Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm straight up about to go begging for money on Michigan Ave. downtown. I'm heading down there anyway for the awesome Marilyn Monroe statue unveiling(only the legs have really been visible). The reason to beg for money? I want to go to Money In the Bank. My original plan was to sell some stuff on the ebay that would have gone off today and I'd be able to buy me a ticket off of the stubhub. But I couldn't find my gee dee camera to take some gee dee pictures of the gee dee merchandise. 

I might be crying somewhere Sunday night if I miss this. I put full blame on the stupid City Sticker for my car I had to buy today.

Also, as you may have noticed I ended up missing 3 Smackdown reviews. I seriously haven't watched Smackdown since my last review. Sadly, I'm apathetic towards catching up. Hopefully I will catch up, and get back on track with those reviews, because those suckers were getting me some traffic.

And finally, I'm going to start reviewing some more stuff in general. I've been actually watching a lot of wrestling lately, I just ain't told you about it. I'm going to stop keeping it from you. For one, I'm going to be tossing in more Puroresu reviews. For two, I'm trying to get into Lucha Libre and I figured I'd post my experiences for fun - because I've hardly watched that stuff ever. AND FOR THREE, I've got some indy shows I've been hankering to review. I'd specifically like to spot light some NON-ROH/DGUSA/CHIKARA/PWG type feds. So if you're a wrestler or a promoter and you want me to check your fed out; hit me up with some youtube linkage. I'm not hard to get a hold of.

And I just might be experimenting with some audio....Maybe.

On with the show!


DiBiase starts off with Kamala and offers Kamala some money to get the hell out of here. Kamala takes the money and gives it to Slick. Slick tells Kamala to whip his ass and so he does. That deal stunk. Vince justifies it by saying that money is going to Slick's church. 

After some awesome bumping and selling from IRS and DiBiase, Mr. Hughes comes in for the big showdown with Kamala. It's actually pretty awesome and Kamala, having a monster to fight with, looked impressive for once when he knocked the big man down.

The trio of Kamala & The Nasties is actually pretty formidable. They rarely ever lost control of the match for more than a 10 seconds. The only downside was that Kamala once again failed at pinning a IRS. And because of his confusion, Schyster was able to school boy Kamala for the win. Not a bad match at all and I was happy to see Kamala's confusion benefit his opponent.

Dakota kids killed. The end. Yokozuna is just plain amazing. His finish is legit one of the best in the history of wrestling. It looks horrific. Besides that every move he does looks like instant death. The more I watch the more he moves up my All-Time Favorite Wrestler's list.

His mother says she's proud, but his father just tells him to fetch another beer.
Pretty decent squash from Crush. He just came in and dominated and showed a lot more energy and fire. The crowd definitely helped out, because they were really into him. His face work has improved but he's way behind other midcard guys like Tatanka. Actually, now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind seeing a heel crush feud with Tatanka.

They do a recap of the ongoing feud between Luna and Sherri that ends with some new promos. Luna's crushes it, talking about haunting Sherri's breath and becoming the goddess of the squared circle. She's amazing. Sherri, answers with some strong fire, with her best line being that she's "The Woman that invented mean." This is honestly one of the best feuds in the company on promo work alone. The only one that comes close is Lex/Bret, that is basically reserved for house shows.

They didn't get nearly as hot as they could have, but it was a decent short TV match. Razor's has elite level body language. His cockiness early on was so nasty, you couldn't wait for Tito to clock him. They do an interesting bit where Tito applies an arm wringer and Razor threatens to punch him but the ref tells him no closed fists. They do this a couple of times, and then Razor whips him to the ropes, Tito ducks a clothesline and punches Razor in the face so that he can reply the arm wringer. For some reason I found that kind of thing awesome.

Tito comes back with some body slams and goes for a flying cross body but Razor rolls through and pulls the tights for the win. I'd love to see these guys go longer. They really seem like they could play off each other really well.

Whippleman promises to eliminate the Undertaker and then hypes next weeks KOTR qualifier with Tatanka. Oh man....that could be pretty rough. Still, this is a pretty weak note to end the show on. Especially since we got a Whippleman promo in the middle of the show hyping Gonzales' match at the Meadlowlands with Savage. Too much Giant Gonzales makes the baby go blind.
Taken 5 seconds before he realizes what he's wearing and kills everyone in Arizona.
OVERALL SHOW: Not bad. We got Yoko killing a jobber, a decent trios match that involved Kamala, and a good Razor/Santana TV match. We even got some good promos from Luna, Sherri, and even a Lex Luger promo questioning why he thinks it's absurd that he has to qualify for the King of the Ring.

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  1. You know, the Rev. Slick and Kamala team-up could have been really interesting if it was given more of a spin. Slick is trying to convert the savage Kamala to Christianity. Instead, the only thing I remember them doing is going bowling.

    I don't blame you for not watching Smackdown. I can't really bring myself to watch it, either. I have even been watching Superstars every week lately, but Smackdown just isn't that appealing, even if it has some of my favorite wrestlers on it. I read that Michael Hayes is no longer head booker, so maybe it will get more interesting.