Thursday, December 2, 2010

I need you to make a list.

Favorites. Everybody has them. They're the guys who's matches you watch first. They're the guys who you would pay to see if they ever came to your country. They're the guys you know were carrying KENTA through that whole damn match.

I was getting back on the puroresu wagon, and saw Morishima kill Sugiura in a couple of minutes. I got so excited to be watching wrestling again. I hadn't watched any(NONE) in a month or so. It made me think that guys like Morishima are guys that I consider my "go to guys" when it comes to wanting to get back into wrestling. Guys like Hiroshi Tanahashi, Takashi Sugiura, Minoru Suzuki, are the kind of dudes I gravitate to when I'm trying to come up with something to watch.

So then I was thinking of doing a list. My Power 20 of Puroresu - wrestlers that I'll watch even if their opponent is awful. Then I was thinking that I wanted to know what everybody else thought. Which brings me to:

The Devil May Care Power 20 of Puroresu 2010!!!!

Allllllll you've got to do is make a Top 20 list of the wrestlers you enjoyed watching in 2010. You know, with #1 being the MOST IMPORTANT. #2 being less important than #1 but more important than #3 and so on and so forth. The criteria is that they had to wrestle in a Japanese promotion(duh) in the last year(2010). Your reasons can vary. Maybe a certain wrestler just had an amazing year, and you grabbed up everything they were apart of. (I was digging a lot of Hiroshi Yamato's stuff this year.) Maybe you've just got old favorites that still wrestle, like Kawada or Mutoh, and you watch their stuff even though they aren't quite who they used to be. I know I do. This is a list of who drew you to puroresu the most this past year.

So make your list. Send it to me (jaerenfrow at g mail dot com). Then I'll do a big f'n count down and we can see who is the #1 attraction in puroresu today! I'll throw some confetti in the air when I hit "publish post"! If you want to give reasons for why they're on your list - do it. I'll use your quotes in the count down. All I ask is that everything is in a nice list format. 

DEADLINE: DECEMBER 19th, 2010(It's a Sunday) This should be much easier than making a list of the best matches.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As I said in a more recent post, I'll be doing a drawing of all the ballots and one luck winner wins free DVDs. Check out this post to see the list of awesome DVDs you might win. 

Yuji Nagata says:

"You can do this."

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