Saturday, July 30, 2011


Oh man, I'm so excited. This next week I'll have some more puro reviews, some NGE Project stuff, and for the first time - Lucha Reviews. The best part? Most of them are already written, I was just waiting for today to write up this show.

Fun Fact for those who are new(because apparently I've got lots of new readers, thanks for stopping by) I actually watch Smackdown with out reading the spoilers in advance. So it's usually a surprise for me when anything happens on the show(Like the time Del Rio tapped out Rey in his debut. Had no idea that was coming.)

Anyway, enough BS let's get rolling

Trips recaps the CM Punk/Cena situation, and then gets interrupted by Captain Charisma, or as Josh Matthews calls him, The Smarmy Champion. After Triple H let's it be known that he doesn't like Christian and his attitude, R-Truth comes out to continue his and Trip's conversation from Monday. Mr. H tells him he'll be wresting Smackdown's Randy Orton tonight, and then informs Christian that he'll be facing the Raw's John Morrison.

Damn RAW guys sneaking on to the show like bugs. If R-Truth and John Morrison get a match this week and Cody Rhodes is left with a promo about people being ugly, I'ma gonna be pissed.

Before the break, Z-Ryder gets told he's Teddy Long's new assistant....I'll take that. It's not like he's actually a RAW guy.

Reason #5,042 why this commentary team sucks. John Morrison is returning to action for the first time in a month or so. And Michael Cole spends the first few minutes explaining to Booker T about his contract, while Josh Matthews makes excited noises at the match. Booker tries to tell him there's a match going on and it doesn't stop. We start talking about Cole dressed as Triple H.

After the break the match picks up and they do some really fun stuff. Christian looked really good in his control sequences, being pretty ruthless with Morrison's neck. He came off looking like a genius the way he picked apart the Shaman of Sexy. John Morrison's standing C4 was pretty sick, and the both had some fun counter sequences.   Morrison looked a little off in his pacing. It seemed like he was often out of position to get momentum for running the ropes and he'd bound off looking slow and clunky. It's still a solid match with a good over all story.

Barret's new direction promo was fine, setting up his character for the future. The Daniel Bryan stuff would have been great with out Michael Cole talking over it. He ruins everything. It's not entertaining and it helps no one. I liked Bryan getting the LaBell Lock on Barrett. Even though it wasn't a match it still proves he can take down anyone.
I thought this looked pretty badass until I saw the big fruity drink.

This is a great piece on Justin Gabriel. It let's us get to know the person and where he's coming from. It honestly does more to develop him than anything they've done for him in the past. Now we just need to ramp it up a little. Gabriel technically has the tools, and has a pretty attractive look. The South African back ground makes him interesting in the same way being English makes Wade Barrett interesting. Now they just need to differentiate him from the pack through a feud. I wouldn't mind a Cody Rhodes/Gabriel feud at this point.

It's frustrating. There's almost some really good work in this match, but the execution is just off by everyone. Tamina looked good and tough. Alicia Fox almost looked good until she did that sloppy scissor kick. I think AJ did a shining wizard, which looked pretty good too. That's it.

Earlier in the night, Teddy Long told Mark that no one wanted to wrestle him, which is awesome. Ryder, Teddy's assistant, said he'd get him an opponent. He gets Mizark the very small hometown guy Bobby Howard. I have no idea who Bobby is. Mark Henry eats this kid alive, and kudos to Bobby for bumping around for the monster.  Some decent selling that I'd wager wasn't all selling, if you know what I mean.

The post match stuff was AWESOME. Teddy played it up perfectly saying that no one wants to work with him because he's too dangerous. Sheamus coming out was PERFECT. The swagger, the pure glee at such a challenge, he was world class. These guys are going to bring it folks. It can only get better from here.

Booker: Some one get some A1 Sauce in here, man.
The Usos had a neat entrance, but they needed some pyro to set it off at the end. I didn't like this match, but I liked the potential. Otunga looks a lot smoother in the ring than the last time I saw him, and the Usos have grown on my quite a bit. Their dynamic is great and they look good in the ring. Jey does that great running hip crush in the corner that Rikishi used to do, but despite being half Rikishi's size he still makes it look devastating. The ending was creative, and a decent way to protect the Usos. I'd like to see them go a little longer. Still can't get a read on Hennig's kid.

Thank goodness these two won. I would have been upset. Decent work, as the numbers were just too much for Jackson. Everyone comes out okay in this, but I'm a little afraid of Cody feuding with Zeke....unless it ends with him being Intercontinetal Champion.

Really good match. These two had a great pace and energy about them. Orton's act is still awesome. I love it. He's crazy and deranged and it's like he's got THE MADNESS, but with a homicidal edge. I think the ending was a great way to build up the "No Holds Barred" match at Summerslam, keep R-Truth strong, and further this Orton character that has some serious anger issues. It's really well booked and worth checking out. Truth pulling out some Masato Tanaka shit with the shotgun stunner was a highlight, too.

Some GREAT stuff from Mark Henry and Sheamus. Jeezey Creeezy that's going to be awesome. I'm down like a clown for that. Daniel Bryan was stuffed in there, hopefully next week he'll get more time with less Triple H. Same goes for Cody Rhodes. Rhodes and Bryan and Sheamus are the future of the brand. Sheamus has a great angle now, we just need to get the other two rolling.

But for all the good from Mark Henry and Sheamus, there was some boring stuff. I don't care about having RAW guys come over because it doesn't lead to anything. Morrison coming over and losing means nothing. He goes back to RAW, the end. Same for R-Truth. They take up time that other guys on our roster could use. Why not have Barrett vs. Orton in the main event? Christian vs. Justin Gabriel? It just makes for a boring show when you know the two of the competitors are guys you won't see again, if you're a Smackdown guy like me. Now if they moved Truth and Morrison over like they did Zack Ryder, I'd be okay. Well...sort of. I'd rather have Dolph Ziggler, Drew Mac and Del Rio back instead.

I'm still looking forward to Daniel Bryan's push and Sheamus/Mark Henry, but everything else has no drama or has gotten stale(Orton/Christian).

1. Mark Henry - Henry is legit the most fun thing about Smackdown right now. His matches are fast and mean, and his character looks unbeatable.
2. Christian - Christian had a really good match with Morrison and continues to be one of the best wrestlers in the world.
3. Randy Orton - Really fun match with R-Truth improves and a crazy character makes Orton a must watch for me.
4. Sheamus - If his work with Mark Henry continues to stay awesome he'll be in the top spot, I'm sure.
5. Daniel Bryan - If this were last week, he would have been #2, but good performances from Christian/Orton and a lackluster segment for Bryan puts him at 5.
6. Heath Slater - He no showed this week, but he's still one of the more entertaining guys on the roster.
7. Cody Rhodes - Lack of anything to do for one of the most talented guys on the roster is starting to take away from his matches. A total waste.
8. Justin Gabriel - Just his video about him going to South Africa makes him more interesting than some of the roster. Which says more about them than him.
9. The Usos - This tag team is totally good, and since there aren't many good tag teams in the WWE they look like one of a kinds. Great dynamic and some solid ring work make them worth watching.
10. Wade Barrett - Can't seem to get good traction since coming to Smackdown. I want to like him but it's just not sticking.


  1. This was a somewhat fun show. I thought the Daniel Bryan segment was actually better at getting him over to most fans than a 15 minute match against Heath Slater or whomever.

    The commentary on this show was the worst I can ever remember hearing. The entire first part of the Morrison match they called one move before going to commercial. I don't think the commentators have to call every move since we can see them, but they should at least be talking about the match going on!

  2. For real. I was actually kind of priding myself in how I was able to tune it out, but Cole took over control. Talking nonstop about himself and his IRON CLAD contract. Christian and John were trying to tell a good story, specifically something to get Morrison sympathy in the future with his neck(similar to HBK's back). Only Booker could help put it over but he needed the others to reinforce it. Just horrid. I was hoping JR being back would mean he'd be on SD. I'd be happy if Cole took over RAW and JR/Josh/Booker was the team on SD. You know JR would make those guys so much better.

  3. Yeah, Booker is pretty awful, but when he's only working with Cole, King and Josh, it's not surprsing. Josh isn't that bad, though. He just has to go along with Cole and Booker. When he's with Scott Stanford on Superstars he's all right. I've been watching NWA: Mountain State Wrestling on YouTube (they upload full episodes) and their awful commentators are better then the Smackdown team. At least JR is on Raw and it seems like Cole will actually get taken out by Danel Bryan at some point now.