Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I haven't watch NXT in ages. I don't even know what the show is anymore. The promo before the show made it seem like it's the Yoshi Tatsu/Tyson Kidd show. Apparently there's still rookies and there's still pros and they're still Wild and Young.

So let's give the show a watch, shall we?

Nice try guys, but you both stink. Bland and listless neither guy really worked a position. Bateman, I think, was a heel, but he didn't dick it up enough. Titus, I think, was the face but he didn't try to connect to the bored fans in any way. His come back had zero passion or intensity. He couldn't even fake it like Ezekiel Jackson. Titus shrinks his physical presence worse than Matt Morgan. Derrick kept making these exclamations to get the crowd into it, but he's the heel and he was getting his ass beat while he was doing so it made no sense. But at least he noticed they were asleep.

Darren Young came out and I want to know who gave the okay to cut his damn hair. Probably the same douche bag who made Ziggler get rid of his bleach locks a while back.

Kozlov is planking. He apparently is trying to prove he's an OG to JTG, but they ain't from 110th Street so it means nothing(Harlem Heat represent).

AJ is leaving treats for her pet Hornswoggle to eat. She kisses him. Hornswoggle's facial hair looks like a hippy's nutsack. It's gross, and I feel bad for anyone who puts their face next to it. Maryse thinks it's gross too and she's right.

Let me take this moment to say that William Regal is awesome at commentary and should do so on all shows, replacing Michael Cole.

So the story is that Yoshi had a little shrine for himself and the centerpiece was his action figure. Tyson disrespected Tatsu and broke the leg off of the action figure. To taunt him, he'd wear the leg on a necklace, the same that hangs from the pole in this match. Regal does a great job of admitting how silly all of this is, but explains that it's not about a toy, it's about honor and respect, which is something that is a big part of Tatsu's life.

All that being said, this match is really fun and I have to wonder why these two aren't on Smackdown having these matches. They work really really well together. There's some fun spots and a really nice flow. Kidd busts out a sick little boston crab in the ropes that may have given William Regal wood. The bump Tatsu took off of a Super Back Suplex was pretty brutal too. So much effort in a match that's only put up on line should be rewarded. I mean these guys busted their ass for a show that I don't even think I've seen promoted on the main shows.

After the match, Kidd blindsides Tatsu and tossed the toy out of the ring and then destroys the real Tatsu's leg. Some awesome vicious stuff, like the knee breaker on the announce table and the Ring Post Figure Four. Tatus sold it all wonderfully, and Kidd carried his end well. I like that Tyson realized that the breaking a toy wasn't going to get him noticed, but breaking a wrestler would. Good stuff here, and worth checking out.

This is really the end of the show, because the rest of it is a replay of the Mysterio/Cena match and Punk's surprise return, which I'm sure you've already and already talked about for hours since it happened.

OVERALL SHOW: What's the point of the Rookie/Pro stuff? Other than Regal talking about it there was zero Rookie/Pro interaction. The Pro's were all messing with each other, and the Rookie's were doing there own thing like it was FCW. It's worth tuning in for the Kidd/Tatsu feud right now though. Those guys are killing it and the more people who know about it, the better. It's better than some of the stuff they've been putting on Pay-Per-View


  1. I only saw the first episode of this "season" of NXT. This one has been going on forever, though. I am interested in that Kidd/Tatsu match, but will probably never watch it. I do watch Superstars every week, though, so I feel like I'm doing my part.

  2. It's like 20 minutes into the video, if you don't want to wade through the crap that is NXT Rookies you can skip to there.

    I think I'm going to start hitting up Superstars too. Maybe. I probably won't be watching either very consistently.

  3. Superstars is surprisingly consistent. The matches are long enough for the wrestlers to show you what they can do and they seem to have more freedom than on the other shows. Even the women's matches on superstars haven't been that bad lately. And, they don't have the dumb contests that NXT has.