Friday, August 26, 2011



So one June 6th, the night before Raw, Shawn Michaels, with the help of the debuting Kevin Nash, defeated Marty Jannetty for the belt at a house show. Diesel, at this point, had no name, other than "Shawn's Insurance Policy"
Yeah. Reeeeal cool, Big Daddy.

Shawn was really hyped up. The crowd was even into him, starting a "Let's Go Shawn" chant. It was small, but audible, and very different than the "Shawn is Gay" chants we've been getting for weeks. He decimated Greenberg, doing his arrogant act to the nines. Shawn was posing and strutting and just felt so amp'd up to be there. It's easy to see why he was getting so much TV time. He finished the match with a piledriver, which is one of his best looking moves, I think.

Tito put together a good match for Bomb here. He gave him plenty of room to dominate and the hope spots were good. He even let Bomb kick out of the Flying Forearm. The only problem is Bomb has some crummy looking offense. There's no snap to anything and he looks like he's pulling back to much. He'll throw something out there that looks neat every once and again, like his power slam, but for the most part he looks a little uncoordinated. His finish was a catapulting clothesline to the back of Tito's head, which caught everyone by surprise. It's not great looking, but it looked impressive just because it's 6'6" guy jumping over the top rope into the ring. Bomb isn't awful, as you can clearly see the potential, he's just green.

I kind of felt bad for Tito, even though, I don't know how else he should be used. You could tell Savage felt a little bad for him to, as he was putting over Tito the whole match.

Tatanka had a dominated the tubby Peter Weeks. I think he got three "what-a-maneuvers!" out of Vince McMahon. The crowd was doing the Indian chants and it was fun to see Tatanka feed off of it and interact with it. Really good squash for him.

Drink it up.
Lawler comes out rocking the Pink and Black, which I don't think was a coincidence. He throws in some classic zingers on the New York crowd. The best being: "You paint your trash cans Red and Gold so your kids think they're eating at McDonald's."

He also explains that the King of the Ring doesn't matter because whoever wins will just be an impostor. The real deal is the future WWF Champion, Yokozuna.

This segment is kind of brilliant in that you get the combination of Fuji and Lawler talking smack on Hogan and getting that heat on to Yokozuna. Both of them take turns talking about all the horrible things Yoko is going to do to the Hulkster when he wins the title. Fun stuff.

The Gunns and the Steiners are facing Headshrinkers and Money Inc in an 8 man at KoTR so they've switched partners for a tag match to build it up. To make things more volatile their regular partners are at ring side.

This was a fun bout stuff. Rick played face in peril, getting beat down by everybody and he did a great job at it. You forget it's possible for the Steiners to show weakness after all the squash matches, but then Rick will remind you that he can bump and sell pretty well. Billy, who you'd think would be the weakest guy in the match, fit right in. He got the hot tag and he was really fired up. The place was going nuts for him, and he got to show off some of the crazy athleticism he's got. Just a couple of matches into his WWF run and it's pretty clear that he's a star. Really fun match.

Razor has to promote two matches, one against 1-2-3 Kid for $7,500 next week on Raw, and the other against Bret at King of The Ring. He does throw in a good line about The Nutter Center(where the PPV will take place) being an appropriate name. Because after he's done with The Hitman, he's be "just anutter loser, just anutter grease stain on the mat." That sounds like it came from the Jerry Lawler joke book. Either way it looks like Razor has a lot going on, which is good for everybody.

Tastes like spice and excitement.
Decent show. The squashes were good. Tito had a decent match with Adam Bomb and the main event was pretty fun. The promos were solid, with HBK, Razor, Lawler, Yoko, and Fuji all getting to say a thing or two. It's also very very clear that they have moved on from Hogan before the King of the Ring. Shawn Michaels feels more like the top champion than Hulk at this point. And the young new wrestlers are making a fast impression with their style. I can't wait for King of The Ring.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


For those that don't know, Zero-1 has their own annual singles tournament like All Japan's Champion's Carnival and New Japan's G1 Climax(which we're just getting into as I right this). Past winners include Satoshi Kojima, Masato Tanaka(3-peated), and Shinjiro Ohtani(won 4 times).

Daichi gets plenty of in ring time, and it's great to see him so comfortable. For folks that are new to the Puro scene, Daichi is son of Zero 1 founder and all around bad ass, the late Shinya Hashimoto. Shinya died very unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm in 2005. Earlier this year, Daichi probably had one of the most hotly anticipated debuts in the history of puroresu when he wrestled one of his father's best friends, Masahiro Chono. Since then the kid has gotten to wrestle Mutoh, Vader, and Yoshihiro Takayama. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the kid. People seem to think he's the future of puroresu(Steve Corino being one) and that he'll save the industry. I don't know if any one person can achieve such a goal, but regardless Puroresu has their own version of Harry Potter now.

The kid is good. He's not quite fiery enough and he's not quite as sure on his mechanics, which he needs to shore up so he can play up the other aspects of wrestling. Still.... he's only been wrestling for all of six months now. I can't think of many rookie guys in puro that blew me out of the water in their first year. There's still quite a bit of potential in this guy, and it's easy to see that he's picking it up very rapidly. Definitely one to keep your eye on.

The rest of the match isn't anything special once he leaves the ring. Though it does feature a funny ass double stomp for a finish.

Not pleasant..
This one was pretty tasty, and was probably the match I was most looking forward to. I can't say it really met or expectations, but it is still really good and worth watching. Fujita's selling for Daisuke is fantastic. Fujita, who usually picks on other juniors, is now against a bigger bully and you can see him uncomfortable with the concept of being the weaker or underdog. There's a great moment where Sekimoto bends over to pick up Fujita and Fujita kicks Sekimoto in the head. Daisuke stands up and is all "What do you think you're doing?" and he just boots the guy in the face. Fujita's come back later is well done and short lived, he just can't handle the monster. Super Solid match, go find it and watch it.

Kakinuma only in his second year, but he seems to have some promise. Sato kicks this kid between the shoulder blades so many times it's ridiculous. The first half was mostly him kicking him right there, and it's actually pretty awesome. Kakinuma's come backs were great and desperate and he moved really fluidly. He tried hard to use his swiftness and various roll-ups to steal a win and for a second you thought it was possible. Kakunuma also has a beautiful German Suplex, which held up compared to Daisuke's from the previous match. I really really like this kid. If he and Daichi Hashimoto are the future of the company then things don't look so bad. Good match.

Sawada is straight IGF representin' and you know I can't get enough IGF. Maybe win I'm done with the New Generation Era Project, I'll do an entire retrospective on all the IGF events.  Anyway, this started out a little wild, with the chair duel and the table spot, but it all felt rushed. Sawada is one of those guys that looks confused all the time. They'll wander around thinking about what the hell they're supposed to do next. Just when you think "What's with this guy? He stinks." He'll do something ridiculous and you love him again. Like when he just throws a piece of broken table on to Tanaka. He throws is it so the splintery edges comes down on Tanaka's chest. You could see Tanaka make a mental note of how much harder he needed to hit that Sliding D later. Like I said, the flow of the match felt a little rushed, but there's still a few fun bits to keep it interesting.

After the match, Sawada yelled at a little girl and made her cry. I love this guy.

Something about dudes who wrestle in big black t-shirts with cut off sleeves turns me off. I think the reason I believe Arik Cannon is any good is because he overcame that hurdle and made me like him the first time I saw him. The first half of this match doesn't help me dig Bear Fukuda or Takuya Sugawara very much. Their offense is weak looking and uninspired. They get to take control on the smaller Takafumi Ito and all they give me are some awful looking double axehandles. I've seen massages look more brutal.

But somehow this stuff picks up and Bear Fukuda, who I immediately targeted as the weakest one of the bunch, starts showing some life and chemistry with Ito. I wouldn't mind seeing them mix it up again, actually.
The finishing bit with Ito trying to lock on the Sleeper was pretty sweet and kept this from being a bit of a waste. There were still some weird pacing and bizarre logic gaps. Like Hidaki making a come back on Bear and Takuya. He targets Bear the hardest, knocking the crap out of him and tossing him out of the ring. Then when he goes to Takuya he gets knocked down and Takuya....runs and tags in a fresh Bear?!?! It's weird.

Not a futon.
It felt like Ohtani was walking Zeus through a pretty simple plot, which was a good thing. It was a simple story to follow and Zeus looked impressive in it, tossing Ohtani around like a jabroni. My chief complaint is that Zeus has this Dragon Gate Singles Match Sickness. He'll hit something big and then wander around or just kind of stare off into nothing while the momentum of the match screeches to a halt. And he doesn't go for a pin until the last three minutes. He'll throw these big moves and just leave it until Ohtani gets back up. No fun. The good news is Ohtani can still go. Anytime he made a comeback or was in control he had the crowd going and provided a lot of spark. He ate some pretty good offense from Zeus and made him look pretty great. Ohtani has to be one of the smartest and consistent workers on the planet.

After the match, Zeus showed some respect to the veteran and it was accepted.

Pretty strong show here. Nothing got offesnively bad, and there's was some fine performances from multiple members of the rosters. It's a nice "jumping on point". You get a few new wrestlers who stand out with fun performances like a Kakinuma or a Takafumi Ito that you can latch on to, while having names like Tanaka, Sekimoto, Ohtani, and Fujita bringing solid presence to carry the show.

If you haven't checked out much Zero 1, this may be a good show to start with. I'll be reviewing the finals of this tournament soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I recently did an interview with Gabriel Baron of RESISTANCE PRO. He is a partner with his with brother Jacques and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.  I wanted to know how such a partnership could come into existence and what it means for the world of professional wrestling.

It starts with Dennis Rodman getting into the Hall of Fame.

AAW was promoting their second show at "115 Bourbon Street" a venue in Merrionette Park, IL and Dennis Rodman, along with Scott Hall, were going to be brought in to lend some name recognition to the event. A few weeks before the event, which was to take place on May 15th, Scott Hall had his much publicized health scare which pulled him from the show and Rodman was announced to be a part of the Hall of Fame. Rodman's Hall of Fame commitments took priority over the AAW event, and with both names out of the picture a replacement was needed.

Jacques and Gabriel Baron, who worked with AAW at the time, had met Billy Corgan, lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins, back in 2009 at a small benefit concert. They had hit it off talking about ECW and figured maybe this hardcore wrestling fan would be cool with making an appearance. He was more than happy to oblige.

The day after the show they heard from Corgan, who had such a great time that he now wanted to be involved in a larger capacity. The Baron Bothers approached their partners at AAW with the proposition of bringing the Smashing Pumpkins front man to be apart of the organization. They declined. "They have an awesome product and they have a specific set of fans they cater to which is cool. There's definitely a need for that in Chicago," Gabriel explained. "They just had no desire to work with him at all, which is's just different creative ideas."

But the Barons didn't want to pass up an opportunity such as this. They decided to break off their relationship with the company and go their own way. "Billy's got a vision and he knows we do too. We share the same vision," Gabriel said. It was their common vision about what wrestling could be that spurred them to form their own company.

The Resistance was formed.

The wrestling fan landscape is filled with cynics. They'd tell you they're realists, and often times they'd be right. How many times have companies promised to "change the face of wrestling as we know it," and fail to come through? It's become cliche for wrestling organizations to promise a big bang and give their fans the same old same old.

In an interview with WGN-TV, Billy Corgan didn't make wild promises about rocking the wrestling world. He was reserved and had educated answers about the industry. He spoke of young wrestlers not being given the tools to succeed at larger stages and how his company will provide that. He made reference to Chris Nowitski and concussion research and how the culture of wrestling has changed. Not the usual "shock and awe" tactics promoters usually employ.

On August 13th, Billy Corgan made an appearance at Wizard World Chicago to make an official announcement on the future of Resistance Pro. He spoke about the wrestlers needing to be able to talk and how they'd feature stories and "not be just another high spot fest." His focus felt more about what Resistance Pro would want from their wrestlers and what the company could do for them. Gabriel Baron confirms this vision. "His words were, 'My dream is to have people sign while they're working for us.' I don't care If we've got a core roster of 20 people and 5 sign on the same day. We lose 5 people, that would be the greatest thing in the world because it means they got the notice and attention they deserved." He went on, "We're looking at ideally taking people who are under-exposed or criminally under-exposed and showcasing them in a new way that they haven't been used before. So that WWE, TNA or even Ring of Honor takes a look at them and says 'Wow we never thought about them this way."

The first talent to sign with Resistance Pro.
One of those wrestlers is Harry Smith, who was recently released from the WWE. Gabriel Baron seems to be very excited about his future with the company. "He's got a ton of personality. A ton of it. And he's gotta let that shine. I know Billy and Raven are very excited about working on it with him to take him to the next level." At only 25 years old, there's plenty of time and potential for Smith to get to that next level that eluded him during his time in the WWE. "Harry's training in MMA now, and he's really expanding his repertoire. He's trying to find his true voice." Baron thinks the training in MMA will possibly tap into a different part of his personality that he didn't get to show in the WWE and that hopefully he'll be there again to show it.

Another name, one that has gotten a pretty intense reaction from the wrestling fans, is Teddy Hart. "He is a wild card in both his style and personality," Gabriel admits. "But talking to the guy now, he seems to have his demons behind him and he's intent on coming in and making a name for himself in this country. He's already done it in Mexico and Canada. He wants to do it in this country so he can write is own ticket."

But the company isn't just about the men, the company signed Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy graduate Simply Luscious. At the moment she's the only female on the roster, but her involvement won't be a novelty.. "Billy and I are both real big proponents of women's wrestling," Baron says. "You've got a great company like SHIMMER in Chicago. They show beautiful technical wrestling from these women who are amazing athletes. But at the same time it's missing some of the entertainment." He feels that Resistance Pro's focus on bringing out characters in their wrestlers will help make female athletes that compete at an independent level more accessible to mainstream audiences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

To help do this they hired Raven as an agent. Having competed in WWE, TNA, ECW, and WCW, Raven has been on the national stage and understands the importance of character to get one noticed. He was able to get noticed so much, that he held titles in all of those companies. Raven found his voice in Extreme Championship Wrestling, a company who's philosophy Resistance Pro seems to parallel but understand they cannot simply recreate or copy.

The first hurdle is their first show and building the brand from there.. Though there isn't a deal in place for any type of TV or PPV(internet or otherwise), the first show will be released on a DVD that will include vignettes and maybe even some backstage access to the show. "The way we're going to film it will be different than your typical indy show. We plan on shooting vignettes different than you've seen before."

The backstage content won't be anything that will shatter any illusions, but it is meant to help grow a personal connection between the company and the fans.. To help facilitate that relationship, they'll be releasing vignettes via social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. These will not only be about the promotion as a whole, but about the individual wrestlers. "With the first show we're going to get a lot of folks coming because they're Smashing Pumpkins fans. They may not know Jay Bradley or Simply Luscious and this will get them to be looking forward to seeing that person. We want them to develop more of an emotional connection to people."

The first show is on November 25th, at the Excalibur in Chicago. Gabriel hadn't been there before but he's very excited about the venue. "The room we're in, it's got four stories of balconies surrounding the ring - it almost looks like a prison."

Kevin Steen is the most recent signing revealed.
After the first show, the goal is to try and run a show every month. As for performing outside of Chicago, Baron explains that their options are open. "Billy bounces back and forth between Chicago and L.A. so I know he's already talked to some venues out there about it, possibly for next year. We're definitely interested in doing Milwaukee. We think that would be a great market to tap into. Right now it's about establishing the brand name and seeing how much interest we have."

Many speculators have wondered what exactly Billy Corgan's role in the company is. Is he seriously apart of this company or are the Barons using the rock star as a special attraction to garner interest? Gabriel sets the record straight, "Billy is so extraordinarily hands on. He's very very committed to it. Billy is not a gimmick"

In one conversation, Billy told Gabriel that if he were on tour in England and Resistance had a show on a day off, he'd fly back on his own dime. "Billy being involved isn't a gimmick as far as just us saying, 'Oh we've got a rock star who's here, he's hanging out on stage!' He's more worried about being back stage and producing his vision as far as how wrestling should be, how these characters should be portrayed, and what the business should be in general. It's extraordinarily important to him."

And it's not all about the creative end. Corgan is looking at this as a business. "He's already got a five-year plan written out." Baron told me with a chuckle "Realistically he's one of the smartest business people I've ever met in my life. Everything is business. He still has fun with it and he enjoys it but he looks at it like running a business."

With Corgan's involvement, along with a shared vision that focuses on helping wrestlers make the most of themselves, it appears that there's a lot to be excited about as a fan and as a member of the industry. While it's too early to tell if Resistance Pro is the "real deal", the approach of its partners feels refreshing and level headed. They're clearly passionate about wrestling and about making a difference in the world of professional wrestling. I know I'll be at the Excalibur on November 25th to see if they can.

You can find out more about Resistance Pro by checking out there website at, checking them out on facebook, or by following them on twitter @RESISTANCE_Pro.

Also, the four section titles are lyrics from Smashing Pumpkin songs. First one to name all the songs gets my respect for at least 24hrs. Think of all you can accomplish with that.

Thursday, August 18, 2011



This is ridiculous. Mark Ming starts off by eating a Dragon Suplex from Scotty. He just lays there so Scotty drags him over to Jim Armstonr go he can just tag out. Poor Jim gets mixed up with Rick. Rick just punches him in the face. Then he follows it up by giving Mr. Armstrong maybe the scariest damn German Suplex I've ever seen. There's just no way to protect yourself with these guys. Ming gets tagged back in and he's got this look like "What more could you do to me?" He gets the Doomsday Bulldog and heads off to the pay windah. And a chiropractor.

I love it when matches just start off with a chokeslam. Let's just get right to it. Hughes just keeps slamming the guy until he gets bored and pins him. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Bob clowns this guy with some monkey flips and some rasslin', The crowd digs it. They even popped for a body slam.....maybe they thought he was going to bust out a Michinoku Driver..... did that even exist then?

Boni gets her first glimpse of Giant Gonzalez' Wrestlemania gear.
Boni used to host Superstars of Wrestling with Gordon Solie and was apart of the announce team for Global Wrestling Federation. She starts off admiring the amazing physique of The Narcissist and then moves things to the Steel Plate and how he should where a protective covering. Luger plays nice at first but as she presses the issue he gets pissed and tells her no body will get in his way and he'll knock anyone out who gets in his way.

Pretty messy at first with Virgil delivering a terrible Japanese Armdrag. Then Jose goes for back body drop and Virgil can't decide if he's doing a blockbuster or a swinging neck breaker and Jose gets lost on the bump. After some more clunky wrestling Virgil ends it with a horrendous Russian Leg Sweep. He just bumps on his hip while delivering it. Awful.

Billy Jones totally does the Arsenio Hall thing when they call his name. His mullet also has beads in it. Billy Jones is an interesting guy. HBK in classic douche mode, smacking Billy around and looking disinterested in the task at hand. He sets up the Super Kick nicely, nailing Jones after Jones counters a back body drop by jumping over him. Then he pins him by doing a pinup pose. Classy.

This was actually a pretty decent at first with Tatanka bumping around for Gonzalez and keeping the pace pretty high. Then Gonzalez starts selling for Tatanka. He's absolutely horrible at selling. He kept putting his hand to his face like someone was punching him in the face, while Tatanka was hitting him in the gut. Tatanka tries to drop the big monster with chops from the top but gets caught with a choke. Bill Alfonso goes to warn him but gets pushed out of the way resulting in a DQ. Tatanka advances.

Pretty weak compared to some of the other squash shows from this month. Steiners look like they're bored killing jobbers and they're trying to entertain themselves by seeing how bad they can beat the shit out of them. Some pretty bad stuff like Gonzalez and Virgil didn't help. The highlight would probably be Lex Luger's promo, and not that it was bad or anything, but when that's the highlight, you've got a pretty weak show.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


All I heard was blah blah blah DANIEL BRYAN vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO blah blah blah

Solid match. They did a good job of keeping Christian believably in control. Sheamus' work as a face is good and already better than I thought it could be. There was some clunkiness to fitting in his face spots, but it'll get ironed out the more he works from that position.

Hey, Beth Phoenix is back on Smackdown. I feel bad for AJ because she's actually gotten good, but she's so little there's no way she can't be used as cannon fodder for Beth and Nattie.

AHAHAHAHAHAA..... They actually did it. They actually put Hunico in the mask. He's not anywhere near as good a highflyer as Mistico, but he's not bad. This isn't as good as Sin Cara/Kidd from a couple months ago, but it's not awful. I just can't get over this new Sin Cara act.

Mildly disappointing, but I was expecting something longer and bigger. Daniel kind of just hit his spots and then tapped out. But man, I wish Del Rio was back on Smackdown. I can't understand why Del Rio would win clean when Barrett could have come down earlier for the distraction loss.

Cody did some solid work with the cross faces and keeping Zeke on the ground. Had some great bumps too. Good finish too. It wasn't a great match or anything, but the end result is Cody Rhodes is champion. That's all I wanted.

Zeke tossing Ted after the match was scary as hell.

LOL, Johnny Curtis. He actually moves like he could be good. At least better than either of the current tag champs. But there's no reason to ever care about him at all anymore. His vignettes were dumb and lazy. And he came in and made no impact at all. Forger this guy.

Khali puts in another good performance for the two weeks in a row. It's not as good as the Sheamus match from last week but it's not bad at all. Orton was good and gave Khali a lot to work with. I love the Cranium Crush counter to the RKO. Decent match, check it out if you want to see Khali wrestle in good matches.

At this point I have to wonder what the hell Jinder Mahal has to do with anything. I thought they were going to shift Khali into an enforcer role to help Jinder win matches. Now it's kind of the other way around. At this point Jinder is just Armando Estrada, but with out the charisma or talking ability. So

OVERALL SHOW: What a clunker this was. It's not outright awful wrestling, it's just uninspired. I feel like the WWE can write the beginning and end, but everything in the middle is boring. How many times have we seen Smackdown go into a holding pattern waiting for the next PPV to start a new direction?


Truth has some Lil' Jimmy on his chin.
Kofi's tights are the best thing he's done in ages. And I almost thought he was having a good night until he did that jumping clothesline which happened to be the worst one he's EVER DONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. I'd say the highlight was The Miz busting out 3XW wrestler “The Viking Warrior” Kraig Keesaman's finish. Morrison was pretty weak sauce here. That weird spinaroonie legdrop has less impact than Cena's Five Knuckle Shuffle. The heel's did a great job here, with Miz in particular standing out. The finishing stretch was fun and wild and a great way to kick the show into gear.


Sheamus and Mark Henry had the best count out finish I've seen in a really long time. I can't remember the last time I saw a count out finish(probably something from 1980's New Japan) that I was actually satisfied with. Also, here's some cold hard truth: Mark Henry is maybe the best "on top" wrestler in the company. His controlling of Sheamus was inspired, high impact, and flowed perfectly. If you're someone who doesn't "get" the Mark Henry love, watch him piece this sucker together. There's not many guys I'd rather see in control of a match than Mark Henry at this point.
...All over your faces.


Beth and Kelly Kelly was solid stuff with Kelly losing her shit and trying to prove that she's not just another blonde bimbo champion. A good story and some clean wrestling that pulled the crowd in, who were probably thinking it would be a good time to go get some sodas. Much respect to these ladies.

Daniel Bryan probably gave Wade Barrett his best match. These two busted their asses though and I hope turned some heads. The replays of Barrett's forearm to the face really helped show how hard these guys were going at it and enhanced everything. My only problem is that Wade doesn't have the heat to carry off his control sections and he has a lot of pauses that get little reaction. It would be great if there was one, but instead it gives his sections a stuttery feeling. Watch him go for the pump handle slam and his big pause..... crickets.

Michael Cole finally coming around and talking about how dangerous Daniel Bryan was felt like a choir of angels in the heavens singing. And Booker did a great job of selling both guys as competitors. I really liked his talk about Barrett not being able to outlast Bryan and that he needed to kick it up a gear to knock this little fucker out. A good finish that kind of sort of protected Bryan, who has now eaten two losses in three days.

Solid match worth checking out. Add this to the Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, and the Sin Cara matches and Daniel Bryan is having a stellar year.


Randy Orton and Christian are Gods among men when they are together. It's a bummer that this story has gone on forever with out anything particularly interesting, but holy jesus these guys put on great matches together. They've countered every damn spot the other one can. They're two of the most perfectly matched people on the roster. I loved that they had call backs to just about every moment of the feud including the same finish as the first match but with the steps for added EM PHA SIS.


This..... was okay. Cena's offense was just so bad. Everything. They lay out of the match was fine. The heat was great. And then you watch Punk take a bump off of a phantom shoulder block or the awful cross faces that he has to work to keep his head in and it takes you out of the match. And it wasn't really like this at Money In the Bank. I don't get it. Cena didn't detract from that match at all. But at Summerslam, he was pretty sucky when it came to delivering moves and even bumping for them. Like that horrendous looking Go 2 Sleep he took at the end. He was more worried about getting in perfect position for the finish than making the move look any good and you could see it.

It's true. I'm not a fan of Cena at all. I'll cop to that. But I recognize how hard he tried and that he totally came through last month. But this month he stunk it up and took me out of the match, much like he has for the past couple of years.

KEVIN NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DEL RIO WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JAE'S PANTS COME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, that was awesome. I flipped out for Nashy Poo coming out, and Del Rio winning was icing on the cake.

Great stuff. The whole show is worth checking out if you haven't seen it. The main event was kind of poor technique wise, but they did put together a decent story with a good finishing stretch. Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry put together some great matches with their opponents. And Orton/Christian didn't disappoint as they, hopefully, capped off a really great in-ring feud.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So I had in-laws come in for Lollapalooza, and I had little time to fit in time for my review. Better late than ever, right?

Awwwwwww yeah, this is good folks. You heard me. And it's no carry job. Khali had great timing and actually looked more athletic than usual. This'll probably be second to Khali's match with Triple H in terms of "great" Khali matches. Sheamus looked fantastic fighting from underneath and getting sympathy without looking like a puss. It's an important and difficult line that big guys have to walk and it looks like he's going to be able to do it very well. Solid match layout, solid performances, solid match.

In case you like backstory with your Diva matches, Natty has been working with AJ over the last forever, in making her a better WWE Diva. This, I can only assume, was an exhibition of sorts. And a pretty decent one. Some nice counter wrestling that was pretty enjoyable, technically sound. AJ, doesn't run the ropes very well but she's good at the other stuff. 

After the match Natalya beat down AJ and said she's with Beth Phoenix. The days of the perky princesses are over. I dig it, and so did some of the crowd. It'd be nice if they could bring in some more women wrestlers. LIKE SARA DEL RAY. 

Between matches we got an okay interview from Randy Orton and another South Africa piece on Justin Gabriel. I really like these, as they really project Gabriel as a big time guy. He seems to have so much personality in the clips of him wrestling in Cape Town, they've really got to figure out how to transfer that to his stuff here. I think it'll work. I hope so anyway.

Daniel Bryan got new music. Couldn't hear any of it because Cole talked over and Booker was trying to get him to listen to it. But the failings of the announce team couldn't stop these two from KILLING IT. Among one of the best matches on Smackdown this year, easily. Tyson has been crushing it all year with great work with Sin Cara and Yoshi Tatsu, this one was on another level from those. Kidd brought the goods in an epic way and they formulated a match that put him on the match while still keeping Daniel Bryan on track. Awesome match, watch this NOW.

Ryder explains to Zeke that Chris Masters was fired.
Gotta say, Zack is perfectly capable oh handling the mic, and the crowd was into it. I wish he had gotten a chance to talk some more, before Zeke came out. Cody Rhodes saying he's going to resurrect the Intercontinental Championship was pretty cool and makes the title seem important...sort of. It's all about the belt, and Cody thinks Zeke is ruining a prestigious title. I also kind of like the idea of Ted being Virgil to Cody's Ted....Sr. There's a good, long term story there, especially if Cody beats Zeke for the title.

Decent match. Zack should probably have something better to do, but it's good for Zeke. I do have to say that I'm a little annoyed with the triple body slam thing now. It worked the first time in front of a crazy PPV crowd, and it hasn't got nearly the same reaction since. As a matter of fact, they booed this time. 

Oh Kozlov, how I will miss thee. I'm sure he's wondering Sheamus couldn't have gotten there a minute earlier. Nothing of note here other than Mark being badass and the animosity between he and Sheamus is delicious.

I'm pretty sure I haven't spelled Barreta's name right ever. Usos could still use a little Kofi Kingston bump pyro at the end of their dance. Booker says JTG would prefer to be called J-T-Jizzle. I bet he doesn't. 
Nothing special here. I'm actually a JTG fan, so I'm glad to see him back on Smackdown. He's easily the best  guy on his team. The Usos didn't really get a chance to shine in any way, and the team really got their ass beat. So I guess The Usos will just randomly beat Otunga and McGillicutty on a Smackdown next week.
Morrison just found out Melina was fired.

Some really good stuff here. Christian and Truth's control work was some great stuff, and it helped that Morrison was bumping really well. He just looked completely dominated. Christian had some awesome douche moments, like when he held Morrison in place and let him beg for a tag out. Orton was great by not playing along and just looking at Christian with the death stare. And then Orton started getting crazy agile with the counters and the roll-ups and my mind can't really wrap my head around how wacky he is these days. I love it though. He's never boring, that's for sure. 

The finishing stretch was really quick and exciting and Christian picking up the win felt like a big deal, as it's been said over and over that he has never pinned Randy Orton. His celebration was fantastic. Good match and some solid wrestling from everyone.

WRESTLING! Some solid wrestling here in the main event, the opening match, and of course the Daniel Bryan/Tyson Kidd match. Even the Divas had a good match. Definitely a must see show for fans of wrestling who just want to see some good matches. It was pretty light on the talking, but it still creates good stories between guys like Sheamus/Mark Henry with ACTION. I'm liking Cody Rhodes being moved into a feud with Zeke, as I think they can do well together, and it hopefully ends with Cody getting his first single's title. I'm also excited for the SummerSlam match with Orton/Christian, just because it feels like their feud will finally  end. So yeah, big thumbs up from me this week.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Unlike last time this is a full special for the January 3rd event on Samurai. The card looks pretty fun so let's roll into it, shall we?

Osamu looks a little out of it, which I imagine is from him splitting his time with the campaign trail. Nothing much going on, though I'm a little disappointed Yamato, who's proven himself to be a solid junior wrestler, can't pick up a win over Nishimura. I like Nish, but he's not wanting to stick around, go with the guy who's the future.

This one goes by pretty fast and I'm thankful. Shuji and Kaz both wanted Minoru and neither were satisfied by the time this ended. Super Hate and TARU were used sparingly, and BUSHI got to heat it up with Mazada. Nosawa and Minoru worked pretty well together and I wouldn't mind seeing them mix it up again. Decent work but nothing to go out of your way for.

Looks like some one misplaced their bento box.
Pretty sweet match. Hama being the grumpy fat boy, angry that the Big Japan guys are in his ring, is fantastic. Daisuke is solid per usual and I don't seem to remember much about Okabayashi. I will say this match showed me who Nakanoue might be. His forearms are pretty tight and they give a great thud. His clotheslines on Daisuke were pretty tough looking too. If he could bulk up some more, he might be some one to look out for, because I think he could work a harder hitting style and do it well.

Kai gives it his best shot but it just isn't good enough. Suwama's work on the ribs was fantastic, and the strategy around it was sound as, in theory, it would limit what Kai could do. Kai did a great job selling them early on, but the one moment when he needed to was the moment he ignored it. He hit a beautiful frogsplash for a near fall, and it would have been just perfect if he had sold the ribs before going for the pin. The idea would be that all that hard work Suwama put into working those ribs would have paid off in the end. Something like that little detail would have taken this match from "pretty good" to "kick ass".

Really awesome work here. I can't remember the last time I watched AKIRA and enjoyed it. Maybe when he and Liger were tag champs in New Japan a few years back. Everyone was really good in this. There was lots of great chemistry between AKIRA and Mutoh, which added to the already awesome stuff between Suzuki and Funaki. The triangle choke on Mutoh was awesome and he sold it so well. I thought for sure it was over then.

Yeah this one is worth checking out.

This felt like a struggle from both sides to make this fun. The pacing felt off, kind of like there were moments where they looked at each other said, "Now what do we do?" Kikuchi makes it almost passable with his facials. He's gotta have the best facials in wrestling right now. Soya was really good knocking guys around, but the decent parts didn't add up

Cobra Clutch Suplex does not end well for Kono.
This stunk and the crowd didn't know whether to care or get involved or what. KENSO, who's apart of the heel group Voodoo Murders, acts all happy and tries to clap it up for crowd support. The crowd is perplexed. Soon Kono turns on Kenso and decks him with a chair. Bloodied and shaken Kenso is taken to the back and Kono just keeps fighting a handicap match against AKE FREAKING BONO and Taiyo Kea. The crowd still sounded perplexed. Eventually Kenso comes back to keep fighting Bono and Kea, and I'm looking at my watch wondering how much longer this is going to go. Of course Bono and Kea win, due to the other team not being a very good team, and the VM kicks out Kenso.....But man, it went a long round about way of getting there. Bad match by design, and uncharacteristically poor booking execution from All-Japan.

Much like the night before there's plenty of good comedy spots only this time they involve awesome vets like Kikuchi and Masanobu Fuchi. Mutoh pulls off the miracle and wins in the end, thus winning both the Heavy and Junior division battle royals. Because he's a genius.

Some weak business here. There was two good tag matches and a decent singles with Suwama and Kai. Everything else ranged from bad to boring. I'm looking forward to the blow off at the end of the tour though. We'll have a 3 way for the Junior title, and Suwama is taking on Kea. If Akira, Mutoh, Funaki and Suzuki all have awesome chemistry together so I can hope that the card features them mixed together some how. I'm not, however, interested in what the hell happens to Kenso. Not liking that guy so far.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



This might be better than Jannetty/Michaels from Raw. In that match, Jannetty was all "I'm BACK!" This match he was like "I'm serious."

The first half Jannetty just bumps like crazy for Bammer. He hits in some fun spots like the back body drop counter and some headscissor work. Bigelow busts out a power bomb backbreaker that pops the hell out of Bobby Heenan. The finish is good, as Bammer just gets distracted by Sherri at ringside and gets himself counted out. He kind of reminded me of Batista in that he's totally dominant but he's not all that smart when it comes to working the rules.

After the match Sherri calls out Luna and the throw down until Bammer comes back and holds Sherri while Luna rips her clothes up. Who comes out? Well not Mart Jannetty. He's busy  showering in champagne and ring rats. It's Tatanka, a real hero.

I'm jumping out of the ring before I let Scotty get me up like that.
Steiners eat these guys alive. Poor Executioner was in the ring with Rick for a all of a minute and a half and I bet he can't get up tomorrow. Same for Rich Meyer who takes about the most legit Camel Clutch I've ever seen. But it doesn't stop there. Poor Rich eats, of all things, THE STEINER SCREW DRIVER. Disgusting. Get these guys some competition before they kill some one.

Mr. Hughes takes his time, doing the "Lift the jobber up at 2" schtick. He's tosses around poor Bert pretty effortlessly, busting out the laziest looking power bomb this side of Kevin Nash. Apparently Mr. Perfect has to fight this monster in the opening round at King of the Ring. Can't say I remember that, but I'm intrigued.

Mark Thomas looks really muscular at first but then he gets next to Duggan and he looks about as tall as Daniel Bryan Crazy. This match isn't anything special, but the commentary cracked me up. Heenan wants to know where The Fink is, and Vince says he's having an operation and that it's a personal matter. Heenan says that Fink went to Holland....they're going to change him....Make him a gelding. Macho Man was completely silent the whole time and I can only imagine he was on the floor laughing at this shit.

Afterwards Hacksaw leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance - because it's Memorial Day, duh.. In 6th grade I got in trouble because I wouldn't stand for the Pledge. My young mind had decided that it wasn't right to make us kids Pledge Allegiance to something that we didn't understand. It got pretty ugly.

Before the match they air a video of 123 Kid rejecting the now $5000 offer from Razor to get back in the ring with him. He says it's not worth the possible consequences.

Macho Man was getting over the 1-2-3 chant as Razor made his way to the ring. You know, that's really awesome of Savage. They've kept the kid out of the ring and let Savage get the gimmick over. Classy stuff on Savage's part. Razor did his part by getting distracted and letting Tony Roy roll him up for some near falls. Eventually the whole room is chanting "We Want the Kid." Razor looks totally frustrated and practically cripples Roy with the Back Body Drop off the top and the Razor's Edge. Decent match and a cool story. They've really gotten Waltman over with all this, and it's kind of brilliant to watch.

Yokozuna and Fuji come out and Vince says they're being disrespectufl coming out on Memorial Day waving their Japanese flag around. He says they should be getting ready for June 13th when they face HULK HOGAN. And he gets booed. And then a "Hogan Sucks" chant breaks out. Hilarious. Hulkamania is done, brother. Eventually Duggan comes out and they get into a flag waving competition to end the show. Lame.

That Jannetty/Bigelow match was the bees knees. So was the Steiner squash. Can't say anything was bad at all. So another good RAW. Next week should be crazy as we'll have one half of every team tag team that's competing in the 8 Man tag(each team is two tag teams) competing in tag competition next week. And Yoko should be back for more action. Yippee.

I'm so ready for this King of The Ring PPV to happen though. Man there's going to be some awesome stuff coming, I CAN FEEL IT DUDE.


So I watched NXT and was told I should be watching Superstars. I love wrestling so it's not like I'm going to argue.

Slater and Trentylocks get ten minutes! I'm in heaven. Very well paced action that went back and forth often. Slater and Trent are solid bumpers so they make each other look great. A very even match up that had a nice since of drama. It's fun watching these internet shows because some of these guys are just straight up desperate to get on RAW or Smackdown. Berretta is hitting sweet ass flips to the outside and missing corskcrew somersaults in the ring like it could be his last night. He and Heath make the Inverted DDT look really devastating. Solid match, and already I love this show.

The best wrestler in the ring was wearing the pinstripes. Little Guido was the shit you guys. Hennig's kid isn't very engaging at all. He's just straight up boring, more so than Ted DiBiase Jr. Otunga has improved in the ring, but he needs to incorporate more of that cocky character he was on NXT. He can talk, he's got a great physique, and now, he's at least passable in the ring. It's time to figure out how to turn that character up a notch in the singles realm, because I think he can make some money.

Not a fan of Santino wrestling, especially when it's a lot of him and not a lot of Masters. The Masterpiece does bust out some good stuff on the hot tag, but not enough to make this worth watching.

I don't know much of anything about Alex Riley. I know he looked like Aladdin at Wrestlemania. I know he's beaten The Miz, though I haven't the match, or really any of his matches for that matter. I know he has a hair cut worse than Shane McMahon's from back in the day and it makes him look Super Lame. After watching this match, I also see that he's a bit of a mixed bag.

He's got some ideas. The A-Bomb Elbow is cutesy and not bad in theory. The actual elbow looks like balls though. And that's kind of Alex Riley in general. He's clearly athletic, but doesn't look it when he moves in the ring. He has lazy bumps like he doesn't want to get hurt. He's got some decent charisma, and isn't afraid of playing to the crowd when he's in control. But he doesn't get much sympathy during the beat down to make them want to see him in comeback. Needs a lot of work.

Swagger looked like he was coasting and bored, which has been his downfall since he came in. He clearly knows how to do enough to get by, but doesn't want to go the extra mile very often. He's kind of like Michael Vick in the Atlanta Falcon days. Maybe Swagger has been doing some Cock fighting with his eagle, and he can go to jail and come back amazing.

Anyway, weak match.

Great opening match, but everything got worse from there. Nothing on here was as good as Kidd/Tatsu from NXT, but nothing was as bad as Bateman/O'Neil from the same show. Regal's commentary might give NXT the advantage for this week.


I haven't watch NXT in ages. I don't even know what the show is anymore. The promo before the show made it seem like it's the Yoshi Tatsu/Tyson Kidd show. Apparently there's still rookies and there's still pros and they're still Wild and Young.

So let's give the show a watch, shall we?

Nice try guys, but you both stink. Bland and listless neither guy really worked a position. Bateman, I think, was a heel, but he didn't dick it up enough. Titus, I think, was the face but he didn't try to connect to the bored fans in any way. His come back had zero passion or intensity. He couldn't even fake it like Ezekiel Jackson. Titus shrinks his physical presence worse than Matt Morgan. Derrick kept making these exclamations to get the crowd into it, but he's the heel and he was getting his ass beat while he was doing so it made no sense. But at least he noticed they were asleep.

Darren Young came out and I want to know who gave the okay to cut his damn hair. Probably the same douche bag who made Ziggler get rid of his bleach locks a while back.

Kozlov is planking. He apparently is trying to prove he's an OG to JTG, but they ain't from 110th Street so it means nothing(Harlem Heat represent).

AJ is leaving treats for her pet Hornswoggle to eat. She kisses him. Hornswoggle's facial hair looks like a hippy's nutsack. It's gross, and I feel bad for anyone who puts their face next to it. Maryse thinks it's gross too and she's right.

Let me take this moment to say that William Regal is awesome at commentary and should do so on all shows, replacing Michael Cole.

So the story is that Yoshi had a little shrine for himself and the centerpiece was his action figure. Tyson disrespected Tatsu and broke the leg off of the action figure. To taunt him, he'd wear the leg on a necklace, the same that hangs from the pole in this match. Regal does a great job of admitting how silly all of this is, but explains that it's not about a toy, it's about honor and respect, which is something that is a big part of Tatsu's life.

All that being said, this match is really fun and I have to wonder why these two aren't on Smackdown having these matches. They work really really well together. There's some fun spots and a really nice flow. Kidd busts out a sick little boston crab in the ropes that may have given William Regal wood. The bump Tatsu took off of a Super Back Suplex was pretty brutal too. So much effort in a match that's only put up on line should be rewarded. I mean these guys busted their ass for a show that I don't even think I've seen promoted on the main shows.

After the match, Kidd blindsides Tatsu and tossed the toy out of the ring and then destroys the real Tatsu's leg. Some awesome vicious stuff, like the knee breaker on the announce table and the Ring Post Figure Four. Tatus sold it all wonderfully, and Kidd carried his end well. I like that Tyson realized that the breaking a toy wasn't going to get him noticed, but breaking a wrestler would. Good stuff here, and worth checking out.

This is really the end of the show, because the rest of it is a replay of the Mysterio/Cena match and Punk's surprise return, which I'm sure you've already and already talked about for hours since it happened.

OVERALL SHOW: What's the point of the Rookie/Pro stuff? Other than Regal talking about it there was zero Rookie/Pro interaction. The Pro's were all messing with each other, and the Rookie's were doing there own thing like it was FCW. It's worth tuning in for the Kidd/Tatsu feud right now though. Those guys are killing it and the more people who know about it, the better. It's better than some of the stuff they've been putting on Pay-Per-View

Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm trying to get into the lucha libre. I've been watching a couple matches here and there to get my feet wet, and now I'm giving you my first Lucha TV Show review. For the most part, unless a wrestler was on the WCW midcard in the 90's I probably have no idea who they are.

Let's do this.


The first fall was okay, with some decent work between Magia Negra and Carta Brava Jr. The Rudos(Brava/Eterno) took over with a Power Bomb/Backcracker Combo on Dinamic and a double back cracker on Magia for the pin. Not a big fan of the double back cracker, as it really looked like a double "Arm Cracker" and I don't know why that'd keep a guy down for a 3 count.

The second fall starts off with the rudos stomping the piss out of Dinamic Black's testicals. They drop kick them in the corner and then do a flying double stomp on them. Then they kick Magia Negra in the nuts too. Some how they take over from having their nuts obliterated and hit a Canadian Destroy variant for the pin and the tie.

The third fall is just as poor as the rest of the match, with a botch from Eterno and Magia Negra in the corner, and a "Let's just go home." kind of finish. There's some good athleticism but they put together a pretty crummy match. Pacing was off. Comebacks would happen with no build or really pay off. Just sloppily executed.

Mini Psicosis is told that Kurt Angle doesn't remember beating Sting.
I don't know the rules, but I thought if the word "Mini" was infront of your name, you'd be a midget wrestler. Maybe someone who actually knows something about Lucha can tell em what that's all about. They're just smaller versions of the real thing? One thing I do know is that Mini Histeria is Rocky Marvin brother to NOAH wrestler Rick there. I know things.

This match is pretty sucky. Mascarita Divina seems pretty athletic and when he gets going it's fun. But it feels soooooooo loooooooong. The first two falls are just a lot of stalling and cracks on Mini Psicosis and Mini Histeria being gay. I don't mind some stalling but at some point you've know...wrestle. Also I hate it when people lose a fall after nothing really happening. La Parkita falls to a double leg take down and just lays there until the 3 count. No struggle. You'd think he died from that move.

I wouldn't mind seeing Mascarita Divina again, but I can do with out the others.

This is what I'm talking about. Los Terribles Cerebros were in the first match I ever watched from IWRG and they were cool as hell. Yack is basically a Jack Skellington looking dude, which I'm not surprised exists.

The early mat work/counter wrestling between Yack and Cerebro Negro was more interesting than anything that had preceded it on the show. And it wasn't even that great or anything. Black Terry and Avisman kicked it up a notch twisting the hell out of each other. The brawling after the 2nd fall was fun, and it showed a huge weakness in Yack's skill set. He probably shouldn't be trading punches with anyone again. The finishing stretch was hot, and Black Terry was doing some slick stuff with Yack. The ending felt a little flat though. It just kind of happened. I definitely wouldn't mind watching more from all 6 of these guys though.

That's some Eyes Wide Shut lookin shit right there.
I think Los Bizarros stink. The first fall with them taking control was crummy just because all of their offense looks so crappy. They look amazing though. Amadeus in particular has a sick look. He's also the worst. Veneno's karate chop is cutesy but he and the rest of his team are pretty decent. Bad wrestling and poor pace  equals me not giving a crap. Bad way to end the show.

OVERALL SHOW THOUGHTS: Weak ass show. Decent wrestling killed by poorly laid out matches, and poorly laid out matches amplified by crummy wrestling. Thank goodness for Los Cerebros Terribles or this would have been a total crap heap. But I shall not give up on my "Learning Lucha Quest".

If you're a Lucha Librea Maniac, and you've got some current 2011 Lucha you want to pimp to me, DO IT. Let me know where the good stuff is, I'm just throwing stuff at the wall at this point. Any other Lucha wisdom would be much appreciated.