Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mid-Hudson Center
Poughkeepsie, New York

Man, it seems like I keep getting interrupted with April 1993. Might need to hunker down and finish this month out. This show, like the last RAW, is in the Mid-Hudson Center, as they were both taped on the same night.

What are you doing?
It started okay for Virgil, but he had a weird moment where Razor went back up against the ropes waiting to get Irish Whipped and Virgil went for a school boy. Think about that. Yeah, I don't know what he was thinking. Also Virgil has a terrible moment in a submission where he tries to get the crowd to cheer him on but no one wants to. It's REALLY bad. Just another awful performance from Virgil, who I thought was competent at one time.

Gonzalez comes out walking slow to his slow music, and then decides he needs to get to the ring faster and breaks into a trot. It's that kind of trot you do when you're at a cross walk and a car stops for you, and you decide you'll be nice and kind of walk a little faster so they can be on their way. That's what Gonzalez did. Some scary giant. Gore doesn't get to do much, which disappoints me. I feel like he should have made it big in ECW. Anyway, it's a squash and not a good one. Thankfully it was only a minute.

Luna gets some backstage promo time to tell the story of her and Sherri's feud. Luna might be one of the best talkers in the company right now. Her voice and character or so refined and few of the guys sound as comfortable as she does talking. Just another awesome promo.

Art Thomas gets to work over Tatanka, and I gotta say, he looks like he really fits in. He's more snug than some of the job guys and has a decent look to himself. I tried looking him up to see if maybe he wrestled anywhere else, but apparently he has the same name as another more famous wrestler, Sailor Art Thomas who wrestled in through the 50's and 70' now I got know who that guy is. Stupid wrestling, there's too much of it. Anyway, this is better than the other two bouts. They keep it simple and have an easy story, but everything is done crisply. Tatanka is still a winner, and I wonder if they have any idea what they're supposed to do with him now that his feud with Shawn is over.

The Beverly's control the early stuff and with a lot of arm work on Ted Dibiase and they even work in a couple of heel spots on Money Inc.   Ted worked quite a bit of the match, as I assume he's preparing himself to go hard with the Steiners. Some good work from Blake Beverly too. I wonder if Vince thought about keeping one of these guys before he fired them, because Blake wouldn't be a bad guy to have around.

While the story and ring work is solid, the crowd wasn't into two heel teams facing each other. The Beverly's had just turned but it still felt like a heel on heel match. Some decent work that gives me hope for the Money Inc./Steiner match, but overall it suffers from a lack of heat.

Vince introduces the Hitman, referring to him as THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION, which Macho echos. Bret has a decent promo, first talking about being an underdog and then transitioning to his feud with Lex Luger. Bret has a lot of words in his brain and sometimes he doesn't know which ones he wants to say, so he says them all. "....The Hitman is coming straight, right, back up to the top to get back what is rightfully his....the World Wrestling Federation Title." Read that aloud. STRAIGHT. RIGHT. BACK UP. That's what he does with everything.

He does say, for the first time on RAW anyway, "I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be." It's funny, I hadn't really heard him say that during his Championship run. The crowd loved that line. He should say it more often, I think.

Money Inc. watching Sin Cara vs. Chavo at Over the Limit
Bigelow dominates. He's one of the best squash match wrestlers in the WWF. Doink, one of the other best squash match wrestlers in the company, comes out in the middle of this and then wanders back as he is wont to do. I have no idea why they did that during this match instead of during Tatanka's match. I'd be totally down for a Tatanka/Doink feud right now. Bammer crushes Phil with a senton before climbing up top to nail his flying headbutt. And then does it again after the match is over.

Friar Ferguson comes out to protect Phil Apollo....oh god no. Bammer decides to take a walk, as beating up Phil Apollo isn't worth this dumb stuff, and Friar drop kicks him in the butt to send him out of the ring. Oh man. Why is this happening to me?

It started off rough, but eventually became a decent show. I kind of like the format of the show with the main event coming on second to last and then the last match kind of creating a little story for maybe next week. It's not the best, but it's kind of different and refreshing.

NEXT WEEK: CRUSH vs. LUGER. I'm actually excited about that. It could be good or really bad, and I'll have fun either way.


  1. hey fellow Waking Life fan.. - been enjoying this series.. - remember Dylan on DVDVR arguing telling me Virgil was better than DiBiase..

  2. Hahaha, this show ending with Friar Ferguson dropkicking Bam Bam in the butt is amazing.

  3. I do remember that the Virgil>DiBiase stuff, and I couldn't wrap my head around it. I thought Virgil was okay when he finally got in the ring. One could call him, "a solid hand." But he's crapped the bed in a big way in the last few matches I've seen him in.