Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So I watched NXT and was told I should be watching Superstars. I love wrestling so it's not like I'm going to argue.

Slater and Trentylocks get ten minutes! I'm in heaven. Very well paced action that went back and forth often. Slater and Trent are solid bumpers so they make each other look great. A very even match up that had a nice since of drama. It's fun watching these internet shows because some of these guys are just straight up desperate to get on RAW or Smackdown. Berretta is hitting sweet ass flips to the outside and missing corskcrew somersaults in the ring like it could be his last night. He and Heath make the Inverted DDT look really devastating. Solid match, and already I love this show.

The best wrestler in the ring was wearing the pinstripes. Little Guido was the shit you guys. Hennig's kid isn't very engaging at all. He's just straight up boring, more so than Ted DiBiase Jr. Otunga has improved in the ring, but he needs to incorporate more of that cocky character he was on NXT. He can talk, he's got a great physique, and now, he's at least passable in the ring. It's time to figure out how to turn that character up a notch in the singles realm, because I think he can make some money.

Not a fan of Santino wrestling, especially when it's a lot of him and not a lot of Masters. The Masterpiece does bust out some good stuff on the hot tag, but not enough to make this worth watching.

I don't know much of anything about Alex Riley. I know he looked like Aladdin at Wrestlemania. I know he's beaten The Miz, though I haven't the match, or really any of his matches for that matter. I know he has a hair cut worse than Shane McMahon's from back in the day and it makes him look Super Lame. After watching this match, I also see that he's a bit of a mixed bag.

He's got some ideas. The A-Bomb Elbow is cutesy and not bad in theory. The actual elbow looks like balls though. And that's kind of Alex Riley in general. He's clearly athletic, but doesn't look it when he moves in the ring. He has lazy bumps like he doesn't want to get hurt. He's got some decent charisma, and isn't afraid of playing to the crowd when he's in control. But he doesn't get much sympathy during the beat down to make them want to see him in comeback. Needs a lot of work.

Swagger looked like he was coasting and bored, which has been his downfall since he came in. He clearly knows how to do enough to get by, but doesn't want to go the extra mile very often. He's kind of like Michael Vick in the Atlanta Falcon days. Maybe Swagger has been doing some Cock fighting with his eagle, and he can go to jail and come back amazing.

Anyway, weak match.

Great opening match, but everything got worse from there. Nothing on here was as good as Kidd/Tatsu from NXT, but nothing was as bad as Bateman/O'Neil from the same show. Regal's commentary might give NXT the advantage for this week.

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  1. Regal's commentary is great. He usually does commentary with Byron Saxton or some other random jerk on FCW and always talks about sleeping with ugly women.

    This was not a superb episode of Superstars, but it has some longer matches on it, which is fine by me. The worst part of Superstars is that Santino is almost always on it, though he had a pretty great match with Zack Ryder a few months back and it was the only time that the cobra was built up and made sense. You randomly will get great matches on this show.