Monday, October 18, 2010


So I'm finally continuing with my "Learning" series, where I look at a wrestler I don't know and possibly discover something cool or crappy. Currently I'm watching a series of matches involving German Star Otto Wanz. I know nothing about him, other than he ran a promotion and his gut is big. So far he seems like a lot of fun, working a pretty long match with Fred Ottman in PART 1. Today we see how well he does against one of the baddest big men on the planet, Big Van Vader.


They play up the patriotism for this, which kind of surprises me. Vader doesn't seem like the kind of guy that represents a country but here he is, coming out to BORN IN THE USA and standing tall for the American National Anthem.

This is certainly harder hitting than the match with Tugboat that we covered in PART 1, but I wouldn't say it's actually much better. Vader is pretty one dimensional here, and it's essentially a rinse repeat of him landing Vader Hammers in the corner and clotheslines. Vader getting brutal is obviously more fun than anything The former Natural Disaster has ever done, but the lay out of the match doesn't have the same kind of tension. The ending is kind of lame, as I didn't feel like Vader was anywhere near being so broken up that his corner needed to toss in the towel.

Otto Wanz, also seems less fiery in this.He got slugged a lot and him flopping around was good, but he just didn't look as hot in his comebacks as he did with Fred Ottman. The match is also just too long. I know there's intermissions and what have you but it still adds up to 27 minutes and I think this one should have tightened up and ended near the finish of round 3.

So this isn't a great performance from him, but the point of looking a ta wrestler is taking in the good with the bad, and this was certainly a weak night for the Wanz-meister.

I'd kill for some comments, so if you've got an opinion about Otto Wanz, lay it down.

In Part 3, which I promise will be happening sooner than this one did, will be Otto's match against a former WWF superstar who was managed by Mr. Fuji.

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