Friday, September 3, 2010



YEAAAAAAAAAH! So I got my tickets, and me and my fabulous wife will be attending the Dragon Gate: USA show coming to Chicago Sept. 25th. I figured, in order to hype myself up I'd do a neat countdown where I talk about who's going to be there and what I'm looking forward to. I won't just be covering the DG specific guys, there's some cool American indy stars that will be there that I'd like to talk too..

But to start things off today we're talking about Dragon mother f'n Kid.

Dragon Kid is one of those cats where your first exposure is like a small clip or a picture in a magazine, and whatever it is is so cool that you have to see what he's all about. Sabu was like that for many of us I think. First time I saw Dragon Kid was on a commercial at the end of, I think, my glorious Hayabusa comp tape. RF Video did a quick highlight reel of cool stuff to buy and out of nowhere I see this dude do a front flip off the top rope and land on a guy and give him a hurricanrana. This of course became known the world over as the Dragon Rana, a move he himself had innovated. That's all I needed.

The cat is solid as hell. He looks practically bored executing complex maneuvers so cleanly and consistently. He's so reliable and solid that I can see people taking him for granted. Kid is always going to be, at worst, good. I've been lucky enough to see him wrestle twice, and I can say the last time was truly a blast. His match up with BxB Hulk was a lot of fun, and I he had a huge part in why. Can't wait to see him throw down with my probably my favorite Dragon Gate guys, SHINGO. Should be a fun little guy/big guy match up.

So here's big time match for you guys. Dragon Kid takes on Masato Yoshino for the Open the Brave Gate Championship on 11/16/2008. I assure you it's worth watching if only because Yoshino tries to spike himself anytime he takes a Dragon Kid hurricanrana.

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