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BRRRRRRrrrrring IT ON!

A mixed bag in every sense of the word. There were some fun guys like Rich Swann, Sugar D., and Silas Young. Timing was a bit of an issue as there were two instances where we'd be counting down from 10 to 0 for the entrance of another participant and one of the guys would go for a finish by the time we got to 0. So we're looking at the entrance way looking for "WHO'S NEXT!" and in some cases a guy is getting eliminated in the ring.

The guy's that I'm unfamiliar with weren't particularly interesting. It was cool to see Gregory Iron, who has Bell's Palsy. He doesn't seem out of place at all, and he looks significantly more threatening than Marion Fontaine and his porn-stache. Facade was this urban Mortal Kombat Ninja with blond dreads who jumped off of every rope he could. When he came out he brought out a DGUSA sign and gave it to the guy sitting in front of me. He then tagged his name onto it with some spray paint. The guy was there with his daughters and they thought it was awesome. The youngest one turned around and said to me "MY DAD GOT A SIGN!"

The final two were Silas Young and Sugar Dunkerton. I thought for sure Sugar D was finally going to win something but it was not to be. Silas hit his neat-o handstand moonsault deal for the win. Sugar Dunkerton, much like Lebron James, looks great but can't pull it off when it matters most.

Go Bulls.

After the match, they announced that Sabu was in the lobby signing autographs while we waited for the iPPV to start. It was only 10 bucks for an 8x10 and I thought it was worth it. Especially when you compare how much guys charge at Comic Conventions and stuff.

After that I headed over to the Chicago Lucha Masks people and decided to pick out something for my son. He was kind of pissed at me because I was seeing wrestling with out him, so I figured getting him a mask would save my bacon. I got a little Rey Mysterio Jr. style mask, which means I'll be eating 619's FOREVER!!!!

The Scene are the douchiest looking wrestlers. Caleb Konley in particular has the most douche-tacular hair in wrestling. Sooooooooo easy to hate. Matt Cage was a good bump guy and made The Scene look really solid. The Scene won in a quick 3 minute match. Nothing spectacular, but a decent way to kick off the main PPV.

Afterwards, Brodie Lee came out and beat up Kentucky Buffet. He said he was going to run over people like he did last year and that no one could stop him. I still hate him for beating up Da Soul Touchaz last year, so I was more than ready to put hope in anyone beating him up. I HATE BRODIE LEE.

This was awesome. Some how I didn't think I could believe Rich Swann would be able to stand up to a big dude like Jon Davis, but they made it work. Easily my favorite Rich Swann performance ever. He was so full of fire and had the crowd really behind him to pull of the upset. They had a simple story, they told it very well, and they both looked great doing it. You can't ask for anything else. Great job from these two.

Brodie Lee comes out after the match and powerbombs lil' Rich Swann and talks like he's such a bad ass and no one can stop him. Out came GREGORY IRON! Iron walked into the ring and Brodie laughed at him. He called him the youtube video guy that got put over by some guy named CM Punk. Brodie tried to one up him by saying that he got put over by Kevin Nash. I call shenanigans because Kevin Nash puts no one over, brother. The crowd chanted "HE GOT FIRED!" and Brodie decided to sit Punk-style in the ring to mock them before starting in on Iron's disability. Gregory got fed up and decked Brodie a couple of times before getting blasted with a boot to the face and eating a powerbomb.

At this point the crowd was hating on Brodie big time. Then out came UHAA NATION, this thick ass dude who came in with the POWAH OF DA WOIYAH and just threw Brodie around like a punk. Then he started hitting standing moonsaults and standing SSPs. He's like a short Ezekiel Jackson/Ahmed Johson who can do back flips. It's kind of awesome. Brodie bailed like a bitch and left Uhaa pissed in the ring. This was fun.

Honestly, this was pretty disappointing. I had hyped this up in my head to be out of this world amazing, and it was like a teaser trailer for something bigger. The bulk of it felt like them trying to one up each other, which I expected, but it also felt like the first act of a match. Then when it was time for the second act, it ended. PAC was tremendous, and looked like the more complete package of the two. Not to take anything away from Ricochet though, he still had a great outing and took some sick bumps. The match just didn't add up, and I thought for sure it would be more important.

After the match the Blood Warriors came out picked on PAC. They then held him outside for Ricochet to dive on to him. Then out came RONIN(Chuck Taylor, Swann, and Gargano), who apparently are good guys(I don't keep up, obviously) and all three jumped onto the pile. This lead to D.U.F(Arik Cannon, Sami Calihan, and Pinkie Sanchez) coming out and they supelexed Pinkie out of the ring on to the pile.

You know what's coming......

SABU! Sabu hit the ring and did the ol' Triple Jump dive to the outside. Most of the guys started battling to the back leaving SABU and two of his opponents. AR Foxx joined the fight and we started our tag bout. Very ECW-y way of starting a match, which made warmed my heart.

This match was awesome. They started out brawling with Sabu spiking the hell out of Arik Cannon's face and making him bleed. Eventually they settled into a regular tag match with Sabu on the apron while AR Fox got brutalized.

The bad guys did a great job of cutting the ring off and building up the need to see Sabu hit the ring. They kept pushing him off the apron through out the match. I was calling for Pinkie Sanchez's head. I don't know who the hell would cheer Pinkie Sanchez with Sabu on the other side, but those people existed and I worry for them.

Sabu eventually got the hot tag and he went to town. He and Fox were hitting old Sabu/RVD moves like Rolling Thunder. Eventually he got the table in the ring and placed Pinkie's head on it. Then he leg dropped him through the table. AR Fox then took the pieces of table and piled them on to pinkie sanchez and did a swanton on to it. Right on the table legs. Then he was like "FUCK IT." and he went up again and did a 450 splash on top of all that crap to end the match.

In short, AR Fox became my second favorite wrestler.(Sabu was #1 DUH)

This was, easily the 2nd best match of the night, possibly the first. Sabu put in more effort than I could have possibly imagined and he looked GREAT. Fun Fact: Sabu throws a really nice clothesline. He drilled Pinkie with one and it looked THICK.

It was so great that Sabu went to sign autographs again for intermission and he had all kinds of people coming up to him. I'm pretty sure he could have raised his prices and no one would have minded.  There were also a ton of kids hanging out who swarmed him as he walked to the back. A whole new generation, who didn't even know what a Sabu was, has fallen in love.

This match is probably match of the night, and certainly worth looking for. The pace was great, with a nice build and a great finishing stretch. The first time I saw Gargano was at the first DGUSA Chicago show, and he was in the FRAY. I thought he was stand out then and now he's gone from Scrunchie Guy to Show-Stealer. Akira Tozawa just works on a different level than most of the guys on the roster. He's so charismatic and energetic, you can't help but marvel at him.

These guys threw everything at each other, and Tozawa kicked the hell out of Johnny Gargano's face so many times I felt bad for the guy. The big spot of the match was the German Suplex on to the Apron, with Gargano hitting it with a nasty thud.

Also, if you listen closely you might hear a group of 12 kids chanting R-K-O. they were huddled next to entrance way near where I was sitting, looking like The Little Rascals, and just started chanting R-K-O, which sounds like GAR-GAN-O if you think about it, so you can see how they'd be confused.

So yeah, find this match and watch it because it's pretty damn great. Throw some snowflakes at it.

Chuck Taylor is a clown. I can't cheer that goofball ever. Doi is a bad guy, Calihan is with that swine Pinkie Sanchez, so I had to go with Masato Yoshino, who clearly wasn't the focus of the match. I was a little taken out of it.

There was a mini Speed Muscle reunion that I was excited about, but Doi had to muck it up by turning on Masato. Anytime Doi or Yoshino was in control the match was pretty great. I really dig Sami Calihan, and I thought he did well at standing out, I just don't feel like this was his match. I'd rather see him and John Davis or Uhaa Nation. That sounds like fun.

Of  course, Chuck Taylor won and I was pissed. The stip for the match is that the winner gets to book a match for his stable. Taylor seems to be gunning for Yoshino. Masato told him "Anytime, any place" and Chuck laid him out. Rich Swann came down to tell him that wasn't very nice, and Chuck ignored him. I felt justified and booing him. I knew all along that he was a douche bag.

I was totally conflicted going into this. I was really ready to root for CIMA but he was a bad guy, and I wanted to root for the goodies. Thankfully, Yamato is easy to get behind.

This fell a little flat with the audience. They started off working the mat, with Yamato working CIMA's leg and CIMA working Yamato's neck. I was fine with it, but after all the very fast, high impact matches, this felt like a little too severe of a change of pace for people.

My problem wasn't so much the pace, but the content. I thought the leg and neck work was fine, and CIMA stuck to his game plan pretty well, but the leg work was kind of pointless. It didn't slow down CIMA very much, even though he sold it when he wasn't running, and it never really came back in the match. The finish felt a little abrupt, too.

There were some bright spots. Even though I like him better as heel, Yamato has an amazing physicality and his selling and comebacks looked awesome. CIMA is still awesome to see live, and I think he did some really great work from a technical aspect. The problem was the story just falling a little flat.

After the match, CIMA talks smack about Chicago and tells Yamato that BxB Hulk is coming for him, and it'll be a No DQ, No Ropes match, which sounds awesome.

Yamato ends the show telling everyone he'll be champion forever and thanks for coming.

Really good show. Really a night for some of the less popular guys stealing the show. While Pac/Ricochet and Yamato/CIMA didn't blow us away like I expected, Gargano, Tozawa, AR Fox, and Rich Swann all came out and put on stellar performances. If the more heavily hyped matches had lived up to expectations this one would have been a full on classic.

So in honor of the stand out guys, here's AR FOX vs. UHAA NATION from last year in Warsaw, Indiana:

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