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MARCH 8th, 1993
Had a nice break from the 1993 stuff and then I got the fever. The fever for some Doink. I hope Doink is on this.

Hulkster brings the thunder with this. Jimmy Hart has gotten the contract signed for a bout between Money Inc and the Mega Maniacs at Wrestlemania. And for those people that think Brutus is the wink link, Hogan has been beating him in the face with a metal face over the weekend. So problem solved, then? Hulk hints that there's a big surprise in store for them. Can't wait to see what that is.

Virgil's red and white pinstripe tights have to be some of the worst tights ever. Ted plays the mindgames by starting off with Tito and avoiding Virgil. When Virgil gets in, Ted laughs and backs out. They play the opposite roles game in the first half with Tito and Virgil cheating like crazy and Irwin playing Heel in Peril. They do the switching places behind the ref's back and pretending like they slapped hand spot a couple of times and the crowd loves it. There's a commercial break and when we come back Money Inc is control. IT kind of ruins the rhythm a little. As soon as we get back Tito's making a hot tag that we had no build to. Shortly after that Money Inc. sneaks out a win. I wish I could see these four go at it again without any interruptions. What we got was pretty neat.

Before the match they recap the past few weeks of Tatanka owning HBK. They also do a funny bit where Rick Martel comes out and tells the ring girl to take a hike so he can walk around with the RAW Card. It's a funny way to get a little quick heat before his match with Perfect later. Anyway. This was a decent squash.  Phil Apollo isn't memorable by job guy standards. Tatanka has a nice Ron Simmons-esque powerslam that he busts out. I'm starting to buy his Samoan Drop as a finish too. Outside of that nothing much here.

I need this outfit. 
Martel does replaces the ring girl again before this match. Hilarious. He's dressed in what can only be described as a yachter's robe.
Shango drags this one out and it's still kind of boring. Beyond the face paint and the gimmick stuff, the guy doesn't have that same physical charisma to bring the character out. I'd go as far to say that Boogeyman was better in bringing out his weird character than Shango. Honestly the more I see him the more I'm kind of disappointed.

Demoro has a great physique and I'm trying to figure out if I know him from somewhere else. Backlund is really hot and the crowd loves him. A few Bobby chants through out. It was great to watch them get excited over  him just schooling a guy on the mat or hip tossing him. Backlund busts out a really cool pin to finish it off. So far the best overall match of the show.

This was like two jazz musicians riffing with each other. Smooth solid action and both guys played their parts perfectly. Martel's gutwrench suplex is fantastic and this was probably Perfect's best TV match as a face. It was just so good and Perfect was starting to make a comeback until IT WAS ALL RUINED. We got a commercial break and when we come back the goddamn match is over. YEAH. It was over and Perfect was slapping hands. And then they show an instant replay of Perfect hitting the Perfect-plex.

It would be like if The Rebels were attacking the Deathstar and then we go to a commercial break we come back and we're at the ceremony where they get the medals. And Obi-Wan Ghost says, "Let me show you what you missed," and we cut to a quick shot of the Death Star exploding. And the worst part is this whole show was pre-recorded. How does a pre-recorded show get so messed up in the timing department? I sat through Papa Shango stalling his ass off when putting away Mike Edwards, but when an actual good match comes on "We just don't have time to fit it in. FUCK THIS.

And to cap it off I get this graphic to tease me for next week:




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