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This ain't about who had all the 5 Star Matches, baby. This is  about who drew the clicks. This is about who's matches you find yourselves watching even though they're facing Muhammed Yone. This is about the wrestlers who make you download two 700 mb .rars so you can watch their ten minute opener. This is the  2010 DMC PURORESU POWER 20 !!!!!

I'll be sending the winner an email now. If they respond to me within 72 hrs after I send the email, they get the DVDs. If they fail at this, then I move on to a different randomly picked ballot. So check yo inboxes.

18 Ballots were counted. A total of 106 different wrestlers received votes. 4 wrestlers received #1 Votes and didn't make the Top 20. One of those was mine, so F you guys. Underneath each wrestler I'll show how many #1s and how many Top 5 votes they received. This isn't how many total votes they got.

(Received one Top 5 vote)
He is one of the most popular personalities in pro-wrestling. "King Dick" Minoru Suzuki has a big year.  In March he wrestled in All Japan's first Cage Match against rival Masakatsu Funaki.  Later he won the Champion's Carnival for the second straight year and after that won the Triple Crown for the second time.

A week ago Suzuki attacked old rival Yuji Nagata and the two will face each other in New Japan's Tokyo Dome event on Jan. 4th. 

I certainly suggest checking out the cage match with Funaki as it's one of my favorite matches of the year. The man has such an aura that people often feel the need to watch his matches, but are sometimes left disappointed. In 2010, his matches were generally solid, delighting his long time fans and earning him a second look from the jaded.

(received one #1 Vote)
It's been tough being a Hirooki Goto fan. Goto exploded onto everyone's hard drives in 2007, with his MOTYC against Hiroshi Tanahashi. Goto's fire and offense earned him a spot on many people's "To-DL" list.   In 2008 it seemed as though he was destined to be wrestling atop the New Japan Roster after winning the G-1 Climax. In 2009 He won the New Japan Cup. Despite being a tournament favorite, Goto still hasn't been able to reel in the biggest prize in the company - the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. 

In 2010 Goto failed to usurp GHC Champion Takashi Sugiura. Won The New Japan Cup again. Failed to beat Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP. Won the 6 Man tournament with partners Taguchi and Devitt. He fell short in the G-1 Climax. And later had his #1 Contendership, a spot he earned by defeating Nakamura, revoked by champion Kojima.  And then later lost a non-title match. FRUSTRATING.

But regardless of him coming up short in his opportunities at the IWGP Heavyweight Title,  Hirooki Goto has been a constant threat to being the face of the biggest company in Japan. Will 2011 finally be the year Goto wins the big one? I have no idea. But I imagine there will be many fans watching his matches as he continues on his quest to be the IWGP champion.

(Only wrestler in Top 20 to not get a Top 5 Vote)
It's no surprise that one of the most popular American Indy wrestler's would be getting votes. His work in Japan with Kings of Wrestling partner Claudio Castagnoli has been top notch this year. Whether it's comedy spots or high end competitive matches, Hero and Claudio have given consistently good performances inside the green ring of NOAH.

Just recently they had a great match with Takayama and Sano that, in the opinions of some fans, stole the show. (I personally like Sugiura trying desperately to hurricanrana Morishima, but that's just me) Definetly check that match out though, Hero hustles his ass off in that match.

(received two Top 5 Votes)
It's been an intriguing year. Suwama has been building up credibility since his Champion's Carnival win in 2008 and Triple Crown win. After losing the title, Suwama continued to have strong matches while developing as the future face of the organization. His team with Shuji Kondo was both dominant and popular among fans.

In 2010, seems to have taken the reins. Satoshi Kojima leaving the company rubbed Suwama the wrong way and he was said to be very upset with how Kojima handled business on the way out. This was some of the most interesting backstage news to come out of a puroresu locker room all year, and certainly put some eyes on the former Triple Crown champion. 

At the end of August, Suwama finally shut up critics and more importantly his rival when he pinned Minoru Suzuki for his second Triple Crown reign. Later he disbanded the New Generation stable. When the crowd booed him he got crazy and threw a microphone in the crowd, hitting a fan! So the dude certainly is gaining a kind of old school, wild and crazy aura about him and it's leading to downloads. 

Suwama is one of my Top 5 guys and he's one of the best heavweights of the current generation of wrestlers. Dude is cool as hell and I certainly suggest you check out more of his stuff. All Japan guys could always use a little more love anyway.

Speaking of All Japan guys......

(One #1 and a Top 5 Vote)
Funaki's return to pro-wrestling was met with plenty of excitement and, despite being an older name, was a fresh face in the All Japan Roster. His feud against Minoru Suzuki was a heated one that provided multiple interesting and exciting matches. Their cage match in particular was lots of fun, and I so recommend people check it out.

Funaki's is hoping to get a Triple Crown reign in the future, so a possible title match-up with SUWAMA should get folks buzzing in 2011.

15-11. Duh. 
3 of the next 5 are wrestling in the same company. Can you guess the company?

And leave comments about what you think so far. Anyone make the Top 20 so far that surprise you? Disgust you? Excite you? Make you stop reading?

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