Monday, December 17, 2012


If you want to kick a show off right you put Rey Mysterio in. He may not move as fast as he used to but he's created spots that make him look evasive and sneaky, which serve him well. Cody's the perfect compliment to Cara and Rey, as he can keep up and make all their offense look great. Both Rhodes and Sandow are two of the best heels in the company, coming off as completely unlikeable ALL THE TIME. Loved the finishing bit with Cara trying to out run the two on a squeaky wheel and it just wasn't fast enough. Awesome counter to his spring board that gives Rhodes Scholar a win and looks flukie enough to not hurt Sin Cara. Fun times.

Cesaro changed the pace and worked over R-Truth and the crowd like a dick. He's so comfortable that he doesn't feel the need to do anything until he wants to. The little pauses and smirks were just as good as any moves he could have done. Thankfully R-Truth as great at getting fired up so his comeback was solid and had the crowd going the whole time. Decent finish with the "almost ref bump" leading to R-Truth getting creamed. Nice short match with solid work.

Okay talk segment. I think all three of the 3MB guys did fine, and at least two of them are pretty good rasslers. It's not the best gimmick, but everyone can't be a world champion, I guess.

I'm kind of into the idea of Del Rio being face. If you've seen any of his public interviews, he seems like a really cool and genuine cat, and that might be something the crowd can get into just as much as they got into hating him.

This match almost worked. It started off pretty spiffy, but after that it became a match that was good on paper but not in execution. Really my big beef is that Barrett loves to work the back and ribs, but doesn't do enough to make a show of it. JBL isn't even picking up on it. It also doesn't help that Kofi can't be bothered to sell it. It would have added more drama to his desperate pin attempts. I did like his reversal of the elbow into Trouble In Paradise. It's nothing to write home about though.


Ryback is awesome fuck everything else. He just beats the shit out of dudes and looks beastly doing it. Him Vader splashing Ambrose and Rollins made my day. And the very best part is when he BAITED the crowd into chanting Goldberg with the spear and tongue thing and then OWNED them by getting the "FEED ME MORE" chant going. Brilliant.

There was obviously some selling issues, like Ambrose and Rollins getting suplexed onto a ladder and then being in control seconds later. But I did like The Shield's over all game plan of isolate and destroy. Reigns was great as an enforcer and looked like a beast when he needed to and D-Bryan is the PERFECT guy for them to beat up on. He took some nice bumps and made everything look like death like that double superplex.

Kane did a good job of evening things out and Ambrose got to utilize his freak show bumping ability when paired with him.

The Seth Rollins bump was disgusting. I'm sure a lot of people will complain about it being dangerous, but I don't like Rollins so I'm okay with it.

The Shield winning was a good call by the WWE and they did it in a way that still made Ryback look bad ass. Hopefully he starts killing these guys one by one leading to him squashing them all in a 3 on 1 match.

It's the best TLC match, it kind of meandered at the 3/4 point, but they did a great job of making it into a fight instead of a contrived stunt show that we get with guys who went to the Hardy School of Ladder Matches. Really fun match with an engaging result that almost has me ready to get back into WWE. Depends what happens later in the Main Event with my boyfriend Dolph Ziggler.

EVE(c) vs. NAOMI
I'm not even watching it live and I missed this so I could go peepee. I got back just in time to see Eve getting her picture taken with Naomi KO'd which cracked me up pretty good.

Love Big Show in this. When he's on top he's so confident, but when Sheamus comes in with the chair Big Show takes off like a punk. Good heel stuff there. This was a fun match with some great bits. The White Noise through the chair was gross. If JR was calling the match he would have yelled "By GAWD that chair has a family and Big Show's love handles JUST DON'T CARE!"

It was a bomb fight and I think it delivered for the most part. Liked the counter into the WMD and Sheamus kicking out was a nice way to make him feel special. This really wasn't close to some of his best stuff though.

The Big F'n Chair is totally going to fail the Wellness Policy.

Maybe it's Dailymotion but Brawler actually looks kind of Shane McMahon-ish. JBL continues to be my favorite commentator by making a Doink reference. A man after my own heart. Del Rio actually shown quite a bit of flair as a face, letting loose with some nice spots. Heath and Drew still look really good in the ring and I think one of them will transcend this gimmick one day, just like the legendary Dolph Ziggler did his cheerleading gimmick.

Brawler winning was a fun feel good moment that didn't really hurt anything. Three jabrones getting beat up by two former WWE champions is fine, and no one cares about Jinder tapping out.


Great match. Some really fun spots, a hot crowd, and the best result ever. Cena really took some great bumps here and despite the interference put over Ziggler in a big way. Ziggy had the counters and the smarts looked very much like an equal, not just a guy who was lucky. As many of you may know, my love affair with Dolph Ziggler started years ago and I thought for sure he'd just be the greatest midcarder in the world. Now he's got a win over the biggest superstar in wrestling. From jobbing to Batista, to working a Khali feud, to a billion Kofi Kingston matches, to this, I'm so happy.

The crowd had a lot to do with it, and I hope it carries over to other cities.

Pretty fun show. Plent yof good car crash spots and some great results. The Shield and Ziggler going over in two very high profile matches is a great result and livens up the product.

Also thank goodness JBL is on commentary. That guy makes everyone look good. Back when he was a Smackdown regular he made me believe Matt Hardy was going to be a WWE Champion, and I'm glad to see he's still got his mojo. He does a better job of putting guys over than just about anyone. It feels genuine and makes sense, not like when Cole does it.

I might be back on the WWE wagon after this show. If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's the one year anniversary of Resistance Pro. What a strange road we've traveled together.

There were lots of people at the show. People were standing around the seating area and the balcony looked like it had quite a few people up there. I can't count but if I were to hazard a guess it would be somewhere between 350 and 50,348. That's just a rough estimation that I came to using the Bayesian Method, so take it with a grain of salt. But y'all don't care about that. Let's hop to it.

Castro is a lot less intense and more happy-go-lucky-fun guy. It kind of works and I think it can go even further. There was a fun moment where he got super excited and body slammed Knicks on top their opponent. Knicks popped up and was like "What the hell?" It was a funny moment and it created an interesting relationship between the two, where Castro just gets carried away as Mr. Excitement and Knicks, the more reserved of the two, gets swept up in it.

The match itself was a little mixed, Castro was a little too leg slappy. Sometimes I didn't even see the contact on his opponent I just saw the leg slapping, which hasn't been an issue before. Rayz and Wilkins worked okay together and are fine from a technical standpoint but don't stand out personality-wise. Actually I think I've seen Remy Wilkins wrestle before and I still can't remember much about him. Castro and Knicks picked up the win, which I'm excited about because I like those guys. Wouldn't mind seeing them on the main show wrestling Jocephus Brody and Sheik. We already know they can take a beating as Wayne and Garth.

Axl is just a masked jobber. A modern-day Conquistador or Executionor, if you will. Da Cobra has a cool physical charisma, but he needs something more. I can't tell what he his relationship is to us. He's from Chicago so that crowd was with him, but he just goes in the ring and does his thing and leaves. I can't tell if he's really with us or not, so I'm not sure if I should cheer him or boo him. Made me think of Tajiri(my lord and master) back in ECW and he'd be working crowds like mad with just his body, no words. I'm not saying Da Cobra is half as good as that, just that he could stand to move further in that direction become an even cooler attraction. He had some fun sequences that got the crowd excited including spiffy 630(that's after a 450 right?) Splash to finish Axel off, so there's definitely potential for something more.

Shit now I'm thinking about Da Cobra vs. Mr. 450 in a Tajiri/Super Crazy feud. BRING ME THAT.

The owners, Jacques and Gabriel Baron were introduced. They came out and thanked everyone for supporting them over the last year. One of them said that tonight was "Their Wrestlemania" a line that would haunt me for the rest of the night.

They introduced Billy Corgan, he said some "thank yous" and introduced the NEW Heavyweight Champion "The Ego"Robert Anthony. Anthony won the title in a three with Jay Bradley and Bobby Lashley a month ago after Harry Smith had to vacate the title due to being on tour with New Japan. Ego's a cool guy. They tell him that he gets to pick his first opponent to defend his title against. I'm trying to think of the last time WWE had a Wrestlemania where the champ came in with no opponent, and the match for the title was made in the first 15 minutes of the show. What if Vince was like, "Come see my Wrestlemania, no clue what the main event will be, I'll let John Cena figure it out when we get there. FUCK YOU."

Ego says he's going to give someone a chance just like he was given a chance, but first he wants to clear the air with Jay Bradley. Bradley came out looking not happy. These two don't like each other and they did a good job of going over their history, and how Bradley was the guy who got Ego his first gig in R-Pro.  Anthony decided that he was going to give Jay a chance to finally prove all the doubters wrong and let him be his first defense. This exchange was solid, and tried to build some kind of drama that was literally non-existent for the weeks leading up to it.

They tell the crowd it's time to stop talking and start wrestling. They all leave and we go to...

Jesse comes out in an army get up and a riding crop, Sgt. Slaughter style. He's got Chris Hall with him. He says he's starting a revolution against his brother. He told people to "Shut the fuck up." I feel like if you're going to tell people it's a family show, you probably shouldn't have people yelling "fuck" at people. Just a thought, maybe I'm crazy. He starts picking on Chris Nowinski who's sitting in the front row calling him a "cripple" this goes on...forever. I mean it got downright uncomfortable. It was just a really awful exchange, and it followed an long talking segment. Just a bad decision.

Anyway we ended up getting a match where Ruff Crossing came out and said it was time to wrestle and challenged Hall to a match. Ruff tried to confuse me again because he had the word "Rawbone" on his tights. And honestly I didn't recognize him and they didn't announce him so I was spend half the match thinking, "I'm not going to make the mistake I made last time, I'm calling this guy "Rawbone Guy". But then two guys chanted "Ruff" and I realized he'd tricked me again. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, check out my R-Pro review HERE, in which I have no idea who Ruff Crossing is and get chastised about it in the comments section by presumably a close friend or family member of his.

Shenanigans out of the way, Ruff Crossing is totally fun. He takes awesome bumps, which makes Chris Hall look even more dangerous. So there you go, I'm a Ruff fan now. Nowinski was in Ruff's corner and Jesse was jawing at him during the match.

At one point Jesse snuck in a weak shot at Ruff with his riding crop, and Nowinski took off after him. Nowinski took away the riding crop and slapped him on the ass with it, chasing him out of the building. Somehow RUFF CROSSING was able to make the comeback to win the match. At which point they actually announced his NAME! Good for him! It's too bad they didn't do that before the match, so people who don't know who he is could actually get behind him. Not everyone knows who he is, and like the last time people wanted to cheer for him, but we need a name or something to latch on too. I think that and the opening awkardness hurt this match.

Have I made this joke already?
D'arcy is actually wrestling tonight. She's actually pretty decent, but her awesome persona that she developed over the last few shows didn't translate into the ring. She'd been doing this awesome world fitness model bitch character and here she wore gear that didn't really accentuate that aspect. She also didn't do much to work the crowd which is something she's excelled at in the past.

The story of the match was Thunderkitty going for the sleeper and D'arcy kept getting out of it. When Kitty went for it the third time, Dixon had a reversal planned that gave her the clean win. I liked the concept, but I don't think many people understood it was happening as it was happening. The idea of the sleeper being the big finish could have been played up a little more. I knew it was her finish, but that didn't mean all the people in the arena did. It all just fell really flat.

After the match Dixon got on the mic, and was her annoying self again. She's genuinely an entertaining talker, and her delivery is really good. She said she'd be competing from now on, instead of focusing on her Dynasty. She thought tonight's match was too easy and that she wanted another match. Dixon issued an open challenge which lead to...

Kong came out to a huge reception and proceeded to murder D'Arcy Dixon. It was fun in a Kong squash kind of way. She just has a magnetic personality, it's like watching a female Goldberg but better because she dresses like a cast member of Xena: Warrior Princess. This picked the crowd up a bit, so I was hoping things would start picking up.


This was actually the only match I wanted to see, so of course it got all messed up with a crap stipulation. The idea is that you have to eliminate BOTH partners, which sounds interesting on paper, but in execution it lead to less drama and meaningful interactions in the first half. There's no time to build interest in guys because they're getting eliminated. Shit, I can't even remember what happened to Lince and Azteca. They just disappeared. It was just plain boring with guys getting pinned with top rope splashes. And holy hell were there a lot of top rope splashes. Too many.

Anyway Sugar Dunkerton, who you've heard me rave about a million times was really good in this. Took some nasty bumps from Jocephus on the apron, and sold his back through out the match like he was a broken man. Up until this point he may have been the only guy who engaged the audience with his selling and actually tried to garner sympathy and support for his come back.

There were some missed opportunities in this type of match. For one, it got down to Shawn Daivari and Sugar D vs. Walters and Brody. But instead of looking at each other and realizing they're at a disadvantage they choose to beat each other up. Even a guy in the crowd yelled "YOU SHOULD WORK TOGETHER." and I swear it wasn't me.

Eventually it got down to Sugar D vs. Walters and Brody. Walters hasn't been around in a while, and it looks like he found a really sweet gym while touring in Europe. I think he may have slapped on a little too much muscle, because he couldn't move has fluidly as he did before, but he was still pretty good in this match. Somehow Sugar D got it down to just him and Brody. Dunkerton didn't back down though and fought passionately.

During an exchange that lead to the ref getting distracted, The Warden decked Brody with a chain. Sugar didn't want to win that way, but reluctantly went for the cover anyway. Brody kicked out and they wrestled kept at it. Finally Sugar D was able to capitalize with a middle rope elbow drop for the win.

With the exception of the ending stuff between Sugar and Jocephus this wasn't a good match and not a good way to showcase the tag team division usually put on some of the better matches on past cards.

After the match Epic hit the ring and hugged the dog tired Sugar Dunkerton. It felt like a real moment between the two, and makes me smile thinking about it. Epic's reaction Dunkerton getting the win felt like he was celebrating more than just Sugar overcoming the odds of the match. These two were given a crazy gimmick but have continually made it work out of commitment to entertaining the fans, they don't just deserve this - they earned it.

The Warden came in and asked for his belts. Sugar grabbed a mic and sat in the middle of the ring Punk-style. He then gave an amazing speech about how much he and Epic have lost over the last year because they made a stupid mistake. On the surface you'd think he's just playing into the role, but there was some kind of truth that it felt like he was pulling from. They're not just prisoners to the warden but prisoners to what they do and love. I imagine it is hard to see friends and family when you spend your days traversing the world trying to make a living doing what you love the most. I don't know if Dunkerton was pulling from this when he gave this speech, but I wouldn't be surprised because that's how emotionally real it felt.

He even managed to fit in some socio-politcal commentary on prisoners not having rights to vote, which is probably more subversive than any wrestling promo you'll probably hear ever.

In the end he told the Warden that it doesn't matter who takes the titles from them, that the record books will show that he and Epic were first forever. Great great promo that should be checked out by EVERYONE.

Funaki hit the ring and fulfilled his #1 Announcer duties by introducing JAKE ROBERTS.

I don't know if it's because he's sober or what, but when Jake Roberts came out from behind that curtain, for one amazing moment he was THE MAN. You could see it in his eyes. I'm not just talking about the crowd cheering or whatever, I'm talking about "The Aura". You could see it on his face that he wasn't just infront of a few hundred people at the Teamster Auditorium, he was in the Pontiac Silverdome. He was in the Skydome. He was the fucking Snake Man. I swear for ten seconds it was like slow motion, and not because he's old.He got in the ring and talked about being sober and thanked the fans for all their support. Roberts is still a tremendous talker and you couldn't help but hang on to every word.
Like this but with a snake on top.

Raven came out and was a dick, talking about Roberts being a washed-up addict. The jawed for a few minutes, and Jake pretty much verbally jacked him at every turn. It was really fun to be honest. Out came Ashton Vutton and Eric St. Vaughn. Ashton got crazy heat, with people chanting "Please Don't Speak." He played it up really well. Eventually he told the old timers that no one wanted to see them, that he was the brightest star with the brightest future and for them to get out. After some more back n' forth Roberts saved Raven with by DDTíng Vutton. Yes, it still looks good. Afterwords they put in St. Vaughn and Vutton in a 69 position and put the snake on 'em. Good times. I was really glad to see Jake Roberts live, and even more glad that it was a great memory. One of my all time favorites.

The first chunk of this was your general three way stuff that was pretty forgettable. Mr. 450 was over as hell with the crowd though, so that helped. The build to the first dive was pretty good too. The real story was 450 losing his mind and jumping from the balcony which was about 12 up. It was a crazy stunt that actually felt out of place in nothing match. And what's worse is that when he took Marshe into the ring, Marshe took over on him. I hate it when that stuff happens. You just got splashed by a guy falling 12 feet, why are you making a comeback? Made the moment even less special. 450 eventually won with his signature splash on BJ Hancock.

After the match he grabbed a mask and said that he was going to wear this mask until he won the Heavyweight title. It was a symbol of his promise to the fans that he'd win the title. That's kind of a cool idea, and is a neat reminder to the fans that this guy needs a title shot. The mak is pretty nifty too looking like a mix between Sin Cara's and Hayabusa's masks.

 They started off the match battling outside near the merch tables. Half the crowd couldn't see. Then they went into concessions area and even less of the crowd could see. It was like a radio show with the ref coming on every once in a while to say "Do you quit?" and someone saying "nooooo". It's hard to do that sutff without a big TV showing the people missing out the action. Takes them out of the match right away and it went on for a long time.

Actually the whole thing went on for a long time. A long long long long long long long time. Melanie bled early on. When she would make her comeback she'd slap on a chinlock or a sleeper and sit on it. This happened more than once and waaaaay late into the match. It was awful. Nikki was kind of cool trying out some a submission or two and just generally trying to beat Melanie's ass with a chain and a chair. She looked like she got the concept a little more than Cruise.

She got a table out at some point and the crowd started chanting "This is Awesome." Just for her getting the table out. She hadn't even done anything yet, which makes what happens funnier. So she goes to set Nikki on the table and Lou D'Angeli comes out with a mop/broom handle. He goes to nail Melanie with it, but she blocks it and puts him on the table. Then she puts Nikki on top of him, which may be the greatest moment of his life coz Nikki was looking fine last night y'all. I'm a man.

Anyway, Melanie goes up top and delivers a devastating leg drop that just tips the table over. Didn't break or anything. The people who chanted "This is Awesome" earlier looked like they'd been farted on. It was great and I laughed really loud. Sorry, I'm also a bad person.

Melanie then freaked out and got an extension cord and hung Nikki over the top rope with it. Nikki gurgled "I quiiiiiiit" and Melanie retained. Hugely disappointing match that last eons and took a lot of the crowd out of it big time. I like both Nikki and Melanie, but they really needed less time and a better concept for their match. Thankfully this happened...

Awesome Kong got in Melanie's face.

I imagine this will be the match we'll see at Bourbon Street in January. Bourbon Street being that place that AAW runs for their big shows. Good idea

The Almighty Sheik came out and said he's been screwed by Billy Corgan and that he wants a title shot. Sheik was really fun on the mic, especially when he asked if people wanted to see the title match, and then saying "I think I'll talk a little longer." This ended with him and Brody just kind of meandering around the ring. I don't know what was supposed to happen, but they just kind of stood there for a little bit before leaving. Oh well. 

Thank goodness for these two. Most of the wrestling up until this point has been pretty weak and uninteresting. Or downright bad. They did some nice mat work and hold exchanges early on and the crowd was totally into it. No boring chants or anything. They also knew when to pick it up and get going and when to cool it back down. Great pacing. Bradley was a beast working on Robert Anthony's leg and working the crowd back up. Jay Bradley is legit my favorite guy in the company now that Harry Smith is gone. He wrestle with a purpose, trying to win a fight with an actual game plan.

Anthony did a solid job selling the leg, making everything he did with it look painful. I really like him desperately hitting a back cracker and rolling around in agony. He needed to hit it, but the leg was too missed up for him to take advantage of it.

Down the stretch, Jay nailed the Boom Stick Lariat out of nowhere, but Anthony ended up rolling to the outside to the floor. He was knocked out so Bradley had to waste time dragging his ass back into the ring. By the time he got him to the center, Anthony had enough to kick out.

The finishing bit was creative with Jay getting flung into a corner and doing that leap frog counter, but Anthony did run through. When Jay hit the ground he saw that Anthony hadn't followed him into the corner and exclaimed "Oh shit!" When he turned around Ego hit him with his crazy DVD move and nailed a sick moonsault for the win. Great finish. I definitely recommend you watch this match. These two are better than a lot of guys on the indies right now.

This show wasn't the worst. It had one great match and a couple of feel good moments, which is better than several of their other shows. But nearly every time I watch them I leave frustrated at sloppy booking or lack thereof, or poor execution. This show was no different. The highlights would be Lock Up winning and Dunkerton's speech(not the match itself though), Jake Roberts being really cool, and the main event. Not a lot of good on the wrestling front. Really the only performances that stand out besides the main event were Da Cobra and Ruff Crossings of all people. How'd that happen?

R-Pro is so frustrating because I feel like they just take for granted that their fans will show. That wrestling fans are so starved for wrestling that they'll just go to a show no matter what. They're right for the most part, which is sad, but it doesn't make them not building stories very well any less annoying. Look at the tag tournament for example. I think only five of the guys in the match were actually in the tournament proper. And teams like the Rock N Roll Express and The Briscoes weren't even in the match. And this tournament started A YEAR AGO. At one point, I don't think they even remembered there was a tournament.

And then there's the weird shit with not advertising Bradley/Anthony before hand. Anthony wasn't even advertised to wrestle. Honestly, the only reason I came to this show was because Dunkerton and Epic were in the tag title match and Jake Roberts was going to be there. That's it. I guess that's enough for them because they got their money anyway, but I don't know if I can bother going back again.. The only story with any real drama going into it was the Melanie Cruise/ Nikki St. John one, and that was kind of mucked up with the weird heel/face reversal that happened mid-way and the really bad match they had.

When I talk about the bad stuff that goes on at these shows, it's not because I like to or I've got some goofy internet nerd axe to grind. I'm a pretty positive guy. I don't have anything against the Barons or anything, I don't even know them. I spoke to Jacques on the phone a year ago and he seemed like a really nice guy with that same fanboy passion for wrestling that we all have. And I've met their friends and families at these shows and they all seem like really warm and polite people. They've brought some great shit(and some terrible) to the city of Chicago (greatest city ever) over the last year and for that I'm grateful. But I guess I need a little more thought and care when it comes to the wrestling products I support.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WWF New Generation Era Project: RAW REVIEW 09.20.1993


Scott did a good job of calling back to their match last week, which was under Quebec Province Rules. He goes up top and hits a clothesline, tosses Pierre over the top, and follows it up with a piledriver, all just because he has the freedom to do so - last week such actions would have resulted in a DQ. Also to prove how badass he is, Scott does a super impressive overhead belly-to-belly suplex from the middle rope. Pierre's just a big dude, that tossing him around always looks amazing. Scotty was also really good at getting beat up. And during his chance to get back into the match he didn't start throwing Pierre, he went for backslides and inside cradles. There's a lot of drama that comes with Scott Steiner, destroyer of wimpies, looking desperate to win. Steiner eventually made a comeback and won with the Frankensteiner, but the match did a lot to make Pierre in particular look like one tough opponent.

Sometimes Bigelow gets this wild hair and feels a need to show his crazy agility. He starts off this match with a great drop kick, and later flips over the turnbuckle to the apron. Hopefully he keeps this stuff up, because I need someone to fill the void with The Real Doink getting fired.

During the match they put Crush on the satellite phone like they did last week. Last week the phone seemingly cut out, this week Crush went silent when Savage spoke. Vince asked him if he could hear Savage, and Crush responded by saying he'd never speak to Savage again. Macho had no clue what the hell that was about.

Bigelow won with maybe the crunchiest senton splash you'll ever see. I bet Leverne shat all over himself after that one. I wouldn't blame him if he did.

Vince breaks down the events of SummerSlam where Jerry Lawler got a DQ win over Bret Hart. Bret was really good during all this calling into question the ref and Jack Tunney's proclamation that Jerry Lawler is the undisputed King of the Ring. Bret got personal saying that this isn't about titles or crowns, it's about family honor and that his only regret is that he didn't keep the Sharpshooter on longer. Solid no-nonsense promo that is a good representation of the Hitman character.

At first this was like any other Perfect squash, but at some point Perfect got kinda pissy and started punching Bell in the face. He brought him over the corner and started fish hooking him by saying "So you wanna be a wrestler?" And started popping him in the face some more. More of that please.

IRS comes out and jaws about Razor Ramon a little bit. Schyster wasn't working on the future Justin Credible for long when Da Bad Guy came out and started talking smack to Irwin. Schyster gets distracted and PJ rolls up Schyster for the win!!! THE CLIQ IS HERE!

The crowd starts chanting 1-2-3, which makes you wonder why 1-2-3 Kid wasn't the guy in the ring. Still, it's PJ WALKER'S BIG WIN!!!! HISTORY WAS MADE!

The Steiner/Pierre match was good stuff and Bigelow was fun as per usual. Not a great episode but worth skimming for sure.

Borga debuts on RAW. The Quebecers will give a tag title shot to NOT THE STEINRES(They're dicks) and JIMMY SNUKA RETURNS. Can't wait!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Youtube Wrestling Super Glorious Enjoyment Time

Reader David C on my last YWSGET Starring Greg Valentine, suggested I watch a bunch of Flock matches. Specifically the lesser known ones. The means no Kidman, Saturn, or Raven. I liked that idea and decided to give it a shot. Where to begin.... I know!

When me and my friends played WCW vs. NWO: Revenge on the N64, we always played the Royal Rumble(or whatever it was called) mode. And if you got eliminated you came back as a random competitor. The one guy we all crossed our fingers to not come back as was....

I might be wrong, but I think Sick Boy is wrestling this match in with a couple of nicotine patches on. That's gotta be illegal. This started out well enough with Sick Boy's crazy fireman carry face buster deal. Then he jacked up the tilt-a-whirl and got lost. I feel like Bobby Heenan yelling "There's gonna be a lot of accidents tonight!" will probably be the tag line for this iteration of the YWSGET.

Juvi slips hitting a Juvi driver, but Reese interferes before the 450 so I don't even get a cool finish. Well... I guess they had to fill three hours with something. I don't feel like I really got a feel for Sick Boy in such a short match so I had to watch....

Sick Boy and Mongo punch, kick, club and knee each other for 6 minutes. It's not very good and some of it is downright awkward, like Mongo's delayed reaction to a eye poke, that I'm not even sure happened. Sick Boy tries to do a suplex but fails miserably. And he tries to get all innovative by jumping from the middle of the ropes for an elbow instead of the turnbuckle, but Mean Mark did it better back in '90 brother.

Other than that shizz, they also do a finishing stretch that you'd think was pulled from an 5-Star Classic, with them trading punches on their knees and reversing moves before hitting a finish. But it still manages to look like poo.

Yeah, let's move away from Sick Boy. On to...


This is actually pretty decent. The first two minutes are pretty cool with Van Hammer and Guerrera working together to show that they can get these big guys down. I love how fiery Juvi is in this match, wanting to throw down with everyone. The size difference between him and Reese is immense. Horace does some decent working over of Juvi, but I really like his interactions with Van Hammer. They're really sloppy, but it looks like neither of them really gives a shit about the other so they just go for it. Check Van Hammer's Alabama Slam on Horace near the end. It just looks reckless, and that's okay in my book.

Reese never looks imposing. He's in the sub-Matt Morgan category for least intimidating ring presence for a 7 footer. I did like his finish on Juvi though. He nailed it perfectly and the got to show of a little power. Fun match, check it out and let me know what you think.

And since I dug Horace, let's check him out in a singles match.

Horace is crazy fun. He's a decent brawler and then he'll do crazy shit like a topé just because. Not bad for a big guy. Kanyon's innovative offense schtick feels kind of dated, especially with some of the stuff looking like poop. The Fisherman Neckbreaker, for example, looks like it has significant less impact than a regular Fisherman Suplex. Still it's a pretty neat match with a finishing stretch that actually had me guessing as to who was going to win. I'm going to have to look up more Horace matches now. See what you've driven me to?

And because it was specifically recommended, let's watch:

Juvi does a great job with his fiery little man offense. The Juice praying before the match was a great touch. Reese isn't great at milking his size to the audience, but he's serviceable here, certainly better than the tag match. I liked that Juvi went tried to use some tricks but none of them would work, it felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel there for a minute. I really like the finish with Van Hammer showing up with the chair, which lead to a ridiculous hurricanrana. I'm glad I watched this oddly enough, but it may have given me a little more appreciation for Juvi than Reese.

Now this is the good stuff. You'd think this would be Dean Malenko carrying a guy, but Riggs actually holds up his own when it's time to work Malenko over. Riggs worked pretty smoothly with Dean on the mat and had some nice heel tactics like the knee over the throat bit. I love that spot. He was actually so good that Schiavone and Heenan had to put him over as a talented dude. You know you're doing something right when the WCW commentators are talking about your match and not anything else. I liked Riggs' selling of the knee when he fell of the ropes. It felt like a "blood in the water" kind of moment because Dean-o immediately went for the kill. Fun match.

So let's see how much of this was Dean...

Okay, this obviously isn't as good as the Malenko match, but Riggs still looks solid. That Putski guy stinks though. He didn't try to get any sympathy while he was getting beat down, and didn't try to get the crowd into it until the end, and by then no one cared too much. I like wildness Riggs shows sometimes. Like the corner splash or the apron clothesline. If he could have added a little bit more personality he might have been a bigger deal than he was.

Lodi is an unlikeable goober, which is great. Unlike some of the other Flock guys he has a distinct personality and it's one the crowd can latch onto and hate. While it's a short squash, it is notable for the crazy dive to the outside that looks like it breaks Lodi's leg. So check that out.

Let's finish up with Goldberg squashing Lodi. That's appropriate.

I would have to say after all this Riggs and Horace were the biggest surprises for me. So much so that I actually want to watch more of them. My question to you guys is: who's your favorite Flock member?

If you've got a suggestion for a wrestler you want me to watch a bunch of matches of, feel free to hit me up here on the comments page or find me on DVDVR Message Board where I goof off the most. They can be anyone from anywhere, they just have to have matches on the Youtube. Otherwise it wouldn't be....


Monday, November 12, 2012


My son's birthday was Nov. 9th and taking him to Chikara was my birthday present to him. His first live wrestling show. My mom, my sister, my wife and my mother-in-law(also attending her first wrestling show) all came along. Only my wife and son had seen Chikara before hand. Just want you guys to know what I was dealing with going into this show.

FACT: Gavin Loudspeaker is the most awesome hype dude in wrestling. He's so good at keeping the energy up between matches and making everything sound EPIC. Even the referee's names. For the pre-show song he sang a little Chikara ditty to the tune of The Cars "Just What I Needed".

If you keep up with me and my reviews, you know Da Soul Touchaz hold a special place in my rasslin' heart. They're one of my favorite groups in the world, and provide so much energy and fun any time I see them. This match was tons of fun and great opener. The Batiri are a killer tag team and can do pretty much everything. Their style works in harmony with their look - agile and vicious, and they're pretty precise in the execution.  Soul Touchaz had the win after Willie nailed a powerbomb from the top but that darn Ophidian stuck his nose in the action helped the Batiri steal one. I'm bummed my home town guys weren't victorious but it was so much fun that I'm okay with it. Really I'd love to watch these six wrestle each other more because they were so complementary to each other.


Wayne and Garth are actually Chris Castro and Matt Knicks who you may have read about in my Resistence Pro Reviews. They came out dressed like themselves, not as Wayne and Garth though. Their opponents were Destruction Corporation who are doing a Power & Paint gimmick, which I LOOOOOOVE. It was pretty clear that Wayne and Garth were meant to get squashed pretty quickly and that's what happened. Still, Knicks and Castro did their job really well and tried to make these two bruisers look good. The only downside was the one botch where Knicks got tossed by Max Smashmaster into Blaster McMassive's arms. McMassive couldn't keep from falling down and crashed into the ropes. Knicks looked like he took the rope right across his face, which I'm sure felt awesome. For those reading my New Generation Era Project Reviews, you know I felt at home watching a squash match where a tag team just abuses the hell out of a couple of jabronies.


  So this was special. This was my show was my birthday present to my now 5 year old son. He loves Chikara and has probably watched the 2011 King of Trios a million times over the last year. He even pretends his WWE figures are actually the Colony(Chris Jericho is Soldier Ant, for your information). This was his first wrestling show ever and he dressed up in his lucha mask and cape for it. When Generico came out everyone stood up to cheer him on because he's, you know, awesome. So I picked my son up so he could see one of his favorite Chikara competitors. Generico went around the rings slapping hands and stopped when he saw my son. He climbed over the first two rows, and took my son from me. Generico then held my son out to crowd like Rafiki did Simba in the Lion King and the crowd cheered. I've sung the praises of Generico for a while because, like I said, he's awesome, but this takes the cake. He made my son's birthday incredibly special, and made me look like a pretty cool dad for taking my son to the show.

The match was pretty kick ass too. Crowd was rabid, Generico was fantastic at looking like he was in danger, and Shard was great at cutting Generico's offense off. It was sprinty with just the right number of nearfalls and drama without going into overkill. Certainly one of the best matches of the show, and one people should probably look for. I honestly can't go into too much detail probably because I was busy trying to keep my eyes from overflowing.


Chuck Taylor is a guy I'm mixed on everywhere else but CHIKARA. His work just translates better in this setting than anywhere else. It's kind of weird seeing him and Gargano together since the last time I saw them Gargano was superkicking thumbtacks out of Taylor's mouth, but I got over it. The feuding partner was handled relatively well here. Soldier Ant got beat up pretty good through out the match and when he made his big comeback he went to the corner for the tag, then Saluted at DeviAnt and yelled "SIR NO SIR!" and ran back into the fray, presumably on a suicide mission. Sadly it didn't pay off and FIST capitalized on the problematic relationship between the two ants to secure the win. I think this match was okay, but it also was in a tough position of getting the crowd back up after the high excitement of the previous match.

This was fun, and they did a great job moving from moment to moment. Unlike the other matches it didn't follow the same format, building to a BIG EPIC finish, which was to the show's benefit in my opinion. We got kind of blown up after the Generico match and we still had quite a few matches left. The ending kind of came out of nowhere and the abruptness felt kind of realistic, with Quackenbush in disbelief that was over. While this may not stick out like the other matches, I think it was a great change of pace from the rest of the show and kept the audience fresh for what was to come.

More feuding partner stuff between the two ants, but this one was more fun, because poor Jigsaw(or Rubix if you Crossed The Line) was in the middle of it. Bravados actually fit in perfect with Chikara, and look like total tools, and they were totally down with interacting with the crowd. Jimmy Jacobs is a guy I've discovered kind of late, and I really enjoy him. He was great here as a douche-y heel, and took some nasty bumps, one of which was on the apron that, while probably unnecessary, was definitely appreciated by me, as I am a total bump whore. The big story was that AssailANT was trying his damndest to get Fire Ant to trust him, to the point that the crowd was chanting "BE HIS FRIEND!". Eventually Fire Ant gave in but just as the two partners started to get rolling they were sneak attack by the RoH invaders and took the loss. This was expected with the huge Season Finale match coming up between RoH and CHIKARA, and it was done in a way to both further the Colony storyline and protect the wrestlers from looking bad. Competent booking....YAAAY!

This was actually kind of disappointing. Akuma didn't seem as snappy and the character evolution of Tim Donst isn't really jiving for me. I get that he's getting all serious in a bid for the Kingston's Grand Championship, but it feels kind of boring to me. I do like him with his shaved head, he looks kind of creepy like a supporting cast member of American History X. That was an awkward compliment I think, but I'm going to own it. Donst won after KO'ing Akuma with a foreign object and applying From Dusk Till Donst, which is an awkward looking submission hold that I really don't like either. Sounds like I'm shitting on the dude, and yeah, my son fell asleep during this match, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds. It sounds like I'm shitting on the dude, but I do think he's talented and a good heel(being unlikeable is hard these days you guys), I'm just having trouble connecting to this new direction for his character.


This is probably the match of the night and one of the best matches of the year. I LOOOOOOOOVED THIS. For one it had an amazing grasp of all the overlapping stories. You had the awkwardness between Sugar D and Dasher Hatfield and the triangle between Veronica, Mr. Touchdown and The Mysterious And Handsome Stranger, who for the sake of brevity I will refer heretofore as Not-Archie. On top of those stories you had the match structure which was partially built around the idea of Not-Archie tagging in an inanimate bird. The crowd wanted it really bad, and the wrestlers did a solid job of teasing it out and building the anticipation. When Sapphire was finally tagged in the place went nuts. She devastated the competition with Wing Blocks and a Flying Head Butt. She focused most of her attacks on Mr. Touchdown nailing him with a Go 2 Sapphire and a Flying Beakbutt. Touchdown some how managed to kick out at 2.9999999....and then all hell broke lose.

Touchdown picked up Sapphire, and shoved her into a bag. He then repeatedly smashed the bag into the mat to the horror of everyone but my mother, who started to yell out "Do It Again!" Not-Archie then looked in the bag and screamed in agony. He got up ready to destroy the dastardly Mr. Touchdown, but his anger blinded him, and TD was able to pin him for the win. Gavin Loudspeaker solemnly announcing their elimination was pretty tough to listen to, as we all knew that the match wasn't the only thing Sapphire was eliminated from. Vernoica took it pretty hard as well, realizing her boyfriend had just killed a bird, and awkwardness between the two was very apparent.

Sugar Dunkerton got in and started yelling "WHAT DID YOU DO?" and then went on a barrage fighting both for the fallen Sapphire and for his pride as a former Throwback. I should probably take this moment to mention how good Sugar Dunkerton is. Again. Sugar is fantastic at switching hats, going from fun loving entertainer to vengeful wrestler, without feeling forced and phony. I've talked a lot about how effective he is at pulling of the Lock Down gimmick in R-Pro, and he his ability to commit to any situation was on full display in this match. In the ring he's good at fitting in with pretty much anyone and does a good job supporting and giving the spotlight to his fellow competitors. Sadly he's partnered with Icarus, who found himself locked in to Shane Matthew's devastating Boston Crab with no where to go.

The final stretch between 3.0 and The Throwbacks was as solid as you'd expect, leading to a big win for 3.0. They've got 2 points now towards getting a shot at the tag titles. I don't know if this match will translate on DVD, but I the crowd was absolutely bananas for this match, and I think it's one of the most entertaining experiences I've ever had, wrestling or otherwise.


It is soooooo easy for me to hate the Young Bucks. They are the smarmiest looking dudes, and I'll give them credit for playing it up, but Holy Crap do I want these guys to lose all the time. The match was built around Ultra Mantis Black getting destroyed in the first few minutes for the first fall, and being laid out on the outside while Frightmare got beat up for the second. Or Segunda Caida if you wheeeeeeel. There was one nasty looking spot where Black, in a moment of desperation flipped off the apron into of the Bucks on the outside. It just looked rough and reckless just like I like my republican senatorial candidates.

The Batiri were watching from above and like the dick bags they are, they got involved. Before UMB could bring the titles back home with a Chikara Special, Ophidian sprayed mist into Black's eyes, leaving him open to the Bucks' barrage of flips. The Bucks retained and Ophidian and his trolls became mightily hated in my eyes. MIGHTILY HATED INDEED.

Good match that had a tough act to follow. Even though the crowd didn't get what they wanted, I think it was still satisfying enough to keep the throngs of Chicago Chikara fans eager for the company to come back, which will be in May. YAY.

I'll never forget this show for the rest of my life for obvious reasons. My 60 year old mother-in-law who'd never been to a wrestling show loved it, and was trying to figure out how to explain to her Bridge Club how she saw a bird wrestle 6 other grown men. Heaven help us she was even doing the "This Is Awesome" chant the next morning. Claps and everything. My son got to see his favorite wrestlers and got an incredibly special moment from one of the best wrestlers in the world. I can't complain.

But besides all that CHIKARA showed they're a superior company when it comes to booking and providing the crowd with a polished and entertaining product. They have a strong grasp over long term and short term stories, which is something that can't be said for many wrestling companies local and national. And despite many of the crowd favorites losing(Da Soul Touchaz, The Colony, & The Spectral Envoy all lost) I don't feel like anyone walked out feeling cheated.

While I fully recognize that the Chikara brand of sports entertainment isn't for everyone, I think they provide more value for your dollar than just about any wrestling company in the world. Check 'em out live if they're in your area, and grab this DVD when it comes out.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Westchester County Center
White Plains, NY

So this match is pretty freaking sweet just because of one move. Beverly was in control whipping the Hitman's ass. At some point Bret found himself on the apron. Blake went to "bring him in the hardway"by sling shotting him back into the ring. Bret countered by just LETTING GO. He then grabbed the ropes and sling shotted Blake OUT of the ring to the floor. Never saw that before. Of course this opened up Bret to hit his signature moves before finishing it off with the Sharpshooter. Cool stuff. But don't take my word for it...


If you've read any of this project you've probably heard me talk about Russ Greenberg. He's got a partner this time and they have matching gear. It's the generic stripe singlet that you skipped over when creating a wrestler in WWF RAW. Thomas has dark purple and black stripe while Russ is going with the not quite pink, not quite salmon and black. Russ actually got a little bit of offense in, hitting a MONKEY FLIP. But that gets ended real fast. Timothy Well totally grabs a standing Greenberg by the ankle and pulls it out from under him and Russ about breaks his neck flopping backwards. I LOL'd you guys. Well Dunn did their finish which looked like dookie. Dunn gets the guy in a inverted DDT and Well just holds the guy's leg up. It actually makes it look weaker than a regular inverted DDT.

This Jabroni has a widow's peak mullet and massive eyebrows. It's actually kind of Santino-esque. Razor goes crazy and does a fall away slam from the middle rope which is different. After his version of the abdominal stretch he followed it up with a top rope back body drop and a Razor's Edge for the win. Scott Hall is a beast sometimes.

PJ must be hitting the gym because they announced him as weighing 230 lbs. The future Justin Credible was just a wrestling dummy, eating all kinds of Borga offense. Borga is still kind of clunky and his squashes haven't been so hot. Needs to watch some Steiner squashes to see how to treat jabronies properly.

Barry almost pulled off the upset via a Northern Lights Suplex that blew Macho Man's mind. Other than that it was pretty much by the numbers Perfect squash.

But forget about that. This commercial aired:


It's so weird to me how crappy Shawn Michaels Super Kick is at this point. He's still not finishing guys with it, here he uses it t set up a piledriver finish. But it hasn't looked good almost ever. As a matter of fact a couple other people in the company have been using it too and there's look waaaaaay better like Jannetty and Jimmy Del Rey. I wonder if there's a correlation between when he became a selfish, controlling brat and when his super kick started to look like it was actually hitting people.

After the match HBK and Diesel hung around in the aisles as 123 Kid made his way down for his match. Note that HBK and Kid are meeting for the IC title at an MSG show coming up.Shawn and Big Daddy Cool block Kid's path and Waltman politely asks them to move so he can, you know, wrestle. Diesel answers by punching him in the face. Mr. Perfect comes down to even the odds. Note Perfect and Diesel have a match on that same card. I guess no match. BOO.

Fast match. Billy did a what I guess can describe as a gutwrench inverted sidewalk slam, which looked kinda neat. Other than that there wasn't much else. This maybe last 45 seconds.

Lots of cool talent on the show. Perfect, Hart, HBK, Razor, Russ Greenberg all the greats. I totally want to see a fancam of this Kid/HBK match from MSG. So if anyone sees it send it my way.

NEXT WEEK: We get that 123 Kid match, more Razor and the greatest world champion of all time Yokozuna.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Wow. It's been a while.


This match is to be held under Quebec Province Rules, which are the following

1. Title can change hand via disqualification
2. Title can change hands via countout.
3. No piledrivers.
4. No moves from the top rope
5. No throwing an opponent over the top rope.

Bill Watts nods in approval.

Rick's powerslam's early on were ridiculous. The first one caught Jacques right in the ballzinis and the second one on Pierre looked incredibly easy despite Pierre being a pretty big dude. Rick also helped get the rules across by going for a piledriver, something I haven't seen him do this entire project, and being told by Scotty and Hebner that it was no good. He went to Plan B, which was the devastating punch to the face.

Pierre got in a good shot on Scott midway. Countering a hiptoss block with a nasty clothesling IN THE FACE. Despite that Scott and Rick continued to kick the Quebeccer's ass settling into what kind of looked like the classic Heel in Peril formula.

Johnny Polo made an appearance to give the Quebeccers a game plan which I guess worked because when we come back from commercial break the Canadians took over. They hit a pretty neat move where Pierre stood over Scott's waist and kind of gorilla pressed Jacques into the air for a high impact splash. This kicked off a pretty long stretch of offense for Pierre and Jacques, so I can only assume Johnny Polo is a mastermind manager.

Funny bit happened on the hot tag. Scott finally and heroically makes his way to Rick, and Vince calls it. Scott helps Rick out by drop kicking guys, and Rick makes his way outside. Vince says, "I believe Scott is the legal man!" despite him tagging out FIVE SECONDS AGO. Eventually Pierre brings in Johnny Polo's hockey stick and goes to hit Scott with it. Scott blocks and nails Pierre, which Earl sees and promptly disqualifies them. NEW CHAMPS

Pretty fun match, for sure. The rules change was kinda goofy but you'd think the two collegiate wrestling badasses would have the advantage in such a scenario. Looking forward to a rematch.

Tony Devito has a nice mullet which through me off for a second. The name sounded familiar and then he turned around and gave me the mean point and I realized..."Hey! He's one of Da Baldies!"

So another future ECW Alumni Jobber here. Perfect didn't have quite the same crispness here. Not a lot of lift on his dropkick, and he looked like he struggled to bridge the Perfect Plex. Back's gotta be killing him again. The pro-heel fans were giving him a pretty rough time too. They were in love with him weeks ago the fickle bastiches.

Before the match started Bobby Heenan said, "Hey McMahon, You need to hire a new lawyer Perry Mason kicked the bucket." McMahon got real quiet and Macho said "Hey let's not talk about attorneys." I imagined Vince was sitting there trying to figure out how to re-animate Perry Mason's body to get him through this steroid business.

Razor Ramon beat the poop out of the Executioner and delivered TWO Razor's Edge because he's a baaaaaad guy.

Vince invites The Not The Mounties for an interview. Polo puts his team in a tough position by saying the Steiners can have a rematch if one of them beats a Quebeccer in a singles match. The Quebeccers aren't too pleased, but Polo says it has to be against Pierre, "the brüt strength of the team". Which I guess is a cool way to put over Pierre.So next week it's one of the Steiners vs. Pierre.

No words.
Doink comes out with some buckets. He sets them down to beat the shit out of Rich Meyers. I think he broke his brain on a German Suplex. Crowd started a "Let's Go Doink" chant, so I guess they finally caught on to the awesomeness. But it's too late assholes. Doink won with the Whoopie Cushion.

After the match he threatens to dump water on fans. Heenan grabs him and tells him to nail Randy Savage and Vince. Doink looks like he's going but then douses Bobby Heenan with it. Heenan plays it up slipping and flailing around. Some of the crowd started chanting Weasel as he went to the back.

 A couple of okay squashes, but we did get a pretty long tag match between two good teams. I think we may be at the end of the Matt Borne Era of Doink, which sadness me quite a bit. I know it's his own fault, but that dude was one of the biggest highlights of this whole project.

Friday, August 17, 2012


After a brand new opening montage featuring less Hulk Hogan and more Doink, Vince and Jerry Lawler told me through the video screen the line up for this week's Superstars and it just might be one for the ages.

Let's start it with a bang!

You know why the Headshrinkers are a great tag team? Because when they double team someone, you actually fear for the other guys life. When they were just punching on Marty it looked brutal, but when they started choking him with the tag rope...I thought he was going to die. And Mart certainly helps. He did a great job getting his ass handed to him, and this may have been the hottest tag of Virgil's life, probably the most excited anyone's been to see him hit the ring a house of fire since his match with DiBiase. He didn't really disappoint either. He even got to look pretty strong, having one of the Samoan's down for the count after the Russian Leg Sweep. Of course he got drilled with a flying headbutt while the ref was turned around and lost the match, but he looked good there for a minute. Solid TV match.

They had Undertaker Urn Toys? Way cooler than my coffee can...
The match wasn't interesting, but the commentary was. First Jerry started talking about how everyone sings the praises of the 123 Kid when he's winning, but no one wants to talk about it when he gets destroyed, like he did against IRS at SummerSlam. Vince then says Schyster's technical ability rivals that off Bret Hart. Then he said Money Inc. broke up. Wut in da hale? IRS won with the Write Off, if you were wondering how Libolt fared. I'm more interested in this crazy rebuilding of IRS as this amazing wrestler.

Highlight of this match was Damien Demento making a comeback on Tatanka and then talking to the voices and Vince got that far away sound his voice yelling "He's hearing the voices. He might be hearing Macho Man Randy Savage! Speak from the Heart! Off of Wrestlemania The Album!" Tremendous. Tatanka did a horrible running cross body in this, but thankfully he toss in a great powerslam to make up for it. Between this and the last match there are a TON of elbow drops on this show. Tatanka wins with the top rope tomahawk chop.

Best Bastion Booger match! He looked like a killer crushing Kid through out the match. Kid pulled out all the stops doing his front flip from the top to the outside, and then following that up with another plancha. Tim White, the referee kept throwing his hands up like he was counting, but he was stuck on 8 FOREVER. Booger eventually lost when he missed a splash on the ring post and Kid rolled in just as Tim White remembered 9 and 10. Fun fun match. That's two in a row from Booger.

Adam Bomb seemed a little more livelier and nastier than usual. Nothing big, he just seemed more active, like when he was throwing punches or trying to rip Ron Neal's face off. I'm still trying to figure out why Johnny Polo is with Adam Bomb. They look so stupid together.

Tag match was really good and Bastion Booger having a fun match with 123 Kid make this worth hitting up. Some of the storyline angles were interesting, like Jerry Lawler turning on Doink for not winning, and Vince building IRS back up as a lethal singles competitor. Another interesting promo was Shawn Michaels talking about 123 Kid in the build up for their MSG match. He put Kid over BIG TIME saying that he even respected him, which Shawn's character hasn't done for anyone. When I was a kid, I didn't really know the Kliq existed until it was over, so it's interesting to see how they interact knowing how powerful they'd become.

Next week's Superstars has all the work horses: Kid, HBK, Mr. Perfect, and Bret Hart! Should be awesome, can't wait.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Jim Cornette kicks the show off with Fuji and Yokozuna and lays into Lex Luger for being an imbecile.He reiterates that Luger only had one shot to get the title and he failed and now he'll never get a shot again. After ripping into Lex something nasty, Corny put over Luger as a legit threat that performed at a level that they didn't expect him to at SummerSlam and they're glad they won't have to deal with him again. Really well done.

Stacking dudes and holding hands since '93.
Les Québécois sont une équipe dévastatrice. Ils ont enseigné Khoury et Ferguson une leçon qu'ils n'oublieront jamais. Ils étaient vicieux et a montré la ruse que d'autres équipes ne peuvent que rêver.

They beat the snot out of these jabronies and then stacked them up and pinned them at the same time. Cuz that's legal. I love this team. I want to see them try this shit with the Steiners.


Doink felt really spunky today, tossing Moraldo around with a belly to belly and later a German Suplex. He also did some brief but fun work on Mike's shoulder. Mike was really a perfect crash test dummy, as he never really seemed lost and made everything Doink did to him look devastating. Good jobber. Doink wins with the Whoopie Cushion.

Some cool team work in this. I love Mo and Mabel doing a reverse whip that sends Mabel into the corner for a splash. Mo was actually in the ring a little more and he looked pretty good with his arm drags and a nice fireman's carry. I'm a sucker for a good fireman's carry take over, by the way. Mabel finished the match with that crazy wheel kick he does, which seems about as good a finish as any other considering it's 500 pound monster rotating in the air.

Booger stole a kid's WWF Ice Cream Bar™ and rubbed it on his face. He then kept it in the corner and snacked on it through out the match. At one point he shoved it in Mosca's face. The bar remained surprisingly solid under the bright lights of the squared circle, it is clearly made of an ice cream of superior quality. I actually kind of dug this. I know I've said some bad stuff about Bastion Booger, but this was kind of a fun brawl, and Booger was a extra dicky to the crowd. I can get behind that. During the match Vince mentioned that Ralph Mosca was the sun of Angelo Mosca. He's not. BUT he is actually credited as a promoter for FCW, at least back in 2008. So there you go.

No one will take you seriously if you don't shave them pits, Moraldo.
Pretty much like every Razor Ramon squash ever. The only difference is that he's a little more excited and the crowd cheers for everything he does. I gotta say, Razor Ramon working the same squash formula on every jobber may be one of the biggest disappointments of this project.

They put Ludvig Borga in some slummy part of the city and had him talk smack about Lex Luger and the patriotic WWF fans. He said all this garbage is what Lex Luger is fighting to protect. The only reason I mention it is because Borga said the line "Have a happy Labor Day...and choke on it." And I couldn't stop laughing. Sigh.... it's not as funny when I type it. Yeah. I probably could have left all this out.


Brooklyn took a belly to belly suplex and got the hell out. Fred ate a beefy clothesline from Rick before being murdered by a Doomsday DDT. Macho said poor Fred Williams' career was over after that. They also mentioned during the match that The Quebecers would be facing The Steiners on RAW!!!!  Saperlipopette!

Some fun squashes and some good promo work. Nothing that you've gotta see, but I'm interested in seeing them begin to build for something else. The Madison Square Garden Super Show they're advertising sounds awesome, with 123 Kid vs. Shawn Michaels and M.O.M. vs. Well Dunn. YEAH.

Friday, August 10, 2012



I'm trying to make this into a regular section, where I just randomly pick a dude and then watch some matches of him. If any of you have any suggestions for future wrestlers, you can leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter with a suggestion. They can be classic big names or little indy guys only 10 people have heard of, I don't care. My only criteria is that they have to have matches for me to watch on the youtube. Because, duh, it's the


Short match, but I love the interactions. It's weird seeing Kerry in a territory that isn't Texas. I like the toe hold work at the beginning. It's nothing crazy or anything, but it's a simple wrestling hold that allowed Greg to either drive some knees into Kerry's side or turn it into a single leg crab. Valentine's selling of punches and kicks is frustrating in the short term, but make sense in the long term. Kerry would pop him and Greg wouldn't even flinch for it. Then later when Kerry would connect with some hay makers you'd see Valentine start reeling, and it meant something, you know? It's like, "Oh now he's really nailing him!" Anyway, fun match with some good brawling that made me want to see more between the two. I hope there's more out there...


Odd match. They actually work really well together the whole match. I love Owen's arm work stuff early on, and I always dig the way Valentine hammers on a dude's leg in the corner. But they didn't really have any long term selling of any damage. Even Alfred Hayes was like, "Oh, I guess he's okay...." when Valentine shrugged off being kicked to the outside and came back by going to the top rope. And that finish was laaaaaaaaaaaame. He beat Owen with a body slam. Yeah it was impressive that he caught him, but... it's still just a body slam. But as weak as that was, and the problematic selling, I still enjoyed the way these two fit their styles together.

Awwww hell yeah, this match rocks. It's just two beefy dudes slugging at each other for like 18 minutes. Valentine is awesome, at begging off and letting Garvin get the upper-hand in a lot of the early encounters.  I really loved the chinlock work, with Garvin finding away out through a wrist lock, but Valentine using a shortcut to get the upperhand. I love that kind of work, and you just don't see it enough these days.

Easily one of my favorite Greg Valentine matches, and it's the kind of bout where you feel like the two guys had actually been through a fight. You should absolutely watch this match.

vs. TITO SANTANA  (03/31/84)

I think this is the first big match of their feud. They'd wrestled before, but it was years ago. I really like this match. Love Greg Valentine's work on the leg. Valentine stretching the legs out and slamming them on the apron, are simple but incredibly effective ways of setting up the figure four later. All of that wouldn't meant anything if it weren't for Tito who took the beating and sold it like torture. Gorilla Monsoon was solid on commentary as well, and I loved him complaining about the bullshit time limit on an Intercontinental title fight. 20 minutes? Preposterous. 

This match and the Blazer match really made me realize how down Valentine was for running with these little guys. He rarely felt like a super mobile guy, because his style is so methodical, but in both of these matches he was more than cool with running the ropes and taking hiptosses.

Another little something I just wanted to point out was Tito's side headlock. That shit looked air tight, man. If you can do the little things really well, you don't have to do a lot, and Tito's one of those dudes who does the little stuff pretty well. Fun match, WATCH IT.

vs. BILLY KIDMAN (3/29/97)
I just posted this because I loved hearing Dusty say: "He didn't get his name Hammer by not being able to Hammer." Also he beats Billy Kidman with his elbow drop. LOL BILLY KIDMAN.

You tell me he didn't shoot elbow Hugh Morrus in the dick at 2:36. Anyway, I know these last two matches aren't nearly as good as the earlier stuff I posted, but it's interesting to compare Valentine to how he wrestled with Tito Santana and how he wrestled over a decade later. Not really a whole lot has changed. He's a little slower, maybe a little bigger, but he still hits hard and has the same game plan. He even livened this match up by dropping the elbow on the floor.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sheffield, England

I cannot remember the last time I ever saw either Nasty Boy in a singles match so I wasn't sure what the hell I was going to get going in. Heenan was fantastic on commentary for this. Talking about fans not understanding that when a wrestler bails to the outside it's no different than a football player running out of bounds. It's a smart move, not one of cowardice. Later in the match he commented about Knobbs crawling to the corner looking for a tag, but there was none. I don't think Knobbs was even playing for that, but Heenan through it in anyway, and it made the match better. That's how brilliant he was as on commentary.

Knobbs had a great come back but got caught by a nasty superkick and couldn't kick out by three, though Fatu having his feet on the ropes may have attributed to that. Solid match.

Ahhhh this takes me back to those days when I started this project. Doink tooling guys and Kamala being a horrible face. This was pretty typical of their other matches I've reviewed. One twist was Doink purposely rolling to his stomach when Kamala was trying to correct his pin. When Kamala finally got upset and complained to the ref about not knowing what the hell he's supposed to do, Doink rolled him up with a school boy for the 1-2-3.

(oddly enough this has different commentary than the one I watched. Mine didn't have Macho Man on it.)

The opening sequence at the beginning of this match was SO RAD. At first I thought it was going to be the Perfect Spot where he leaps over a guy doing a back body drop and rebounds with a drop kick, but it was longer and much cooler. Samu then suckered Perfect by letting him leapfrog another back body drop and then catching him with a clothesline to take over. This came right after Samu challenged Perfect to a test of strength, and Perfect was like "Eff that noise, I'm not stupid".

The rest of the match was solid control work from Samu, with Mr. Perfect trying to figure out how to make a comeback. He tried to slug his way back and failed. He tried a flash pin off a school boy and failed. But it was him going for broke with his Perfect Plex after Samu missed a top rope headbutt that finally got him the win. I love that kind of desperation. You just know that if he doesn't pull off that move, if he doesn't "lock the fingers" he's going to get killed. One of the best Mr. Perfect performances of the year, a tier below his Bret Hart work. Look for this one.

For a big crazy son of a bitch, you'd think Demento wouldn't bump and sell for Bob Backlund like a Barry Hardy. Gotta love Bob Backlund doing all the work while Demento applied a chin lock loser than John Cena's STF. Heenan was just cracking jokes trying to mess with Jim Ross, who's new to the company at this point. This stunk.

Not a very good match, but Typhoon threw a drop kick so that's something. I would shit myself if a guy as big as Fred Ottmon threw a dropkick at me. Even if he missed. Bobby Heenan, manager extraordinaire, made the comment that he could make a ton of money off of a guy like Typhoon. When asked how, he responded, "I'd take him to every shopping mall and grocery store and charge kids money to ride him." That's about the only highlights of this match, which was waaaaaaaaaaay too long. Typhoon picked up the V after a really nice looking powerslam.

Really good match between these two. Crush looked like a beast with his early offense, and the crowd was crazy for him. Loved the section with him threatening to toss Shawn from the ring into the crowd. Shawn taking over was well done, with Crush always on the verge of coming back. There's a neat sequence where Shawn just keep drilling him with double axe handles but Crush keeps rising up. Crush's eventual comeback was probably the hottest one he's ever put together. Sadly the match came to an end when Crush called for the Cranium Crush and Shawn high-tailed it out of there for a count out loss. Crush dragged him back to the ring and applied the hold much to the crowd's delight, but HBK retained his title regardless.

Luger and Duggan have peculiar chemistry. I liked the match more when Luger took over. Him cutting off Duggan's comebacks were well done. Eventually he tossed Duggan to the outside to get squashed by Yokozuna, who was watching at ringside. When Duggan got rolled in, Luger hit him with his loaded forearm, but before he could pick up the win, Perfect hit the ring to break the count. This of course ended the match in a Disqualification in favor of Luger, but it's better than him winning with a pinfall, if you think about it. The show ended with Perfect and Duggan clearing the ring of their respective foes.

Some really fun matches on this show. Loved Perfect/Samu and Crush/Shawn Michaels may be my new favorite face Crush match so far.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm going to warn you right now. I'm really distracted and my brain is alllllll over the place. So if things go off the rails during this, I'm sorry. I ran out of ginseng.

Some say this match was started by Dr. Keith Lipinski saying "Ding Ding" into a microphone, but I don't believe them. It sounded too much like a real bell. These fellas were apart of the tryouts from earlier in the day and earned themselves a tag match. Charade Champloo may be among the most ridiculous names I've ever heard, but hey, now I'll never forget it. Especially after reading this from his website bio:

A true Otaku at heart, Charade has been viewed as somewhat of a hardcore video game, anime, and Japanese culture addict.  He claims that he recieved extensive training among the best  in Japan, although most doubt the legitimacy of such training (and rightfully so!) Nevertheless, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that has seen Charade wrestle a match and still dares to call him out.
 Wacky. The work in this was okay, but the crowd was a little dead because they were just walking in and trying to find their seats. I honestly don't remember much about it other than a guy winning by kicking another dude in the face, a move I was going to see in nearly EVERY match for the rest of the night.

This was interesting because it showed me how little crowd overlap there was between DGUSA and Resistance Pro. These guys didn't get much reaction coming in, but I think they made a good impression. They certainly had a good lay out for a match, with 450 trying to out run the big bruiser. I love how Bradley works over a guy. Really liked it when he kept reverse whipping 450 back into the same corner over and over. It's just something you don't see, and I think that's what made Jay stand out more as the show went on, he didn't seem prototypical indy. The finish was really cool, with 450 going for the 450 splash and Bradley evading it. 450 landed on his feet and before he knew what happened, Lonesome Jay was taking his head off with his "Boomstick" Lariat. Fun match, I hope they get more out of it.

Chuck Taylor and Jake Manning came out to teach us how to make a camp fire, but before they could teach us the key lesson, Masada interrupted. This felt really stiff and nasty. Masada looked like he was in a mood to kill the "Man-Scout" and he did. Some nasty clothesline and a brutal cradle suplex and this one was over. Fun and brief, just like I like my sandwiches.

The Scene look like the douchiest douches to ever douche, and that works for me. Because wrestling need people who look like that. Zero Gravity are little flippy dudes, but they're fun little flippy dudes. This felt a little too choreographed and it ran just a tad long, but it had it's fun moments. But much like the earlier tryout's tag, I started to get the feeling that some of these moves they're pulling off aren't that special, because I saw the "new guys" doing it earlier. Scene won with a Convoluted DDT German Suplex thing-y. I'm sure that's what they call it.

Samuray is obviously an athletic dude, and can do some fun stuff in the ring. His front flip rebound off the top and middle ropes was nuts. But for all his spots this match just didn't add up. For example, he went crazy kicking Hollister a dozen times on the ropes, and Hollister responded by no selling it and just pulling Del Sol to the mat by his mask. His kicks must suck, wouldn't you think? Then later he did the headstand on the top rope, and Hollister brutally kicked him in the face. It looked awesome, but Samuray just followed it up with a move. That kind of stuff drives me a little crazy. I'm all for fun and crazy spots, but they if you blow away the reality of a wrestling match to fit them in then you aren't doing it right.

This was a lot of fun. Stupefied was selling his leg amazingly well, that I seriously believed he was hurt. And maybe he was, I don't know, but it was awesome all the same. These guys worked really well together and fit in some good sequences mixed in with some comedy, like Player Uno asking for a beer from Arik Cannon while Cannon has Stupefied locked up like a pretzel.

Awkward moment of the night goes to Pinkie Sanchez telling the referee to "Get up outta my face, nigga!" while the ref was trying separate him from his opponent in the corner. Arik Cannon was shaking his head saying, "You're gonna catch some shit for that one Pinkie."

Made me think of this comedy bit from Donald Glover:

Watch it. What? You came here to read about DGUSA? Fine. Jeez.

The finishing stretch in this match was pretty fun with lots of fun believable near falls. This was maybe the first match that had me fired up and ready to get involved.

After the match, Player Uno got on the mic and challenged whoever would win the tag titles in the main event. Then the Scene came out and almost said something, but Arik Cannon took the mic away and called them all kinds of unmentionable names. Words like "hand" and "job" and "blow" and "job" again were uttered. The kid behind me couldn't stop laughing.

Then Ricochet came out and told every one "No".

Then he left.

Then Chuck Taylor came out with a Swamp Monster

Then everyone else not named "Chuck Taylor" or "Swamp Monster" left.

Then the Swamp Monster transformed in Johnny Gargano.

Wowzers did they do some crazy stuff. Some of it was just straight brutal. I usually only like Chuck Taylor in CHIKARA, where his act fits in better. He doesn't really work for me in more serious match-ups because he often seems too jokey and it kind of makes things feel extra phoney. That stuff works when you've got Player Uno and Arik Cannon mucking around in a match, but this match didn't feel like it was supposed to have that same kind of vibe. And while he did do some of that in this match, I have to give him props for doing some pretty wild shit. Including maybe the best use of thumbtacks ever. Gargano, having pretty much snapped, stuffed a handful of tacks into Chuck's mouth and then basically kicked them out of his face. It looked nuts.

Chuck also reminded me how fucking gross the fans can be when he got a face pop for accidentally kicking a ring girl in the face. It gave me another contrast to Resistance Pro shows, where there's a lot more women in the audience, and not as many dudes who may or may not date rape you.


They'd only stare at you from across the room and mumble about how you're only ** 1/2 because you don't have big enough bazooms and don't do enough moovez on the dance floor? Same criticism I gave my wife before she punched me in the nuggets. Happily married ever since....Where was I?

Gargano was also really good in this match. He just looked angry and incredibly focused, the way a guy in a blood feud match like this should probably carry himself. He also fit in another spot I'd never seen before. They bridged a guardrail section between the crowd's guardrail and the ring apron. Eventually Gargano got back dropped from the ring on to it, but the bars gave away and Johnny went THROUGH it. Way cooler than breaking a steel wooden ladder in a Money in the Bank match, you know?

The finish saw Gargano basically strangling Chuck with barbed wire until he said "I Quit." Really fun match, but even with all the amazing spots and brutality, I just couldn't warm up to it like others did.

I really liked this match, but the crowd was kind of mixed. I loved the early stuff with Davis over-powering Yamato and I liked Yamato's arm work in the middle portion of the match. Yamato is just the best smarmy creep and he was a fun contrast to the hard hitting no-nonsense Davis. This went the right length, did go into overkill, and told a clean simple story. It felt much more up my alley than anything else on the show up until this point. After a fun finishing stretch Davis finally overpowered Yamato and crushed him with crazy torture rack powerbomb thing-y.

After the match Davis got on the mic and said, that while he respected Gargano, he didn't want Gargano's title, he wanted EVOLVE to create a title for him to fight for.

This is one of those problems with DGUSA/EVOLVE combo. Davis saying he doesn't care about Garagno's belt, he wants one that doesn't exist for a "different" company either makes Gargano's belt seem less, or it makes this new made up belt seem less. This relationship between the two companies just seems incredibly muddied. Is it like a Smackdown/RAW brand deal? Do wins in DGUSA convert to wins in EVOLVE? I don't know. It's just not clear to me, but maybe that's because I don't follow the two very well.

This match was probably the best match, but holy hell did this ref drive me up the wall. I was enraged. Von Eerie kept interfering and the ref wouldn't throw her out. At one point she headbutted Generico in front of the ref's face. The poor officiating was kind of a theme throughout the whole night. People around me were complaining about it all night. Hell at one point Von Eerie interrupted the match with a chair and the ref just wagged his finger at her. BULLSHIT


Anyway, regardless of that, Generico and Tozawa put together a really cool match, that had a good build and some awesome nearfalls. The crowd being consistently hot for it, also kicked it up a few notches. Generico is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world right now. He's just operating on some next level shit. He's a brilliant face and understands how to gain sympathy and work up a crowd. If you're an wrestler and you're going to be a face, you should be studying Generico matches. I'm not saying copy his schtick. I'm saying look at the motivations behind the stuff he does and when he does it. He's the indy Ricky Steamboat.

There was some wonky no-selling near the end that took it down a notch, but overall I'd say this was my favorite match of the night and you should probably go check it out, pronto. DO IT.

This one blew the crowd up by the time it was over. One complaint I have with the style, is that by the time Ricochet is busting out flips and spins in the main event, I'm kind of unimpressed. Not to say that what he does isn't amazing. But on a show where Zero Gravity, Samuray Del Sol and the guys in the tryout match are busting out standing SSP's and the like, by the time it's Ricochet's turn, I'm just going, "Ohhh more of that stuff from before."

Still for a spotfest, I had a lot of fun seeing what they'd think of next. AR Foxx's Springboard Inverted Front Flip to the outside is so simple on paper, but so crazy to see live. And the finishing stretch was like the last action sequence in a Michael Bay film come to life.

I think AR Foxx is one of the best guys on the indies right now. He was great at selling a beat down while Rich and Rico were in control. CIMA was great at making the match more about them than himself, which I totally respect. It felt like he was really trying to help get AR Foxx over as a big deal, and I think by the night's end it worked.

The finish came off a crazy version of the C4, where Fox doesn't stand on the top rope, he runs and catches the guy off the top and rebounds backwards kind of like RVD's split legged moonsault, but with a guy attached to him. If that makes any sense. It looked awesome and actually looked like it made more sense than a regular C4 where they're both standing.

After the match CIMA proclaimed Foxx the new best high flyer, a kind of call back to that one time in Chicago where CIMA said the same thing about his then partner Ricochet.. Ricochet didn't like this and told Foxx he'd never be better than him, so Foxx challenged him at EVOLVE to prove it. That should be fun.

I really enjoyed myself. I'm kind of nitpicky about too many wrestlers doing too many of the same moves on the same show, so that turned me off, but it's kind of to be expected for these types of shows. When you let guys do whatever they want but they all kind of want to do the same thing, it makes some of the action less special. And by the end, I was kind of burnt out on kicks to face when a guy is on his knees, or corkscrew whirrly-doos.

Also, I'm a sucker for heel/face interactions, and I find that a lot of fans at this show didn't really care about any of that. I think it kind of hurt the Jon Davis/Yamato match, where Yamato was working heel, but the more vocal fans cheered him. They can boo/cheer whoever they want, but it kind of messes with how the match works, you know?

Best match was probably Generico/Tozawa. I think Yamato/John Davis was a personal favorite, but the crowd being so into the main event made it a little more enjoyable. Definetly try and scope out the last four matches though. You'll like at least one of them I'm sure.

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