Friday, September 23, 2011


So with King of The Ring out of the way, we're about to see the transformation of Lex Luger: Narcissist into Lex Luger: Made in the U.S.A. Hulk Hogan is gone and Vince needs some one to fill in that American Jingoist Babyface that every American wrestling company needs.

I think one of the bigger missed opportunities was having Luger be the top heel against a Bret Hart over the world title. So I found some fancams and "Exclusive Colosseum Home Video footage" to see what we missed out on and to clean up on some of the stuff I've missed.

LEX LUGER vs. BRET HART 05/02/1993 Providence, Rhode Island

It's a little sluggish honestly. The story is good but it feels like they're still getting to know one another. The timing on little moments are off but the crowd is hot for everything which helps.

LEX LUGER vs. BRET HART ??/??/1993

If you watched the fancam and then this one, you'll notice that they were able to take the themes and bits from that match and refine them for this one. Timing is spot on, and the spots are honed in. They even do variations, like Bret being the one to take Luger's face across the ropes instead of the other way around. It also helps that JR/Heenan/Macho are on commentary to boost everything up a notch. Good match.

LEX LUGER & RAZOR RAMON vs. BRET HART & MR. PERFECT 03/21/1993 Madison Square Garden

I saved the best for last. This is a tremendous match. Historically speaking, I believe this is Lex Luger's first match at MSG. It's a really really great tag match. Mr. Perfect puts on possibly one of my favorite face-in-peril performances I've ever seen. Keep an eye peeled for a really nasty over the rope bump he takes. Razor and Luger are on fire as the bad guys, Their cut offs on Perfect feel almost nonchalant, like they're in complete control of everything, so when Perfect finally hits the tag their huge reactions are made even better. Top it off with a fun finish and this is easily in my Top 10 for the year. Awesome match.

Overall, I think they could have had a great World Title program together. The early matches weren't great, but I feel like they clicked in an interesting way, and the could have come up with some fun stuff. The heat they got for one another was great in all three matches, so one can only imagine how good they would have gotten had they main evented WrestleMania X together.

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