Wednesday, May 18, 2011



We kick things off this week with Money Inc. paying to Beverly Brothers to tell them everything they know about the Steiners. Beverly Bros, who wrestled them last week explain that you gotta take their legs out and avoid the Frankensteiner. Money Inc look really worried at the news they're hearing. This was  neat way to build a match. Let's see if Irwin can put any of this info to good use.

This one is only a slight let down, but it's supposed to be building to an eventual tag match between Money Inc and The Steiners. There's a cool shoulder block, shoulder block, drop toe hold, head lock counter to hammer lock, sequence that I really really like.

Ted does great work on the outside. He's wearing his white suit and at the first sign of a fight with Rick he snaps the entire thing off in like 15 seconds.

This is one of the first matches Scott has been in where he doesn't dominate or get to use any of his big time throws. I think the only suplexes he gets in is a standard snap suplex. He does nail a Tiger Driver for the finish, but gets nailed by DiBiase before the ref can count to 3.

After the match The Steiners go for the Steiner Line but the Beverly's run down to assist. Unfortunetely they end up nailing DiBiase on accident and the four teams argue while the Steiners walk off. This leads to a kind of face turn for the Beverlys.

Von Krus is the former Skull Von Krush from the early ECW days and later Vito from the Baldies. He also was Vito in the WWE where he was in their version of the Full Blooded Italians. You may also remember him wrestling in a dress.

Tatanka busts out a Japanese Armdrag, and it looks pretty ugly. Can't tell if it's the way Von Krus does a flip bump or what. Von Krus also enjoys taking whips to the turnbuckle that he bounces off of and does a back bump.

It's a decent match, but Krus is pretty green. His bumps looks like he's getting hit and then deciding to take a bump, instead of looking like a guy who's getting knocked down.

Doink randomly comes out and squirts some water and people before leaving. This is similar to when he debuted, where he'd periodically come out and muck with the crowd while the wrestlers wrestled.

Luna made her first appearance at Wrestlemania beating up Sherri Martel. Luna is solid on the mic talking about herself as a true "Woman of the 90's...Strong Sleek and Sensual"

She also says "I am a bandit from the wild untamed future. A Place that was before and will be again. I am the  ultimate female of the ring. I am the woman that rules the squared circle and I will wipe you all over the mat like a fine PiCasso." That's brilliant folks.

I think Luna is walking in on this guy's Beer Ad Photo Shoot.
Sherri responds, "Hey, I've stood up to bigger men than you'll ever be woman." Sherri then does a high kick around Bartlett that connects with Luna's face. It's actually really impressive looking. They start brawling and Sherri suplexes Luna on the floor. Eventually they end up tearing their clothes off a little AND THEN go into the crowd, which delighted some of the male fans. Sherri actually threatens to break Luna's bra strap to a great reaction. Macho finishes the interview where Sherri says if Luna wants a piece of Sherri she can get one anytime she wants "Ohhhhhh yeah!". This was a pretty cool segment and both of the ladies were awesome on the mic.

The Fink actually says "Skip" Taylor while the graphic reads "Scott" and you can kind of see Scotty's face fall when he realizes what the Fink just said. Thankfully he does a great job. He gets all kinds of air on a hip toss, and the shoulder breaker looked extra nasty. Shango does the head butt to the abs which really looks like a flying Blow J, but other than that it's an okay squash.

Dude. I don't even remember Friar Ferguson. For those who don't know, Ferguson is Mike Shaw, who would later become Bastion Booger. This match is pretty lame. BUT it does have a funny exchange between Macho and Vince.

VINCE: I would suggest Friar Ferguson with an unfair advantage considering whom is managing the Friar.
MACHO: You talkin' about Hulk Hogan?

Ferguson's gimmick is so goddamn goofy. He not only has to dress like Friar Tuck from Disney's Robin Hood, he also decides he needs to hike up his robe every once in a while and do the little wobbly knee dance. He even stuffs Chris Duffy's head up his robe and rubs the fabric all over his face. END THIS PLEASE.

Friar splashes Duffy and apparently there's a three count but they call it a two. The crowd boos. END THIS PLEASE

The cut to Rob Bartlett at ring side, who's been made up to look like he has a black eye. Vince urges him to flex for the camera. END THIS PLEASE.

The crowd actually starts to chant "WE WANT BRET." Which is awesome. They look just completely lost out there. After Duffy goes for a sunset flip, Friar just sits on him for a three count. This match was four and a half minutes. It felt like 8 hours.
Putting smiles on kids' faces for years.

A couple of decent matches and a fun Luna/Sherri segment makes this a decent show. The Ferguson debut was pretty brutal.

BEVERLYS vs. MONEY INC! VIRGIL vs. RAZOR RAMON! Should be a fun show.


  1. On the SummerSlam spectacular, which aired right before SummerSlam, there's a great Money Inc vs Steiners big blue cage match. I would highly recommend seeking it out. It is escape only (and not out of the door) and both members have to escape. It has awesome psychology and remains one of my all time favorite cage matches.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be definitely grabbing that in the future. I personally think "escape rules" are dumb, but I'd still be more than happy to watch those four in a cage.

    I remember digging the Edge and Christian vs. Hardy Boys Cage match with the double escape rules, so I know it's possible for me to enjoy that kind of match.