Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Before the show gets rolling, we get a recap of the Shawn/Mr. Perfect brawl in the streets from last week. Afterwards, Lord Alfred Hayes says that he saw some one come to the arena in a disguise and we'll be surprised when we find out who it is. Exciting.

My god, The Fink never saw it coming.
Billy and Bart make their RAW debut, firing off six shooters and million dollar smiles. Glenn Ruth has some new gear, which is exciting, but absolutely awful. The Gunns work fast, almost too fast. Lots of quick tags and high energy, especially from Billy who looks AMP'D UP. You can already see the potential for him to be a big deal in the company. Some nice power and some big time fire. The Gunn's finish is pretty crazy, too. Billy Back Body Drops a guy into Bart who delivers a pile driver. Solid debut, and a great addition to a pretty sweet tag division.

Shawn gets to deliver another interview in the ring with Vince. He's now starting to refer to himself as "The Heartbreak Kid". He says that he'd put up the title any where any time. "A fan" enters the ring to take him up on it.. Shawn doesn't seem to worried about the fan and tells him to take a hike. The Fan takes off his sunglasses and hat to reveal his identity.....IT'S MARTY JANNETTY!!!!!!!!!!

Vince and Marty put HBK on the spot about whether he's truly a man of his word, and Vince declares a title match for tonight, MARTY JANNETTY vs. SHAWN MICHAELS!

No more Kamikaze. No more Cannonball. Now it's just The Kid. He's still wearing his "L.KID" tights. The crowd is very pro-Razor and he eats it up. He eats up Waltman too, who takes some great bumps in this. But you all know the angle. Razor goes for a splash in the corner and hits his head on the post. Kid jumps to the top rope and hits a Moonsault for the shocking 1-2-3. The crowd goes bananas and starts chanting "Loser" at Razor.

This angle is a pretty special angle and is one that anyone who watched wrestling during this era remembers it. I remember I became a fan of The Kid instantly after he pinned Razor Ramon, and apparently so did everyone in the Manhattan Center. No one suspected it and it caught everyone by surprise. Just an awesome moment that has to be among the top moments of this Era.

Tatanka goes nuts on poor Scotty 2 Hotty, chopping the kid all over the place. Taylor is one of the better bump guys and makes Tatanka look big time. Tatanka is basically cranking up the intensity because he wants to show Bam Bam Bigelow what's going to happen to him. Decent squash.

During the match Vince, Heenan, and Macho are all talking about The Kid's big win, and Vince declares him the 1-2-3 KID. And so the gimmick is born.

Yoko just watched John Cena beat Rey Mystero for the Title on RAW
Add this somewhere near the top of the Kamala matches pile. The anticipation for these guys colliding is tremendous, and when they do it's epic. Kamala does some goofy selling, but for the most part this one is a solid big vs. big match up. The crowd being really into it helped, and this crowd is pretty much hot for everything tonight. I think that's two good Kamala matches in a row, which must mean he's going to be fired soon.....

Another classic match. Jannetty is firing on all cylinders in this. He's got an cool spot where he does a baseball slide to the outside, skins the cat back into the ring and immediately planchas on to Shawn. I'm not sure if I like this as much as their Royal Rumble match, but it's pretty freaking great. The crowd was buying nearfalls off of slingshots into the corner and stuff. And it really built off of stuff Shawn had been doing for weeks. At one point he tried to grab the title and book but when he got to the curtain, Mr. Perfect was waiting for him and walked him back to the ring.

Some great spots, a sprinty pace, and a great crowd, make this a must see. But if you've been watching the WWE for any amount of time, you already have.

This show is important. It's a manifesto of this generation. Shawn is obviously positioned as the future. A young highflyer who can get heat and work hot main events. He's been in the best angles for weeks now. The Smoking Gunns are a hot new tag team, who've got muscles but are quick and agile. Waltman, who physically fits in with the likes of fellow jobbers Justin Credible and Scott Taylor gets a win off an amazing aerial maneuver. And most importantly the crowd ate up every second. This was the hottest RAW crowd of the year. To me this is the moment when The New Generation really becomes visible as the true future of the company.


  1. I remember this show like it happened yesterday. I remember my stepfather coming in and telling me they wouldn't change the title on TV, even though he didn't even watch wrestling, which made the title change all the greater. Plus, Razor vs. Waltman is a classic. Just reading the recaps of these, you can tell that this show is different from the others. It feels like RAW/WWE just went through a similar change around Money in the Bank.

  2. I remember watching it too. I didn't have cable, and I only got to watch RAW if I happened over to my grandmother's house. I just happened to watch on this night. Waltman's win was amazing and made even better by all the reactions involved: his, the crowd's and Razor's.

    I absolutely love that the crowd was so pro-Razor until the Kid beat him. It's one of those moments that you knew they did something special, and it's never been recreated.

  3. I also remember this show like it was yesterday. Funny story as, Jae as it was the EXACT same situation for me. My house did not have cable but my Grandma's place did and that is where I watched this Raw. I marked out like only a little kid did when Jannety came back from out of no where, the 123 Kid winning the match after weeks of loosing and of course Jannety winning the IC title. Just awesome!