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So I'm assuming this was taped after the last episode, which might be kind of weird for those people in attendance. If they watched the Royal Rumble they would see both Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect, and one of them, after tonight's episode, will have lost a career match.

We kick off with Repo Man pulling up in a tow-truck, and in a brief interview with Sean Mooney he promises to repossess Macho Man's career.

Thanks for the lift, Axe.
In the arena, we have Bartlett, Vince and HEENAN(replacing the active Macho Man). Right off the bat Bobby starts laying in the verbal jabs on Bartlett and it's glorious.

Repo Man makes his way down for our first contest.....

This match starts out all over the place, with Savage just going nuts. He's hoping over the top rope to the floor, snapmaring Repo on the outside, just going wild. They brawl quite a bit in the first half, but soon we settle down with Repo in control. Repo is pretty awesome during this segment. He gets Macho in a rear chin lock, and just starts ranting. "I could break you neck right now! No one does that to me!" and on and on. There's some very vocal Macho fans at rings side and he jaws with them a little, yelling gems like "Shut up, kid!" and "Macho what?" at them.

Macho's comebacks seem kind of clunky, like he decided half way through a sequence that he didn't want to get beat up anymore, but he didn't tell Repo. It's kind of neat, in a sloppy Macho MADNESS kind of way. The ending was pretty abrupt, but it was a fun time nonetheless.

This is how my son pins me sometimes, and so I slap his belly in response.
Man, I don't remember a Kamala face run at all. But apparently REVEREND Slick is trying to teach him that "He is a Man." This is a fun quick match with Brawler doing what he does best - getting the crap beat out of him. If you kind of squint he looks like Artie Lang. I actually like Kamala's offense. It's kind of fun and wild. They work in the bit where he tries to pin Brawler on his stomach, and Slick is trying to get the crowd to help him tell Kamala how to do it properly. Eventually he gets it, and Kamala picks up the win. Fun times.

Slick gets fired up and thanks the fans, who he says are responsible for the transformation of Kamala. Then he threatens Kim Chee and Harvey Whippleman to not get in the Ugandan Giant's way.

Now I want to see Giant Gonzalez vs. Kamala....that had to have happened.

I dug this match. It's better than the one they had at the beginning of the year. They took some of the best stuff from that and peppered it in, but it's a different match, and kind of moves towards the Standard Flair Match Format. There's some fun extraneous stuff, like Flair rolling out for a powder early and Heenan getting up and offering him the time keeper's hammer on the sly. Or Earl Hebner diving off the apron to strip Flair of a chair before he could use it on a prone Mr. Perfect.

Mr. Perfect takes a kind of awkward bump that opens him up. He tries to do a Shawn Michaels kind of bump in the corner, but he tries to hang on and ends up swinging himself into the post as he falls down. I'm not positive if it was on purpose and he bladed, or if he really knocked his noggin and it opened him up hard way. The wound looks a bit like a nasty goose egg, so I figured it bonked him pretty good. Also, Perfect does a tremendous sell on his leg, and keeps it going as the match is over. I love how he does, it as it just looks awesome. Wrestler's should watch it and take notes.

Heenan is great on commentary, and adds a lot of drama that I didn't quite get from the match. I didn't quite feel that tension and drama that comes with this being someone's LAST MATCH. It was a well paced match and had good execution, but it felt like a really good exhibition that didn't have much on the line. Like I said, Bobby really helped with this, as he was really going irate. When the match was over he said something that was bleeped out big time, and I wonder if he even said anything bad at all, or if Vince just bleeped it all out in post so that RAW came off...well...raw. Bartlett, didn't detract much, and actually added, because about 5 minutes in he was speechless. It was like the work in the ring was too good for him to crack wise about it, and that added a lot.

It's a good match, and worth checking out if you haven't seen it, but not really as good as some of the other stuff I've seen in January.

Good show. We get an interesting brawl between Macho and Repo, a fun little squash from Kamala and a lengthy battle between Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair that sees one wrestler packing. So lots of action for an hour show. I'd take this type of RAW over RAW now, or Impact, or probably even RoH on HDNet. I am disappointed that Vince told me I was getting a Bushwhacker's match at the top of the show, and it didn't happen. But he did confirm a match for next week:

I'm excited actually.

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  1. Thanks for doing this. 93 is my favorite era in WWF and this brings back tons of memories.