Thursday, March 31, 2011


March 22, 1993
Manhattan Center
Manhattan, New York

We're a hop skip and a jump away from Wrestlemania, let's see what Raw has in store with us now. And who knows, maybe I'll actually time this out perfectly and get my Wrestlemania Review up on the weekend of this year's Wrestlemania. Wouldn't that be something?

I think Vince has teased the Bushwhackers more than once as "Appearing Next Week" and up until now they hadn't shown up on RAW. I have no idea why those matches didn't happen or why they didn't air them. I honestly haven't gone back and watched a Bushwhackers match ever, because I didn't like their goofy asses when I was a kid. But since those days, I've seen their stuff as the Sheepherders and am interested in comparing the two sides of Luke and Butch again.

They're still goofy. Ass biting spots. I'm actually into the idea of a Damien Demento and Barry Darsow being a team. If they shaved Darsow's head and had him act crazy too it would be a pretty fun combination. Demento and Luke do this spot where Demento goes for a shoulder block and they both take back bumps. Then Demento just gets up and takes control. A minute later they do it again and Luke crawls away for the hot tag. Demento isn't very good, so I take back what I said about him and Darsow being a team. Repo Man deserves better. Luke and Butch finish off Repo with the Battering Ram and Repo still deserves better. Gotta say, I still don't care about the Bushwhackers but I'll keep enjoying the Sheepherders. This match was a dud.

Riggins has leaopard skin tights and white boots. No kneepads. Mad Dog Marty Sugar would not be pleased. They work a shoulder lock while Reno is in the ropes. Lame. At one point, Tatanka gets whipped to the corner and he hops on to the middle rope and springs back with a cross body. He misses, but I was still surprised he did it. Didn't know he had that one in his repertoire. Reno gets in some chops, but eventually Tatanka "Tatankas Up!" and dominates him with a powerslam and a samoan drop. I dig Tatanka's powerslam. I think the Powerslam is one of my favorite moves in wrestling actually. Fun showing for Tatanka.

So this is the year the WWF/E Hall of Fame came into creation and it's very first inductee is Andre the Giant. It's no surprise as Andre had passed away a month earlier. I wonder if they planned on making a Hall of Fame before he passed and if we could have gotten a living Andre The Giant getting inducted at Wrestlemania
IX.... They do a fun montage of Andre bits while a piano plays. I think my favorite bit is that they show Hogan attempting the Body Slam and failing. Pretty awesome.

After the clip they show three young guys in the crowd who were actors on One Life To Live. The one on the left is:
Ryan Phillippe
Armstrong boasts one of the worst clothesline bumps and one of the greatest rat tail cuts ever. This one gets a little marred do to the camera cutting back to Rob Bartlett who's flipping through channels on his little TV to scope out the competition. Vince declares there is no competition for Monday Night Raw. Even with out that distraction this match is pretty weak. The whimpies aren't really very good, and Ted and Irwin are just going through the motions on this one. 
More intense than Davey Richards.
But seriously, this military cut with the rattail is pretty intense right?

Doink is wearing a different wig. It's kind of like a little green afro. This is the second match-up between these two I've seen so far. The last time, Doink fooled Kamala with an empty present. This time he just pretends to give him one and then takes it away. Doink slaps on what looks like a Dragon Sleeper early on - he's out of control. He's like some kind of Dean Malenko in clown make-up. He controls a lot of this and when Kamala finally starts making his comeback he runs outside for the present to give it to him for real this time. Kamala takes it and gets counted out. Again. Same exact ending as the other match. 

Doink then climbs under the ring and out the other side. Kamala follows him. Doink makes it out and grabs a chair and smacks Kamala while he's still under the apron. Twice. The problem is that Doink is obviously hitting a center ring leg. While he's waiting for a third time Kamala comes out a different side and surprises Doink from behind and chases him out of the building. Fun story. But nothing to go out of your way to see.

During the Wrestlemania hype report with Mean Gene, Gene-o asks Macho Man if his Sedan is a single or a double and if it comes with vestal virgins. This is how Macho Man reacts.
Just an okay show. No great action, but some fun seeing early 90's culture. I get oddly nostalgic for these days. Like the other day I watched this crappy direct-to-video movie called Blown Away, starring The Two Corey's and Nicole Eggert. I totally loved it just for the nostalgia factor. That and Nicole Eggert got naked a lot. And because of her I also have a strong desire to watch whole seasons of Baywatch, a show I loved when I was younger. Remember the one with Giant Gonzalez?

See how I brought it back? It's all connected, baby.

I hope everyone has an awesome Wrestlemania weekend. Go Team Del Rio!

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