Monday, February 21, 2011

The WWF New Age Era Project: Boston House Show Handheld Review

January 9th, 1993

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Crowd is super hot during this. Plenty of "Irwin" chants and Nasty Boy chants. Saggs was honestly the only one who didn't do much here. When he was in control he looked sluggish and disinterested. They do a tricky little finish where Knobbs gets the pin after a ref bump but he's not the legal guy so they restart the match. The crowd went nuts thinking they had new champs. Despite the restart the crowd was still into it thinking they had a chacne to do it right. Eventually things get out of hand and while the ref is distracted Saggs eats a briefcase shot before getting pinned. Pretty fun match over all.

This match would have scared the poop out of me as a kid. As a matter of fact, the grainy video image of them staring eachother down is like watching the ending of Blair Witch. I keep thinking they're going to slowly turn towards the camera and then it'll cut off.

This is a pretty fun toss around as Papa Shango does a good job beating down Taker and Taker does a good job of sitting up and hitting the chokeslam. No Tombstone, so I was a little disappointed, but it was pretty much what I expected. Decent.

This one kind of dragged. I was really looking forward to it as I like both guys, but the crowd wasn't into it and it was a little clunky early on. Bam Bam was great at bumping around for Typhoon, but Typhoon just wasn't incredibly hot as the face in this situation. People just didn't seem to care when he came back and I people eventually cheered when Bam Bam won. It wasn't bad it just wasn't optimal given the two guys in the ring and a very unenthusiastic crowd.

60-Minute Iron Man Match for the WWF Championship
Fun Fact: This was a double shot day where WWF hit up two towns, and this match is either the first or second match these two had together on this day. Pretty wild.
"I think he's dead, Naitch."

The first 15 minutes or so is basically hammerlock fest and I really dug it. Bret starts it out by working it really hard and Flair selling it like Hart was trying to break his arm. When Flair takes his turn he's doing the rope leverage stuff and the ref NEVER catches him. I think that's what's really brilliant is Flair pretty much cheats the whole match and never gets caught. Bret just has to overcome the blind officiating for SIXTY MINUTES.  The final 10-13 minutes is really awesome, especially the last five minutes, where it seems like Hart isn't going to have enough time to catch up. Definitely worth checking out for that portion alone as Hart really has to sack up to pull this one out.

There's one moment where Flair chops Bret and Bret gets in his face and takes down the straps to his gear, and I thought that was fucking awesome. I can't remember how many times Bret ever pulled the ste straps down but I kind of wish it happened more.

I'd say this is better than Bret's Title Win against Flair from the year before. It doesn't feel very predictable and kept my attention the whole time, which is saying something considering it's sixty minutes on a hand held. So go find this one.

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