Thursday, September 9, 2010



OTTO WANZ. I have no idea who this guy is. But apparently he was a big deal in Germany. I was randomly searching around the and some how came across some stuff by this guy. He's big and really over, and I feel like I have to learn who this guy is, in order to properly broaden my wrestling knowledge horizons. "Why Otto Wanz?" you ask. Well he's got a tremendous list of opponents, and there's videos of it online. I also think it would be cool to actually document my own discovery of a specific wrestler. And hey, if you don't know him, we can all learn together.

Today we kick things off with this superheavyweight bout between to Wanz-meister against Big Steel Man. Big Steel Man is Fred Ottman who you may remember as Shockmaster. Or Tugboat. Or Typhoon - one half of one of my favorite tag teams ever, The Natural Disasters.

This match is so much fun. These guys are huge and Wanz has some great offense. Like his big rolling senton that he does a couple of times in the first part. He also brings in a little belly bump that Ottman bumps awesome off of. Wanz is basically if the Blob from the X-Men were a human in the real world. He even wears a costume that's almost identically to the one Blob wore in the X-Men cartoon. Look at it and watch the match. Tell me it's not the same guy. TELL ME!

Anyway, watch the match and you'll get my thoughts at the bottom.

The first part is really damn cool. Otto's rolls are out of this world awesome to watch. When Otto belly bumps Ottman, you would have thought the future Tugboat had been hit by a battering ram. Loved that stuff. The second part doesn't feel nearly as exciting, but it's still fun. I like watching two guys try and leverage each other and wear each other down so I wasn't totally out of it. There's something about watching big dudes beat each other up for an extended period of time that I totally dig. They look tired and they're sweating and they look like they've really been in a big fight.  As the match goes on, you keep wondering who's going to poop out first. Next thing you know Ottman comes up crimson, and you know there's no way he survives. Slugging it out with a beast like Wanz for 25 minutes is one thing, but once the juices start flowing it feels like certain death.

Once Wanz smells the blood in the water, he moves in for the kill. I totally believed the body slam finish, because it felt like a real power move and it was a ton of weight crashing down. It just felt like right for these two. The whole thing felt like a real battle of attrition, and when the three count was made it felt like it was hard earned. The tape mucking up the finish irked me but what are ya going to do? I still enjoyed it for the most part, and look forward to some of these other matches I have lined up.

Anyone notice how Ottman, with his gear, looks like an inflated Dr. Death Steve Williams?

Can Otto Wanz survive this guys with the POWER of a BULL?! It's TIME! It's TIME! It's NEXT TIME on Learning Otto Wanz.

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