Monday, September 13, 2010

T.G.I PURORESU 09/13/2010

So I'm blowing through a whole bunch of stuff because I've gotten the puro bug again. One thing that I've found is that Hiroshi Yamato is freaking awesome. I'm not deep in the All Japan Year, but I figured I'd share with you the first two of what I hope are many awesome performances from the once F4 Fall Guy.

First up is the Jr. Heavyweight Battle Royal. All Japan runs two shows on the 2nd and 3rd of January, and at the end of each night they do a weight division battle royal. The winner gets DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL. It's usually good for some giggles, and this one really isn't any different then what they've held in the past. There's some funny stuff from NOSAWA Rongai and Fuchi. But what makes this really awesome is Hiroshi Yamato bringing out the badassery and some hellacious spears

Awesome right?

This of course set up Yamato's title shot against Kaz Hayashi, the Jr. Heavyweight Champion, who Yamato pinned to win the Rumble. And guess what? I got that linked up for you too. Watch for that big spear and tell me it doesn't sound like Kaz almost threw up a little.

I seriously don't believe there's a better spear in wrestling. And what I really love about this match is that it doesn't go overboard with the moves. As a matter of fact, Kaz makes a Body Slam a big deal. One on the apron, one on the floor, and one from the top rope. There's something really cool about that with the current Junior climate being who can be the most creative. Kaz went simple and effective and took care of business. I'm loving Yamato. I'll have to make a Top 5 List of Puro stars I can't skip this year. Yamato would be on it.

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