Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Arik Cannon has been a highlight of the last two DGUSA shows here in Chicago, and I expect him to put in another good showing this month. He may not look like the most athletic of wrestlers but he keeps up with all the little flippy guys they can throw at him. Just a great base for dudes to bounce off of and he has some sick nasty looking moves in his arsenal. I especially love his little rope assisted neck breaker. If you have a DVD of the first Untouchable Gate, you know the one with Danielson/Doi and Shingo/Davey Richards, then pop it in and watch his match. Tell me he's not one of the most impressive guys in the ring. Dude hustles.

Here's 2 Videos. The first is his match against Egotistico Fantastico in Chicago's own AAW. If you go to DGUSA show and enjoy yourself, you might want to give AAW a shot. This match is okay, but I couldn't find many well shot Arik Cannon matches on the youtube. Try to ignore the commentary, because one of these guys drives me batshit insane with his moovez encyclopedia act. Every time his partner calls a move he has to correct him. "Enzigiri!" "Step-up enzigiri!" "Neck breaker!" "Almost a Southern Neckbreaker!" Him trying to find the "proper" way to describe a move takes away from the move. I abhor wrestling commentary these days. ANYWAY. Forget all that and enjoy Arik Cannon.

Video 2 is a music video showing highlights from Arik Cannon's 3-Way with Roderick Strong and Low Ki (WWE NXT Winner KAVAL). It's from the IWA-MS Ted Petty Invitational 2006. I really want a tape of this show.

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