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For those that don't remember, I'm lumping all the exclusive matches that were on WWF All-American and WWF Mania, and reviewing a few at a time.You can check out Part 1 and Part 2. clicking those links that I just typed out.

Not too shabby. If you remember these two were supposed to wrestle each other at Wrestlemania, but alas, we were denied.  Bam Bam really takes over and controls the Ugandan Giant with headbutts and clubbing blows. Bammer went up top for the flying headbutt but Kamala shook the ropes causing Bam Bam to crotch himself. Man that was a lot of man to come down on the top rope. Kamala couldn't capitalize on the splash because he still can't figure out how to pin a guy, and Bammer got him with a roll-up for the win. One of the better Kamala matches so far. Which isn't saying much of anything.

Another pretty sweet singles performance from Blake. He did a little flying clothesline off the aprong to the floor that I loved. As per usual, Crush utterly blew it with his selling and you could hear the crowd die when Blake got into control. There was a fun spot where Blake slapped on a Boston Crab and crush used his powerful legs to kick out of it. This sent Blake flying out of the ring to the floor. The cool part was when Crush got up to go check on him and Blake had quickly ran around to the other side of the ring. So Crush is standing there and Blake comes running up behind him for a sneak attack but gets kicked in the guts instead. Crush sensed his presence. Like a Jedi.

I'm a little disappointed as this one was JIP with Terry controlling Tatanka already. These two really worked well together. Terry was great at cutting off Tatanka's advances and Tatanka was great at looking desperate to get out of his predicament. It was taped infront of the RAW crowd, and they really aided the match by being nutso for Tatanka. Anyway check it out:

They did this really bad spot where Doink had Virgil in a single leg crab near the ropes Doink would use his other hand for "leverage" while Virgil's other leg was under the ropes. I feel like it was supposed to go on longer, but Hebner got up and said "This looks dumb" and broke the hold. There was some good leg work from Doink, other than that moment, but the match was really kind of a mess. The finish was Doink getting a flower from his jacket and spraying Virgil with it for the win. And of course Hebner caught Doink trying to put the flower back in the jacket and failing. It would have been a fun match but the execution was just bad.

OWEN HART vs. MR. HUGHES (MANIA 5/29/1993)
Yikes. I really thought these two would go together, but Hughes must have got the note to not sell shit for Owen. Owen spent the early bulk trying to do some arm wringers and arm locks but Hughes just kind of stood there and let him go at it like it didn't matter. And really, it wasn't the right game plan for this match anyway. I can't remember the timeline but this may have been around when Owen came back too soon from his blown out knee, so he may not have had the legs to do some of fun cat n' mouse work that this match seemed to call for. Disappointing.

I need to watch these guys wrestle more. It was taped in front of those hot RAW crowds who were pretty vocal in their support of Bam Bam Bigelow. Eventually the Backlund fans started adding "Sucks" to their "Bam Bam" chants. Just some solid work with Backlund wanting to over come the Beast but Bigelow is just too big. Some fun teases for a body slam, and some great bear hug/back breaker work. It ended in a time limit draw with the crowd begging for 5 more minutes. It looked like they were going to give it to them but then Bigelow blindsided Backlund before it could start and left the ring. Really fun match, check it out(Keep an eye out for how hard Backlund fights for that sunset flip):

I wonder where people rank Bob Backlund? I really dig him and look forward to every match I see him in.

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