Sunday, July 24, 2011


Remember when Dolph Ziggler used to say that? Well, he didn't say "Randy Orton", he said "Dolph Ziggler" because he's Dolph Ziggler. And Randy Orton saying "Hi my name is Randy Orton" to open the show reminds me that he's not one of my favorite wrestlers in the world.

Anyway, I have no idea how much longer these two are going to doe-si-doe, but the story surrounding these two has gotten stale. The matches are still pretty good, the one from Over The Limit, being a frontrunner for my Match of the Year, but much like Kofi/Dolph, these two are getting run into the ground.

Remember that time Wrestlemania was main-evented by an Intercontinental Champion facing the WWF Champion? Good times.

Christian and Zeke had some good matches back when they were on opposite sides of the good guy/bad guy spectrum, and it's fun to see them with their roles reversed. Zeke's face run has been hit and miss for me, but most of that was because he and Wade Barrett are poor dance partners. I think my biggest problem with him is that for as big as he is, he looks really weak a lot of the time. Goldberg worked underneath lots of guys, but when the match was over, you thought you had just seen that baddest man on the planet. When Zeke sells he replaces his badass aura with Yoshi Tatsu's. I don't get it, but it happens here in a big way. He just doesn't feel nearly as impressive as his body looks. Decent match overall, and it made Christian look great....Zeke...not so much, and he's really some one that should be better protected.

Remember when Daniel Bryan was amazing? You should because he's amazing all the damn time. His response to Michael Cole's constant douche baggery was a great way for him to get more fans, and to let people know just who the hell this guys is. Him saying that he's cashing in at Wrestlemania is awesome and I hope it really happens. It gives him time to build real character momentum, and it's a concept people can relate to. Who wouldn't cash it at the biggest stage of them all? Hell's yeah. Heath Slater coming out and getting some mic time, was nice. He's not horrible, he's just annoying, which is perfect for him.

These guys TORE IT UP. I've been a fan of Slater's for a while, (I was on TV with a lame "Heath Slater Rocks" sign during the NXT episode with the Keg race) and he didn't look out of place at all with D-Bryan at all. He's one of those young guys that really puts in 110% every second he's on TV. This had a great pace, had solid athleticism and had the crowd rocking by the end. More performances like these will get both of these over big time with the crowd. I could go for a rematch. Make sure to hit this up on the Youtube, or Hulu.

There's a really neat story in here that they build around trapping each other in the ropes. It's also two guys kicking each other's ass. The count out finish was the right way to go, in order to set up some thing in the future, and both guys came out looking pretty tough. Sheamus as a face might work really really well, as he seems to know how to get face sympathy with out losing his badass aura. I think this will be much better than Wade's last feud.

I had waning interest in this. These two really don't work together very well. Orton is a fascinating person to watch because he does some of the weirdest stuff in wrestling, but it feels like we're seeing his real personality. He's just plain weird as hell. Kane did most of his best work in the first half, but it was still weak by his standards. The finishing stretch was slow and plodding, and the RKO on the chair had a weaker looking impact than the regular RKO. But enough about this let's get to the real highlight:

I freaking love Mark Henry. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is gold, and he's really looking good dominating all the other monsters in the company. I actually feel like he'd be a more interesting World Champion than Christian at this point. I can only hope that this is leading to SKIP SHEFIEILD coming back and Lariat-o'ing his ass.

One really good match with some decent ones tossed in. Daniel Bryan calling his shot at Wrestlemania was the biggest story of the night, but there's still not something inspiring about the other stories, especially the super stale main event program with Christian and Orton. It also doesn't help that this has to follow the red hot CM Punk angle every week. The booking still feels a little lazy and overly reliant on just throwing wrestlers out there to wrestle with no long term plan to get me excited.


  1. I don't think Christian/Orton is making it to SummerSlam. I think they're turning Sheamus to feud him with Christian. Then having a Mark Henry vs Orton match up. I actually really enjoyed the Kane/Orton match and I'm really coming around on Orton. He's a very old school style worker. Daniel Bryan/Slater was great, too.

  2. Yeah, Orton, is a lot of fun usually. I know some people find his mannerisms(the viper stuff) to be goofy but I think it's great. I think he has great body language that reads to the nosebleed seats in the arena, and it's a huge reason why he gets big reactions. Shawn Michaels was really good at that kind of stuff too.

    I'd be fine with a Christian/Sheamus feud, because they work really well together. A Orton/Henry feud would be fun just because of that interview where Orton said Henry was one of those guys he wouldn't want to wrestle.

  3. I'm guessing Christian-Orton is blown off in a no-DQ match at Summerslam. I'd love to see Brodus Clay return there as Christian's new Problem Solver. There's no business or creative reason to put the title back on Orton. I'd go Christian -> Sheamus -> Henry -> Bryan.

  4. I agree that there really isn't a reason to put the title back on Orton. I would think that if Danielson is really cashing in at Mania they would want the title on Christian at that point. I would go the same way as Anonymous with the title, but add Orton after Sheamus, because it would mean more for Henry to win it from him and Christian after Henry, probably at Elimination Chamber so we don't have to see a heel/heel match at a PPV.