Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So with all the youtube hunting I have to do for March Madness, and all the ridiculous indy stuff I've found I got inspired tonight and decided to search for Michael Tarver. Hey, he's still wrestling! Hey, some of it on youtube! Hey, he's still fun to watch!


Titan is apparently 7 ft tall. Tarver has this bizarre physical presence that makes you take notice of him. I love it when he's in the ring with a bigger guy. He kind of restrains himself like he's saying "I'm not going to come over there and whip your ass right now, because I'm scared of how bad I'll hurt you." when he's really thinking "I'm not going to come over there and whip your ass right now because I know you'll beat the shit out of me."

I also dig it when he has Titan in a rear chin lock, and Titan starts to power out. Tarver just headbutts him in the trapezius and takes over again. Brilliant.


The was pretty much watchable only because of Tarver. His mugging and grandstanding to Tomko was fun, and he looked fine beating him down. Tomko just looks like he doesn't care too much about anything any more. There was some awkwardness towards the end, but Tarver was good about just moving forward and getting past it.


Santee is an alright baby face and the crowd was really behind him. That helped a lot but this still felt like it went 3 minutes too long. Loved Tarver's bumping in this. He has such a hard snap to his bumping that it looks like whoever is hitting is really knocking the piss out of him. Fun match that's worth hitting up.


Chicago is kind of a goofy fun loving face, and his act is enjoyable in the beginning with the "hit and run" bits. It picked up after Tarver's valet slapped some sense into him and he looked good beating the kid up. I love body scissors. You don't see that move very often. I thought it was a little ridiculous that Tarver needed help putting Maxwell away, because at no point was he really presented as a serious threat, but it didn't hurt the match any.

Anyway let me know what you think of Michael Tarver. He kind of reminds me of Buzz Sawyer but not as crazy or as good sadly. But the fact that he reminds me of Buzz Sawyer at all has to be a plus, right?

Maybe I'll do some Buzz Sawyer matches for the next one of these....

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