATO makes the rope and Bryce gives the count. Bryan lets go. He's out of breath, beat up, and says" Heeeeeey. I've got till 5." It was the coolest delivery and just a hilarious moment that got the crowd chanting "That was Awesome." Which, I know sounds silly, but it really fucking was. 

There's also a really cool moment where Danielson is going to dive on Yamato but Yamato climbs under the ring and sneaks up behind him. This happens again later, except Danielson is wise to the act and follows Yamato to the other side. When Yamato tries to sneak in, Daneislon drop kicks him off the apron. Yamato flings himself over the railing into the crowd and lifts his hands up basically saying "HA HA No dive for you, come and get me, bitch." But Danielson springs onto the top rope and dives into the crowd after him. AMAZING. 

Just a really fun match, and I feel really lucky to see it live. Danielson went nuts with the elbows and slapped on the Lebell Lock for the tap out. Moxley came out for the sneak attack but BxB Hulk came out for the save. Afterwards Danielson made a great speech to the crowd.

"I'm not big. I'll never be big. I'm not a superstar. And I'll never be a superstar. I'm a wrestler. And I'm proud to be a wrestler.
But sometimes wrestling isn't enough. Sometimes you have to fight. And Johnny Moxley, at Milwaukee I'm not going to wrestle you. I'm not going to slap on a wrist lock or an arm bar. I'm GOING TO FIGHT YOU. So. If ANY of you PEOPLE want to see JOHNNY MOXLEY GET HIS FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN, YOU WILL BE IN MILWAUKEE TOMORROW NIGHT!"

Just so much passion it sent chills up my spine. He also made a funny joke about how if everyone would come to the WWE shows and hum "Final Countdown" maybe he could get the music and he'd actually be over. There's a reason why Bryan Danielson is called the best in the world and it isn't just because he can wrestle. It's because he's a real guy with real passion, and I look forward to the day I can cheer him on to his first World Title.

I had one last 8x10 that I needed signed and it was of Dragon Kid. Guess who was already waiting for me when we hit the lobby? I ran over and got his autograph to finally get it and  he reached out and shook my hand. It was totally a better reward than when I finally saved Princess Peach from Bowser.

I'm still pissed about the way the event staff handle the crowd. The staff aren't obviously the staff as the ushers are dressed the same as you or me. And of course if you talk to some one about, it's met with apathy. I can feel my fingers telling me to type a big angry email to DGUSA about it, but I'm trying to let me head cool.

Regardless of those assholes, I truly  believe this was a better show from top to bottom than the other two Chicago Shows DGUSA has had. The first one might be better but I'd have to watch it again. I think the big difference is the American indy guys really came through and held their own. There's more characters to cheer for and boo outside of the main attraction Japanese guys. Their American counterparts are really stepping up and don't look so out of place in the ring with them.
Didn't get any word on the next time they'd be coming back, which makes me sad, but I really can't wait. If DGUSA comes to your neck of the woods - GO.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Alberto Del Rio can beat the X-Men Arcade Game and controls all six characters by himself.

Monday, September 13, 2010

T.G.I PURORESU 09/13/2010

So I'm blowing through a whole bunch of stuff because I've gotten the puro bug again. One thing that I've found is that Hiroshi Yamato is freaking awesome. I'm not deep in the All Japan Year, but I figured I'd share with you the first two of what I hope are many awesome performances from the once F4 Fall Guy.

First up is the Jr. Heavyweight Battle Royal. All Japan runs two shows on the 2nd and 3rd of January, and at the end of each night they do a weight division battle royal. The winner gets DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL. It's usually good for some giggles, and this one really isn't any different then what they've held in the past. There's some funny stuff from NOSAWA Rongai and Fuchi. But what makes this really awesome is Hiroshi Yamato bringing out the badassery and some hellacious spears

Awesome right?

This of course set up Yamato's title shot against Kaz Hayashi, the Jr. Heavyweight Champion, who Yamato pinned to win the Rumble. And guess what? I got that linked up for you too. Watch for that big spear and tell me it doesn't sound like Kaz almost threw up a little.

I seriously don't believe there's a better spear in wrestling. And what I really love about this match is that it doesn't go overboard with the moves. As a matter of fact, Kaz makes a Body Slam a big deal. One on the apron, one on the floor, and one from the top rope. There's something really cool about that with the current Junior climate being who can be the most creative. Kaz went simple and effective and took care of business. I'm loving Yamato. I'll have to make a Top 5 List of Puro stars I can't skip this year. Yamato would be on it.

Friday, September 10, 2010


There's plenty of fun sprinty stuff here. Super Smash Bros. are one of my favorite teams as Uno is a ball of fun and Player Dos is amazingly athletic and fun to watch.  Dos stretching the ropes for Uno's crazy dive was pretty fun and also made the dive a lot cooler. They stole the match before getting eliminated first and you could tell the crowd kind of deflated because of it. Olsen was also bringing some understated good with his punch to Dos's head and his shot on Chuck Taylor. I can't really get into 3.0. I think they're likable enough but not anybody that I'd support. I think their 80's 90's hipster referencing isn't all that funny but I've been kind of annoyed with that humor for awhile. It's like, for example, when some one is drops a Goonies reference or something like that. The person saying it isn't funny, it's the memories that are suddenly conjured up that are funny. Yet they misinterpret this as they themselves being humorous. So then people just start digging up references all day. "HEY HEY HEY, ZUBAZ PANTS HERE. I'm wearin' zubaz. Remember zubaz?! Wasn't it wacky?! I'm HILARIOUS!" A good reference joke can be funny here and there, but building an act around it can be tiresome. I think the less schticky stuff 3.0 does the better off they'd be. Especially with Scott Parker being a pretty good rassler.

Anyway.. Team FIST was pretty unspectacular but it felt like they were just making room for all the flippy people in the match. Gran Akuma did some leg holds that would be finishing submissions in any other company, but for him it's just a wear down hold. I hate it when people just toss in a Sharpshooter for kicks. It drives me nuts. I'd rather see him actually work the leg with a grapevine than just sit in a Sharpshooter. Equinox and Helios are both strong, and pick up a nice win in the match. I think the three teams that were left did a great job of getting the crowd very excited very quickly once Uno and Dos were eliminated. Some fun spots and nice warm up for the rest of the night.

Man I really like Lince playing up a heel persona. It's perfect and actually makes him even better. I thought he was fine as an underdog face, but him hitting his moves cleanly and being a dick about it may force these people to start cheering him.
This is pretty fun, and even though it doesn't have some of the neat spots from the first match, I find it just as satisfying if not more so. Both Lince and Fire Ant work well together and there's some fun counters and jockying for position. It's not my ideal style of match as they're still just fighting to do CAW moveset stuff(Michinoku Driver! Spanish Fly! Shooting Star Press!) I will say Lince has an absolutely beautiful Lionsault and I think he should just use it as his finish. It just looks so good.

There's something very Vance Archer-y about Vin Gerard. But possibly wore. This is kind of clunky, and they don't seem to be on the same page. They do this little "run at me with no discernible attack so I can run my hand behind your legs, sweeping you and getting a near fall" trade off thing that looked awful. You can see Amasis wave over Vin to come on over and get swept so they can do this spot. It's just not very good. Vin Gerard works the back a little but Amasis doesn't even sell "tired" let alone "bad back". Until the STF section. The STF spot is pretty lame. Amasis basically falls asleep in Vin's STF. The ref lifts the arms, Amasis wakes up at 2 1/2 and crawls to the ropes. It looked lame.Almost as lame as the STRIKE OFF! They look like cats pawing at each other. You know that playful pawing when the kitty is just pawing at the fake mouse on a string. That's these two "goin' all out" I actually like Amasis in his tag matches, but this wasn't his best night. And Vin Gerard is not my cup of bourbon.

Before he did a single thing I became in love with Tursas. He's just a big dude that throws around the little guys and I love his mask. Cool stuff. The match was a little cluttered and disjointed. I'm a little weird about inter-gender matches, especially when it looks like the guys are overly acting like the woman is stronger. Sometimes I can believe it. For example, Chyna could totally beat up Crash Holly. But Daizee Haze doesn't look like she can out leverage any of the guys in this, and it feels like they let her. Sara Del Ray however looks like she could totally knock Quack out. It's tough work, and they do make it work for the most part. They create a neat sub-plot where Sugar Dunkerton is totally into Daizee and she uses this to mess him up threw out the match. Then he finally snaps and does Lash Leroux's old finisher. REMEBER LASH LEROUX?! Man, I do. And if you do, then you'd know what move I'm talking about. If you don't remember then you don't know the move, which means now you have to go look up some Lash Leroux matches. Knowledge doesn't come easy, folks. But yeah, it's a little cluttered with 4 on 4 and two of them being chicks. I actually came out of this really needing to see a Quackenbush vs. Tursas singles match. What interaction they had was great and Quack really made Tursas look dangerous. the real star of the match was Jigsaw, who is just really damn good and probably one of my favorite guys in Chikara.

I love Soldier Ant. He's one of the best characters in the company and he sticks with the character hardcore. Watch him parade Donst around the ring chopping the guy in the chest. He does his little march step the whole time. And then when climbs into the ring he does one of those army crawls under the bottom rope. And it's not a big show when he does it. That's just how he walks. That's just how he gets in the ring. It's not second nature, it's primary.
The match isn't too hot. I'm not big on Donst and I there were a couple of comeback spots that I expected Soldier to show more fire. For example they do what appeared to be a "fighting spirit" where Soldier Ant gets suplexed into the turnbuckle and he just gets angry and gets up to nail Donst with the Saluting Elbow. It just didn't have that super fire needed to look good. Instead it looked like he kind of just went, "Aww dang it, this is getting on my nerves. I'm going to stand up now."
The finish was cool with the story being Donst tapped to the Chikara Special, so he goes for the Inverted Chikara special to tap Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant is too tough and passes out rather than taps out. It's a cool story on paper, but Soldier Any just doesn't have that suer emotional connection to pull it off. Maybe it's the character. Maybe it's the mask. Maybe it's just the wrestler. But it didn't work, and I expected more.

Oh this was totally awesome. This has to be one of the best crooked ref matches of all time. And it feels like a real battle for the heart and soul of Chikara. You've got Bryce sitting in the booth going absolutely bananas that this ref is so biased. You've got all the Chikara associated guys at ring side slammin' the mat and getting the whole building fired up. And you've got Frightmare and Hall-o-wicked working their asses off in a great under dog performance. There's some super fun spots like the amazing hurricanrana from the lights, and even though the good guys didn't win, they really couldn't with the crooked ref calling the shots. But that doesn't mean they didn't drop some huge bombs and look like the stronger team. Just great stuff that continues the story and keeps the good guys looking awesome. Definitely the best match so far, and depending on which Tommy Dreamer comes to work, it'll be the match of the night.

Okay this isn't particularly good. Watching this match I tried to think of that last Tommy Dreamer singles match I enjoyed. What came to mind was his stuff with C.W. Anderson. That was about 10 years ago. The difficult think about twilight career Tommy, is that he's trying to work smarter, because his body is so bruised up. And sometimes it works. For example, he's got that nice front flip off the apron on to a standing opponent. It's not a "hard on the body" type of move and it gets the crowd pumping. But once Eddie starts acting like his foot is broken, Tommy's leg work kicks in, and it's not very good at all. I mean, there's basic stuff, like him slamming the leg onto the mat. That looks cool. But Tommy decides to start working this Texas Cloverleaf Hold and it is totally awful looking. I've seen a couple of different ways that wrestler's lock their arms conjunction with the legs. Some go through, some go around. But I'm not really sure what the hell Tommy is doing that makes his turn out like it does. All I know is that it looks awful and like he's making the hold harder on himself. Anyway, it's really kind of boring, and the finish being just an angle for a future tag match, makes this kind of pointless to sit through.

This is actually one of the weakest CHIKARA shows I've seen. I'm usually totally into them but this is really a 1 match show. Everything else outside of the awesome tag match was either bad to just good. Guys that I expected to give me a good show, fell flat. Other than the big tag, you might want to check out Lince's heel work and the Super Smash Bros. in a really nice opener. Skip the rest.

First person to comment and tell me the movie I'm referencing in the picture I altered at the top of the page gets a virtual high five!

Thursday, September 9, 2010



OTTO WANZ. I have no idea who this guy is. But apparently he was a big deal in Germany. I was randomly searching around the and some how came across some stuff by this guy. He's big and really over, and I feel like I have to learn who this guy is, in order to properly broaden my wrestling knowledge horizons. "Why Otto Wanz?" you ask. Well he's got a tremendous list of opponents, and there's videos of it online. I also think it would be cool to actually document my own discovery of a specific wrestler. And hey, if you don't know him, we can all learn together.

Today we kick things off with this superheavyweight bout between to Wanz-meister against Big Steel Man. Big Steel Man is Fred Ottman who you may remember as Shockmaster. Or Tugboat. Or Typhoon - one half of one of my favorite tag teams ever, The Natural Disasters.

This match is so much fun. These guys are huge and Wanz has some great offense. Like his big rolling senton that he does a couple of times in the first part. He also brings in a little belly bump that Ottman bumps awesome off of. Wanz is basically if the Blob from the X-Men were a human in the real world. He even wears a costume that's almost identically to the one Blob wore in the X-Men cartoon. Look at it and watch the match. Tell me it's not the same guy. TELL ME!

Anyway, watch the match and you'll get my thoughts at the bottom.

The first part is really damn cool. Otto's rolls are out of this world awesome to watch. When Otto belly bumps Ottman, you would have thought the future Tugboat had been hit by a battering ram. Loved that stuff. The second part doesn't feel nearly as exciting, but it's still fun. I like watching two guys try and leverage each other and wear each other down so I wasn't totally out of it. There's something about watching big dudes beat each other up for an extended period of time that I totally dig. They look tired and they're sweating and they look like they've really been in a big fight.  As the match goes on, you keep wondering who's going to poop out first. Next thing you know Ottman comes up crimson, and you know there's no way he survives. Slugging it out with a beast like Wanz for 25 minutes is one thing, but once the juices start flowing it feels like certain death.

Once Wanz smells the blood in the water, he moves in for the kill. I totally believed the body slam finish, because it felt like a real power move and it was a ton of weight crashing down. It just felt like right for these two. The whole thing felt like a real battle of attrition, and when the three count was made it felt like it was hard earned. The tape mucking up the finish irked me but what are ya going to do? I still enjoyed it for the most part, and look forward to some of these other matches I have lined up.

Anyone notice how Ottman, with his gear, looks like an inflated Dr. Death Steve Williams?

Can Otto Wanz survive this guys with the POWER of a BULL?! It's TIME! It's TIME! It's NEXT TIME on Learning Otto Wanz.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In his Fantasy Football League, Titan's Running Back Chris Johnson used his #1 draft pick to select Alberto Del Rio.


The character Batman was inspired by a true story. The Alberto Del Rio story

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Arik Cannon has been a highlight of the last two DGUSA shows here in Chicago, and I expect him to put in another good showing this month. He may not look like the most athletic of wrestlers but he keeps up with all the little flippy guys they can throw at him. Just a great base for dudes to bounce off of and he has some sick nasty looking moves in his arsenal. I especially love his little rope assisted neck breaker. If you have a DVD of the first Untouchable Gate, you know the one with Danielson/Doi and Shingo/Davey Richards, then pop it in and watch his match. Tell me he's not one of the most impressive guys in the ring. Dude hustles.

Here's 2 Videos. The first is his match against Egotistico Fantastico in Chicago's own AAW. If you go to DGUSA show and enjoy yourself, you might want to give AAW a shot. This match is okay, but I couldn't find many well shot Arik Cannon matches on the youtube. Try to ignore the commentary, because one of these guys drives me batshit insane with his moovez encyclopedia act. Every time his partner calls a move he has to correct him. "Enzigiri!" "Step-up enzigiri!" "Neck breaker!" "Almost a Southern Neckbreaker!" Him trying to find the "proper" way to describe a move takes away from the move. I abhor wrestling commentary these days. ANYWAY. Forget all that and enjoy Arik Cannon.

Video 2 is a music video showing highlights from Arik Cannon's 3-Way with Roderick Strong and Low Ki (WWE NXT Winner KAVAL). It's from the IWA-MS Ted Petty Invitational 2006. I really want a tape of this show.

Friday, September 3, 2010



YEAAAAAAAAAH! So I got my tickets, and me and my fabulous wife will be attending the Dragon Gate: USA show coming to Chicago Sept. 25th. I figured, in order to hype myself up I'd do a neat countdown where I talk about who's going to be there and what I'm looking forward to. I won't just be covering the DG specific guys, there's some cool American indy stars that will be there that I'd like to talk too..

But to start things off today we're talking about Dragon mother f'n Kid.

Dragon Kid is one of those cats where your first exposure is like a small clip or a picture in a magazine, and whatever it is is so cool that you have to see what he's all about. Sabu was like that for many of us I think. First time I saw Dragon Kid was on a commercial at the end of, I think, my glorious Hayabusa comp tape. RF Video did a quick highlight reel of cool stuff to buy and out of nowhere I see this dude do a front flip off the top rope and land on a guy and give him a hurricanrana. This of course became known the world over as the Dragon Rana, a move he himself had innovated. That's all I needed.

The cat is solid as hell. He looks practically bored executing complex maneuvers so cleanly and consistently. He's so reliable and solid that I can see people taking him for granted. Kid is always going to be, at worst, good. I've been lucky enough to see him wrestle twice, and I can say the last time was truly a blast. His match up with BxB Hulk was a lot of fun, and I he had a huge part in why. Can't wait to see him throw down with my probably my favorite Dragon Gate guys, SHINGO. Should be a fun little guy/big guy match up.

So here's big time match for you guys. Dragon Kid takes on Masato Yoshino for the Open the Brave Gate Championship on 11/16/2008. I assure you it's worth watching if only because Yoshino tries to spike himself anytime he takes a Dragon Kid hurricanrana.