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Wow, the 25th Raw. I'd like to thank all the folks who hit up my blog and tell their friends about it. If I hadn't received such positive feedback, I don't know if I would have made it this far. And it's not very far at all. So much more left to see, so let's get on it.


The "USA USA" chant ain't nothing compared to the crowd spontaneously breaking into the National Anthem before the start of this match. The start of this was really hot with Crush blasting Yoko out of the ring and the crowd was eating it up. Eventually Yoko settled into control, and you could really see a lot of the problems that Crush has as a face. His selling is boring and uninspired and you could feel the crowd not really getting behind him until he finally made his comeback. Once he got some momentum Crush went up top for something high risk, but Fuji nailed him off the rope and Yoko took over again, eventually killing him dead with the Banzai splash.

After the match Yoko kept hitting his finish on Crush. After 3 times, Tatanka came out and he got chopped in the eyeball. After a FOURTH  some jabronies came out and Yoko made short work of them. Then Savage had enough and ran in pulled the big Hawaiian out, before Yoko could hit number five. Savage held Yoko off with a chair(no physical contact between the two at all) while the EMT's came out to get Crush. Bobby Heenan was AMAZING in this. He laid all this on Lex Luger, saying that Yoko is an unstoppable monster who will destroy everything and it's all because of Lex's "cheap shot" on the Intrepid. Really can't express how awesome Heenan was in his intensity and delivery. It's all about making the crowd believe and it's easier when the announcers sound like they believe it, and Heenan was doing just that.

Justin Credible gets MURDERED in this match, and maybe the worst part is that neither Vince or Heenan know who the hell he is. They keep calling him Ferguson.  First it started with ol' PJ not rotating enough on the back body drop and pretty much only being able to tuck his head in at the last second before crumpling on the mat. Then Samu drilled him with a clothesline that knocked him out. They just stared at him and rolled him out of the ring and told the real Ferguson to get his butt in the ring. Credible was pretty much dead on the apron for the rest of the match. The crowd loved every minute of it.
Not good.

These two had a longer match than I expected, about 8 minutes or so. Lots of Brawler being in control, which was kind of fun. He's not great but he's just goo enough to work a decent match and lose. The crowd was pretty hot for most of it too. I got distracted a lot by the commentary, because Macho had just gotten back and he and Vince were arguing with Heenan about Lex's culpability in the incident. Heenan had a great moment where he said to Vince "What do you care? You don't have any friends. It's just a business to you. They're all just pieces of meat." Crazy line there.

Both guys were in the ring to start it off, and before they got going some guy came out and brought a black wreath and set it at ringside. It said "Rest In Peace" in the middle. Hughes decided to take out this message from Taker out on the poor jabronie. Hughes hit a hellacious dropkick on the kid before finishing him off. Okay squash.

Bomb added an abdomen claw to his move set, he should probably subtract it in the future. When things spilled to the outside, Bomb body slammed this poor kid with zero care at all. It just looked painful. The crowd was starting to get a little pro-Adam Bomb, and who wouldn't? He's cool looking and he's got some pretty sweet moves. Plus he's got Johnny Polo hanging with him for no reason. How awesome is that?

123 Kid will be in action, MOM make their RAW debut, and Jerry Lawler will chill out with Tiny Tim. AND we get the Jannetty/Michaels rematch for the IC title. Sounds like a fun show to me. Can't wait.

Crowd was hot and there was some cool action. The Yokozuna story was great and Macho being so upset about his friend being hurt and Heenan laying the blame on Luger made for an amazing dynamic. The rest of the squashes were fun, especially watching PJ Walker get decimated. Really good times, and I think it's an episode that commentators should probably listen to and learn from, because Heenan puts on a clinic the entire episode.

RANDOM QUESTION: Is Crush's gear in that match above completely horrendous or what?

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