Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So I had in-laws come in for Lollapalooza, and I had little time to fit in time for my review. Better late than ever, right?

Awwwwwww yeah, this is good folks. You heard me. And it's no carry job. Khali had great timing and actually looked more athletic than usual. This'll probably be second to Khali's match with Triple H in terms of "great" Khali matches. Sheamus looked fantastic fighting from underneath and getting sympathy without looking like a puss. It's an important and difficult line that big guys have to walk and it looks like he's going to be able to do it very well. Solid match layout, solid performances, solid match.

In case you like backstory with your Diva matches, Natty has been working with AJ over the last forever, in making her a better WWE Diva. This, I can only assume, was an exhibition of sorts. And a pretty decent one. Some nice counter wrestling that was pretty enjoyable, technically sound. AJ, doesn't run the ropes very well but she's good at the other stuff. 

After the match Natalya beat down AJ and said she's with Beth Phoenix. The days of the perky princesses are over. I dig it, and so did some of the crowd. It'd be nice if they could bring in some more women wrestlers. LIKE SARA DEL RAY. 

Between matches we got an okay interview from Randy Orton and another South Africa piece on Justin Gabriel. I really like these, as they really project Gabriel as a big time guy. He seems to have so much personality in the clips of him wrestling in Cape Town, they've really got to figure out how to transfer that to his stuff here. I think it'll work. I hope so anyway.

Daniel Bryan got new music. Couldn't hear any of it because Cole talked over and Booker was trying to get him to listen to it. But the failings of the announce team couldn't stop these two from KILLING IT. Among one of the best matches on Smackdown this year, easily. Tyson has been crushing it all year with great work with Sin Cara and Yoshi Tatsu, this one was on another level from those. Kidd brought the goods in an epic way and they formulated a match that put him on the match while still keeping Daniel Bryan on track. Awesome match, watch this NOW.

Ryder explains to Zeke that Chris Masters was fired.
Gotta say, Zack is perfectly capable oh handling the mic, and the crowd was into it. I wish he had gotten a chance to talk some more, before Zeke came out. Cody Rhodes saying he's going to resurrect the Intercontinental Championship was pretty cool and makes the title seem important...sort of. It's all about the belt, and Cody thinks Zeke is ruining a prestigious title. I also kind of like the idea of Ted being Virgil to Cody's Ted....Sr. There's a good, long term story there, especially if Cody beats Zeke for the title.

Decent match. Zack should probably have something better to do, but it's good for Zeke. I do have to say that I'm a little annoyed with the triple body slam thing now. It worked the first time in front of a crazy PPV crowd, and it hasn't got nearly the same reaction since. As a matter of fact, they booed this time. 

Oh Kozlov, how I will miss thee. I'm sure he's wondering Sheamus couldn't have gotten there a minute earlier. Nothing of note here other than Mark being badass and the animosity between he and Sheamus is delicious.

I'm pretty sure I haven't spelled Barreta's name right ever. Usos could still use a little Kofi Kingston bump pyro at the end of their dance. Booker says JTG would prefer to be called J-T-Jizzle. I bet he doesn't. 
Nothing special here. I'm actually a JTG fan, so I'm glad to see him back on Smackdown. He's easily the best  guy on his team. The Usos didn't really get a chance to shine in any way, and the team really got their ass beat. So I guess The Usos will just randomly beat Otunga and McGillicutty on a Smackdown next week.
Morrison just found out Melina was fired.

Some really good stuff here. Christian and Truth's control work was some great stuff, and it helped that Morrison was bumping really well. He just looked completely dominated. Christian had some awesome douche moments, like when he held Morrison in place and let him beg for a tag out. Orton was great by not playing along and just looking at Christian with the death stare. And then Orton started getting crazy agile with the counters and the roll-ups and my mind can't really wrap my head around how wacky he is these days. I love it though. He's never boring, that's for sure. 

The finishing stretch was really quick and exciting and Christian picking up the win felt like a big deal, as it's been said over and over that he has never pinned Randy Orton. His celebration was fantastic. Good match and some solid wrestling from everyone.

WRESTLING! Some solid wrestling here in the main event, the opening match, and of course the Daniel Bryan/Tyson Kidd match. Even the Divas had a good match. Definitely a must see show for fans of wrestling who just want to see some good matches. It was pretty light on the talking, but it still creates good stories between guys like Sheamus/Mark Henry with ACTION. I'm liking Cody Rhodes being moved into a feud with Zeke, as I think they can do well together, and it hopefully ends with Cody getting his first single's title. I'm also excited for the SummerSlam match with Orton/Christian, just because it feels like their feud will finally  end. So yeah, big thumbs up from me this week.


  1. Yeah, this was a great show. Zeke's reaction was terrible especially after beating Ryder. People like Ryder! His gimmick is socially relevant and he's so goofy, but can get it done in the ring as well as any other midcard goof. Kahli/Sheamus was really good. I have to say that my favorite Khali match is Batista vs Khali in a Punjabi Prison match. Daniel Bryan's music is better, but not amazing. I heard it on YouTube, it's some song they recycled from a PPV or something. The commentary on this show was horrible, as usual. Cole was way more subdued on RAW this week, and I'm hoping this carries over to Smackdown.

  2. As a traceur in training, John Morrison's parkour offense bugs the shit out of me. He needs more time in the gym/sidewalk because anybody with rudimentary knowledge of the discipline can see that his side flips need to be cleaner. He doesn't tuck well if at all thus giving it that floaty effect which in terms of wresting/fighting terms, gives it that completely unusable feel to it. He also needs to close his damn legs on a sideflip before he fucks up an ankle landing wrong. His websters suck as well.

    Anyways, that Tyson Kidd/Bryan match was tops. Right now, Bryan is the only reason why I care for Smackdown. CM Punk and Rey Mysterio are taking me away from the good ol' blue for now.