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Before we get into finishing this up, I'd like to thank everyone for sending in their ballots. This was a lot of fun. We also have a winner, some cat named Mike won the contest. I don't think I know for sure who he is but he's getting some free DVDs. Hopefully I can run another contest in the future, as I think it's kind of fun. Also apparently this whole thing has gotten my blog quite a few clicks. So thanks a bunch for checking it out. I hope you enjoyed this. 


(1 #1 Vote, 3 Top 5)
Over the last year and a half, Shinsuke Nakamura has really pulled it together. When Tanahashi went down with an injury, Nakamura stepped up and not only carried the title, but was putting on great fights with a variety of people. His clobbering of Takayama at the beginning of the year is one of my favorite puro matches of the year.

Though he hasn't been winning a whole lot( big losses to Goto, Makabe, Kojima, and Tanahashi) he's been highly reliable and consistent for a good match. It's no wonder he's in the Top 5.

(2 #1 Votes, 2 Top 5)
Takashi Sugiura is the man. THE MAN. I love him. He received the second most total votes in the poll, but the majority of them were in the 10-20 area - making his total signifcantly less. You guys need to get on the ball. Sugiura has been good all year, in tags, in singles, in everything. He's the most fun GHC champion since Misawa was doing his old Clint Eastwood act, knocking out guys with elbows. 

His battles this year have been immense and if you haven't checked out him against Takayama, Shiozaki, or Morishima from this year, you are a fool. GET ON IT.


(1 #1 Vote, 6 Top 5)
Let's face facts: KENTA will always be popular. Something about being Japanese and working Ring of Honor shows automatically give you an American fanbase for life. He's got cool moves, fun intensity, and wears brown and yellow. BROWN AND YELLOW. His history of good fun matches is long and it's because of his reputation built on fights with the likes of Nakajima and Marufuji that people continue to download his stuff. With two Marufuji fights this year and a pretty good title match with Kanemaru, KENTA has had a pretty decent year.

He could face Muhammed Yone and people would still watch it.


(7 Top 5 votes)
I honestly think Tanahashi is one of the best in the world. I know that make some of you want to vomit but I will not apologize for it. I think he's got awesome charisma, he executes everything well, and his "epic matches" don't always feel like two guys trying really hard to be EPIC. His matches with guys like Hirooki Goto, Yuji Nagata, Shinsuke Nakamura, have been MOTYC over the last few years, and his matches with the rest of the roster have been pretty solid. Even Tanahashi vs. Jon "Strong Man" Andersen was pretty good from this year. But then again, I'm a little biased. 

Hopefully he ends this little Kojima IWGP Champion charade at the Dome Show. After a run in from a Brody like SUWAMA.


(8 Top 5 Votes)
While he didn't get any #1 Votes, Devitt just plain got more. And the majority of them were high. So maybe he wasn't anyone's #1 guy, but he was often a #2 or #3. Dude is just plain popular. Building off his great year last year, Devitt solidified his spot as one of the best Juniors in the World when he finally won the IWGP Jr. title from Naomichi Marufuji. Devitt is a charismatic wrestler who can fly and keep it grounded if he needs to. There are a hundred so-called "hybrid" wrestler's taking up space in the American Independent scene that wish they were half as good as Prince Devitt. He carries an air of legitimacy while not being over the top intense about it (I'm looking at you Kyle O'Reilly and Davey Richards).

He feels organic and fun in a time when wrestler's are often too plotted out and serious. That doesn't mean he can't get intense, it just means it's not a hat he has to wear to get over. 

I fully endorse Prince Devitt as a #1 even though I don't think I voted for him. (Possibly and oversight on my part.) He's a popular guy and one of the most fun pro-rassler's in the squared circle today, in Japan or anywhere else.

So that was fun. Wasn't it?....wasn't it? I think it's a neat list and while I personally don't agree with some choices that popped up, it is a vote and the majority rules. I hoe that if you're reading this and you didn't get involved that you do get involved next year. Participation is key, and I think the more who participate the more fun the results.

Pissed that Morishima didn't get many votes, but whatever.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the final list and who are guys that you wished were higher. Or guys you wished were sucked into a vacuum and destroyed.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures I found, it was fun looking for them. 

Should I do one for American guys? 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Cracking into the Top 10 Baby. Some cool cats in this bunch. 


(4 Top 5 Votes)
I don't even know why one has to explain the appeal of Yuji Nagata. The man is a straight up ass kicker. And back kicker. And face kicker. And everything kicker. In the last few years he's been apart of some of the best matches in New Japan. While he's been slightly pushed down the card in order to push aces like Nakamura and Tanahashi, he has still represented New Japan in their feud with ZERO-1. 

In 2010 Yuji was kicking ass in tag matches; he and partner Wataru Inoue became Tag Champs in March. After the duo lost their titles over the summer, they went on to win the G-1 Climax Tag League. After they came up short in their title opportunity, it appears Yui will be focusing on the threat of old rival Minoru Suzuki. The two will be facing each other at the Wrestle Kingdom Dome Show to kick off 2011. Expect some ass kicking.


(1 #1 Vote, 4 Top 5 Votes)
They said Go Shiozaki has potential. He was strong, has amazingly loud chops and fiery charisma. Sounds like a great combination, to me. Shiozaki had an extensive tour of America gaining exposure through RoH, FIP, and Harley Race's WLW. Upon his return, Shiozaki was paired up with Misawa and the two went on to win NOAH's Global Tag League and challenge then champions Akitoshi Saito and Bison Smith.  It was evident that NOAH had big plans for him.

It was on June 13th, 2009 that Shiozaki's life changed drastically when his partner Misawa died in the ring during their title fight. Losing the legend was a tragedy and the companies direction changed drastically. Shiozaki was thrust into the main event scene, winning the vacant GHC Heavyweight Title. 

After a short reign, Shiozaki has been working hard representing NOAH outside the company. He and Atsushi Aoki were AAA tag champs and competed at TripleMania, where they lost the titles. Later he competed in the G-1 CLIMAX. In the tournament he fought New Japan star Shinsuke Nakamura to a 30 minute draw. Because of the split points, Shiozaki missed the finals. The two fought again in order to settle things in a no time limit match, which Shiozaki won. 

He will represent the company at Wreslte Kingdom, facing, again, Shinsuke Nakamura, on the biggest stage in Japan. 


(3 #1 Votes, 2 Top 5 Votes)
Despite having more #1 Votes than any wrestler on the list. Marufuji finds himself at #8. Marufuji is a tough wrestler to love. Sometimes he seems to be the best wrestler in Japan, other times he's spotty and mechanical. It's tough to figure out which Marufuji you're going to get on any given night.

Marufuji spent the first half of the year being the New Japan Jr. Champion. Having fun defenses against Prince Devitt and KENTA. After losing the title in June, Marufuji was scheduled to take part in the G-1 Climx. An arm injury suffered in a match with Kenny Omega took him out of the tournament before it even started and kept him on the shelf until recently. Marufuji recently fought KENTA on 12/5 in which he was dominated. Moving forward, Marufuji looks at tag team success with partner Atsushi Aoki. The two will try to regain the Noah Jr. Tag Titles from outsiders Koji Kanemoto and Tiger Mask.


(1 #1 Vote, 1 Top 5 Votes)
Kota Ibushi, is one of the most popular indy wrestlers in Japan. His style is slick and exciting and it's not hard to see why he's popular among voters. His team with the popular Kenny Omega(who narrowly missed the Top 20) is a fun duo to watch and have gained a lot of attention from Puroresu fans. Recently the two won the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight tag titles from the strong team of Prince Devitt and Ryuske Taguchi. 

Check out his singles match with Daisuke Sekimoto in DDT. I really enjoyed it.

(1 #1 Vote, 1 Top 5)
Takayama was a pretty consistent vote getter on the ballots. Somewhere around the time he won the Triple Crown it became apparent that Takayama was getting his groove back. Between his stroke and his general ring age, Takayama seemed to be a lumbering shadow of his former self, providing just enough to get by, and using his magnetic personality to make up for the rest. But over the last couple of years he's resurged as one of the best heavyweights in Japan. 

This past year he won NOAH's first Global league and had a slugfest with Takashi Sugiura over the GHC Title. His tag team with Takuma Sano has been very successful, as they are currently the GHC Tag Champions. I highly recommend their recent tag match against the Kings of Wrestling. Takayama really worked well with Claudio Castagnoli. I'd also suggest a personal favorite of mine: his match with Shinsuke Nakamura at this year's Wrestle Kingdom. I thought it was a great match that had a legit big match feel. It's currently in my Top 5 Puro matches of the year. CHECK IT OUT.

The grand finale! Who will be #1

I'd love to hear some guesses.

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It's been really fun so far. Today we get 3 cats from Dragon Gate and some hosses who would be more than happy to throw them around.

(3 Top 5 Votes)
Here's a quote from one of the ballots I received:
Seriously he fucking runs fast. I would be perfectly content with just seeing him running the ropes for 5 minutes.
Dragon Gate had a pretty big year as they continued their expansion into the United States Indy market with DGUSA. I've been to three of their shows and I always see one guy who knows the wrestlers tell his friend that he dragged along: "Watch this dude, he is fucking FAST!" And then Yoshino runs really fast, and people get hooked. As DGUSA continues to expand it's no surprise that their roster members stay popular among internet fans. Yoshino's style and over-all athleticism sets him apart from the rest of his Dragon Gate brothers, and that's why you see him in the Top 15.


(2 #1 Votes, 1 Top 5 votes)
Yamato has gained quite the bit of popularity over the past couple of years. His heel act that he developed after the New Hazard break-up was a charisma bomb of awesomeness. Earlier this year Yamato defeated one of the strongest booked Open The Dream Gate champions, Naruki Doi. Yamato's reign saw him defend the title against some heavy foes like SHINGO and Masaaki Mochizuki. 

One person wrote to me: 
If YAMATO was a heel this year he'd be higher.

And I think that's true, even one of Yamato's biggest supporters over the past couple of years said that his man-passion for Yamato has cooled a bit this year. Maybe that slight drop in support came from a possibly unwarranted character change. Hopefully a return to form is in store for Yamato fans in 2011.


(2 Top 5 Votes)
There isn't much to explain. Kensuke Sasaki is probably one of the healthiest Japanese heavyweights of his generation. This former holder of the Triple Crown, GHC Heavyweight Title, and IWGP Heavyweight Title, is a legend and still commands a look from puroresu fans the world over. With Japana having a shortage in pure heavyweight style wrestlers Kensuke Sasaki scratches that itch. His team with Takeshi Morishima, his battles with Yoshihiro Takayama, and his work with Jun Akiyama has received praise. For fans looking for big meaty slug fests you can't go too wrong downloading some Kensuke Sasaki.


(2 TOP 5 Votes)
Shingo, probably the most popular Dragon Gate star among foreign fans, began building his international reputation working for Ring of Honor. When he came back to Dragon Gate he was a beast, putting on awesome matches with the entire roster. His power style sets him apart from some of the more agile competitors in the company. His match with Davey Richards was called one of the best matches of last year and put him on even more people's radars. 

This past year Shingo had big matches in the states and in his homeland. The hair vs. hair match with rival BxB Hulk has gotten quite a bit of buzz, and I personally enjoyed his Dragon Kid match at the Chicago Dragon Gate USA show. He was also among the list of wrestler's Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan) faced during his Indy Tour in between WWE stints. 

SHINGO is probably my favorite of the Dragon Gate wrestlers. I generally look forward to anything he does, and I will never skip any match of his on any show.


(1 Top 5 Vote)
While only getting one Top 5 vote, Daisuke Sekimoto was a consistent cote getter. His 2010 has been a strong year, starting off with his match against Tohiaki Kawada in ZERO-1. In DDT he had awesome title matches against Takanashi and Kota Ibushi. In Big Japan he's been a participant in some of their most heralded matches this year, including a 8 man tag on 9/15 and a 6-Man tag on 9/19 as well as some very cool tag matches.

Sekimoto has, in my opinion had one of the best years, in terms of consistent output, of any wrestler in Japan or the world. I'm not a huge fan of his, but I can say every match of his recommended to me this past year has been pretty solid. The big guy just has it going on and has worked great matches with a variety of wrestlers in a variety of promotions. Hopefully this year will spark more to watch him next year and maybe he'll move into the Top 10.

We get into the Top 10 with 10-6. Some heavyweight ass kicker's on the horizon.

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This ain't about who had all the 5 Star Matches, baby. This is  about who drew the clicks. This is about who's matches you find yourselves watching even though they're facing Muhammed Yone. This is about the wrestlers who make you download two 700 mb .rars so you can watch their ten minute opener. This is the  2010 DMC PURORESU POWER 20 !!!!!

I'll be sending the winner an email now. If they respond to me within 72 hrs after I send the email, they get the DVDs. If they fail at this, then I move on to a different randomly picked ballot. So check yo inboxes.

18 Ballots were counted. A total of 106 different wrestlers received votes. 4 wrestlers received #1 Votes and didn't make the Top 20. One of those was mine, so F you guys. Underneath each wrestler I'll show how many #1s and how many Top 5 votes they received. This isn't how many total votes they got.

(Received one Top 5 vote)
He is one of the most popular personalities in pro-wrestling. "King Dick" Minoru Suzuki has a big year.  In March he wrestled in All Japan's first Cage Match against rival Masakatsu Funaki.  Later he won the Champion's Carnival for the second straight year and after that won the Triple Crown for the second time.

A week ago Suzuki attacked old rival Yuji Nagata and the two will face each other in New Japan's Tokyo Dome event on Jan. 4th. 

I certainly suggest checking out the cage match with Funaki as it's one of my favorite matches of the year. The man has such an aura that people often feel the need to watch his matches, but are sometimes left disappointed. In 2010, his matches were generally solid, delighting his long time fans and earning him a second look from the jaded.

(received one #1 Vote)
It's been tough being a Hirooki Goto fan. Goto exploded onto everyone's hard drives in 2007, with his MOTYC against Hiroshi Tanahashi. Goto's fire and offense earned him a spot on many people's "To-DL" list.   In 2008 it seemed as though he was destined to be wrestling atop the New Japan Roster after winning the G-1 Climax. In 2009 He won the New Japan Cup. Despite being a tournament favorite, Goto still hasn't been able to reel in the biggest prize in the company - the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. 

In 2010 Goto failed to usurp GHC Champion Takashi Sugiura. Won The New Japan Cup again. Failed to beat Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP. Won the 6 Man tournament with partners Taguchi and Devitt. He fell short in the G-1 Climax. And later had his #1 Contendership, a spot he earned by defeating Nakamura, revoked by champion Kojima.  And then later lost a non-title match. FRUSTRATING.

But regardless of him coming up short in his opportunities at the IWGP Heavyweight Title,  Hirooki Goto has been a constant threat to being the face of the biggest company in Japan. Will 2011 finally be the year Goto wins the big one? I have no idea. But I imagine there will be many fans watching his matches as he continues on his quest to be the IWGP champion.

(Only wrestler in Top 20 to not get a Top 5 Vote)
It's no surprise that one of the most popular American Indy wrestler's would be getting votes. His work in Japan with Kings of Wrestling partner Claudio Castagnoli has been top notch this year. Whether it's comedy spots or high end competitive matches, Hero and Claudio have given consistently good performances inside the green ring of NOAH.

Just recently they had a great match with Takayama and Sano that, in the opinions of some fans, stole the show. (I personally like Sugiura trying desperately to hurricanrana Morishima, but that's just me) Definetly check that match out though, Hero hustles his ass off in that match.

(received two Top 5 Votes)
It's been an intriguing year. Suwama has been building up credibility since his Champion's Carnival win in 2008 and Triple Crown win. After losing the title, Suwama continued to have strong matches while developing as the future face of the organization. His team with Shuji Kondo was both dominant and popular among fans.

In 2010, seems to have taken the reins. Satoshi Kojima leaving the company rubbed Suwama the wrong way and he was said to be very upset with how Kojima handled business on the way out. This was some of the most interesting backstage news to come out of a puroresu locker room all year, and certainly put some eyes on the former Triple Crown champion. 

At the end of August, Suwama finally shut up critics and more importantly his rival when he pinned Minoru Suzuki for his second Triple Crown reign. Later he disbanded the New Generation stable. When the crowd booed him he got crazy and threw a microphone in the crowd, hitting a fan! So the dude certainly is gaining a kind of old school, wild and crazy aura about him and it's leading to downloads. 

Suwama is one of my Top 5 guys and he's one of the best heavweights of the current generation of wrestlers. Dude is cool as hell and I certainly suggest you check out more of his stuff. All Japan guys could always use a little more love anyway.

Speaking of All Japan guys......

(One #1 and a Top 5 Vote)
Funaki's return to pro-wrestling was met with plenty of excitement and, despite being an older name, was a fresh face in the All Japan Roster. His feud against Minoru Suzuki was a heated one that provided multiple interesting and exciting matches. Their cage match in particular was lots of fun, and I so recommend people check it out.

Funaki's is hoping to get a Triple Crown reign in the future, so a possible title match-up with SUWAMA should get folks buzzing in 2011.

15-11. Duh. 
3 of the next 5 are wrestling in the same company. Can you guess the company?

And leave comments about what you think so far. Anyone make the Top 20 so far that surprise you? Disgust you? Excite you? Make you stop reading?

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So as you know I'm doing the Totally Awesome  Devil May Care Power 20 of Puroresu 2010!!!!
But now I've decided that because it's that time of the year, I'm going to giving something back. If you get your ballot in by the end of December 19th, you will be entered in a drawing to win free DVDs. One lucky person will get their choice of any 5 DVDs from this list:

Tag League 1980-82
Tag League 1983-85
10/27/2002 (2 Discs)
8/27/2006 (2 Discs)
Champion Carnival 2008(comm, 2 Discs)
6/14/08 &  6/21/08
3/14/2009 (2 Discs)
8/17/09 & 8/24/09
8/30/2009 (2 Discs)
8/31/09 & 9/7/09


4/1/08 & 4/8/08
5/23/08 & 6/8/08
6/17/08 & 6/24/08

5/21/09 & 5/28/09

Dragon Gate
PPV World 2005 (3 Discs)
Tsushin 144, 145, 146, 147 (dates are 1/18, 1/25, 2/01, 2/08 of 2008) This features the NEX-1 Tournament
3/20/2008 (2 Discs)
7/27/2008 (2 Discs)
7/192009 (2 Discs)
7/24/2009 (2 Discs)

Grand Slam 1995(2 Discs)
5/5/96(2 Discs)

Kensuke Office

Michinoku Pro



70s Classics # 68 & # 69
MSG Tag League 1983 Vol.1 
MSG Tag League 1983 Vol. 2 
NJPW Super Fights 1990 (2 Discs)
1/4/1993 (2 Discs)
Super J Cup 1995 (2 Discs)
Sky Diving J 1996
12/11/04 (2 Discs)
3/26/05 (2 Discs)
4/13/2007(2 Discs)
1/4/2009 (2 Discs)

7/10/2004 (3 Discs)
7/18/2005 (3 Discs)
12/2/2007 (2 Discs)

Osaka Pro


That's right, if you win, you get to pick 5 Discs. So if some event is labeled as having 2 or 3 Discs, that's 2 or 3 of the 5 you get to choose from. I get most of my stuff  from IVPvideos and so if you want to salivate over some match listings you can go there and check it out. I also suggest buying something, because he's got low prices and a generally quick turnaround on orders.

So there you go. Make up your ballot and you might be chosen to win free DVDs. OF WRESTLING! Check out this previous post for all the details on how this all began. And get in on the fun!

Kaz Hayashi Says:
"You'll have a better shot at winning if I'm on your ballot!"*

*That's not true. He has no influence on this contest. But don't tell him I said that.

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Look-it what I found!

It'll always be the WWF to me!

Went thrift store hunting. Found this. Paid $1.41. I love thrift stores.

Oh and if you didn't notice, in the previous post, I'm doing a little Puro Wrestler Top 20(with a little twist) and you should get involved! I've had some folks tell me they were interested. Join them, and be interested too!

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I need you to make a list.

Favorites. Everybody has them. They're the guys who's matches you watch first. They're the guys who you would pay to see if they ever came to your country. They're the guys you know were carrying KENTA through that whole damn match.

I was getting back on the puroresu wagon, and saw Morishima kill Sugiura in a couple of minutes. I got so excited to be watching wrestling again. I hadn't watched any(NONE) in a month or so. It made me think that guys like Morishima are guys that I consider my "go to guys" when it comes to wanting to get back into wrestling. Guys like Hiroshi Tanahashi, Takashi Sugiura, Minoru Suzuki, are the kind of dudes I gravitate to when I'm trying to come up with something to watch.

So then I was thinking of doing a list. My Power 20 of Puroresu - wrestlers that I'll watch even if their opponent is awful. Then I was thinking that I wanted to know what everybody else thought. Which brings me to:

The Devil May Care Power 20 of Puroresu 2010!!!!

Allllllll you've got to do is make a Top 20 list of the wrestlers you enjoyed watching in 2010. You know, with #1 being the MOST IMPORTANT. #2 being less important than #1 but more important than #3 and so on and so forth. The criteria is that they had to wrestle in a Japanese promotion(duh) in the last year(2010). Your reasons can vary. Maybe a certain wrestler just had an amazing year, and you grabbed up everything they were apart of. (I was digging a lot of Hiroshi Yamato's stuff this year.) Maybe you've just got old favorites that still wrestle, like Kawada or Mutoh, and you watch their stuff even though they aren't quite who they used to be. I know I do. This is a list of who drew you to puroresu the most this past year.

So make your list. Send it to me (jaerenfrow at g mail dot com). Then I'll do a big f'n count down and we can see who is the #1 attraction in puroresu today! I'll throw some confetti in the air when I hit "publish post"! If you want to give reasons for why they're on your list - do it. I'll use your quotes in the count down. All I ask is that everything is in a nice list format. 

DEADLINE: DECEMBER 19th, 2010(It's a Sunday) This should be much easier than making a list of the best matches.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As I said in a more recent post, I'll be doing a drawing of all the ballots and one luck winner wins free DVDs. Check out this post to see the list of awesome DVDs you might win. 

Yuji Nagata says:

"You can do this."