Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm Standing Up for the WWE as they march to Washington. I'm doing this by creating motivational images with my most favorite patriotic battle cry.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So I'm finally continuing with my "Learning" series, where I look at a wrestler I don't know and possibly discover something cool or crappy. Currently I'm watching a series of matches involving German Star Otto Wanz. I know nothing about him, other than he ran a promotion and his gut is big. So far he seems like a lot of fun, working a pretty long match with Fred Ottman in PART 1. Today we see how well he does against one of the baddest big men on the planet, Big Van Vader.


They play up the patriotism for this, which kind of surprises me. Vader doesn't seem like the kind of guy that represents a country but here he is, coming out to BORN IN THE USA and standing tall for the American National Anthem.

This is certainly harder hitting than the match with Tugboat that we covered in PART 1, but I wouldn't say it's actually much better. Vader is pretty one dimensional here, and it's essentially a rinse repeat of him landing Vader Hammers in the corner and clotheslines. Vader getting brutal is obviously more fun than anything The former Natural Disaster has ever done, but the lay out of the match doesn't have the same kind of tension. The ending is kind of lame, as I didn't feel like Vader was anywhere near being so broken up that his corner needed to toss in the towel.

Otto Wanz, also seems less fiery in this.He got slugged a lot and him flopping around was good, but he just didn't look as hot in his comebacks as he did with Fred Ottman. The match is also just too long. I know there's intermissions and what have you but it still adds up to 27 minutes and I think this one should have tightened up and ended near the finish of round 3.

So this isn't a great performance from him, but the point of looking a ta wrestler is taking in the good with the bad, and this was certainly a weak night for the Wanz-meister.

I'd kill for some comments, so if you've got an opinion about Otto Wanz, lay it down.

In Part 3, which I promise will be happening sooner than this one did, will be Otto's match against a former WWF superstar who was managed by Mr. Fuji.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BATTLARTS 03/14/2010

Mother f'n BATTLARTS, kid! I've been feelin' real shooty lately so hopefully this gives me my fix.

Yano is tricky because I like him, or I want to like him, but his out put can be sketchy. Sometimes he's all over it and you think he's a few steps away from full blown awesome. Other times he's lay an egg, and you'll be left wondering where the hell that almost awesome guy went. This match, thankfully, is one of those goodies. Narita and he exchange some awesome holds and counters. Yano has some cravat work that Narita sells like he's being choked. There's a really neat counter out of one of those cravats down about midway, too. Yano doesn't do too much, which I think he's had problems with in the past. He keeps it relatively simple and mat based. There's some great strikes like Narita's foreram and that lays Yano out, and a some nasty punches to the back of the head. Yano also busts something that looks similar to Daniel Bryan's LeBell Lock but kind of worse. Nice 8 minute match and restores my faith in Keita Yano.

SLAPS TO THE FACE. This is brutal. Poor Takeshi just gets his head knocked around for 8 minutes. Slaps. Kicks. It's totally one dimensional in that way, and it kind of makes you feel bad. AS things go on Takeshi keeps answering the ten count and some members of the crowd start to get behind him. You want him to survive but he's totally outclassed. Even when he finally gets counted down, he's still climbing the ropes trying to make it. So even though it's one dimensional it gets some story across, which is nice. Poor Takeshi's face. It all kept coming on the same side too, so he started to look like Harvey Dent in the last act of Dark Knight.

Hayato and Akifumi are both Sayama(Original Tiger Mask) Trainees. I think Tiger Shark is too, but I'm not for certain. Those three all made debuts in 2007. Apparently they watched the first match because both Mashita and Tiger Shark use that hold on each other and it's even the finish to the match. I thought that was kind of lame since I had already seen the move earlier and they both seemed capable of bringing something else. It's still not  a bad match but it gets really sloppy in the finishing stretch and feels really disconjointed. I dug TAGAI's matwork with Saito and Tiger Shark looked pretty slick a couple of times with his front neck locks and kicks. I'm not for sure yet but he might be the best masked guy with Tiger in his name wrestling right now. Even though I think current Sayama is pretty fun despite being older and pretty plump. Could have been better, but I still enjoyed all the participants.

I might be turning the corner on Super Tiger II. I've been down on him in the past. Some of the more heavily hyped Battlarts bouts have had him in it, and I've always thought he was the weak link. Even above, I mentioned Tiger Shark being a better masked Tiger wrestler. I might be wrong. Something about about what SuTigerII did in this match really connected to me. Everything was so smooth in the chain wrestling and his kicks felt on point and nasty. Yamamoto was really good to. They're just great dance partners and it made me like both of them a lot. The transition into the finash is awesome, even though it too looks familiar to the hold that's finished other matches on the card. What's up with that move anyway.

This match was pretty good. Usuda and Walter work really well together and I enjoy Ishikawa, but Sawa is sometimes hit or miss for me. I think he's great in certain instances but for soome reason he didn't fit in this match for me. There's plenty of fun stuf though like Usuda and Walter kicking the beejebuss out of Ishikawa. Usuda even gets in some shots from the apron for the hell of it. I think they really work well together. The finish was okay and was something different than the last four matches.

I think this is a pretty strong 5 match card and if you're into BA then this should be a fun card to watch. If you're thinking about checking out Battlarts, this doesn't have much in the way of real blow-away matches that could turn you into a fan for life, but there's some strong performances that may get you primed to watch more. I totally recommend it. Maybe not as a "buy it" but at least give it a watch.